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  1. Now the lvl 110 heavy gunners need ~5 seconds, her buff was really good 😄
  2. Arch-gun can still be seen if Wil'o'Wisp is cast in mid-air, it hurts my eyes 😞
  3. The passive follows outlines correctly, but Wil-o-wisp reveals an invisible arch-gun.
  4. !! Happens out-of-captura too.
  5. Equipping the Synthesis Scanner in any Captura scene messes with the display. Pausing while aiming the scanner will fix it until re-equip.
  6. What platform do you play on? On PC when the Thermia event dropped there were way more bugs than I have fingers 😞
  7. They removed the edits though, right?
  8. Tusk Thumper lists Alloy Armor as health type in the codex.
  9. I don't know where suggestions go, so I'll post here, and let it be forgotten \o/ Can we get an option for Titania to hide the holstered weapons in Razorwing? They really stand out when looking at the frame.
  10. Index is just a visual bug, if you did it, you have the standing. Also, I got the points for the eximus, so I'm not that mad, but it took 20 more minutes 😞
  11. Well, one hour down the drain 😐 (It didn't give standing)
  12. Ok seriously, does anyone have a better time getting into a team, because for me it is still either host migrate and freeze, or it starts solo. (edit: I finally got a team)
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