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  1. The UI displays the max value as soon as you reach the threshold to activate light instead of dark.
  2. It was a bigger hit when I realized that it isn't noticeable on you in-game, so all that grinding WAS for nothing.
  3. My missions left increased considerably 🙃
  4. It was a miniscule effect, all it did was remove the dark buff if you used it.
  5. There is no way I'm farming for those amount of resources xD Good thing I got everything I wanted for now.
  6. What it shows is exactly how much damage it does in veil 😉 Adding to this though, the engine speed bonus seems to disappear from time to time, and it's speed definitely doesn't line up with distance traveled.
  7. Just bloating the thread so DE *maybe* thinks again about what abomination they introduced to the public. Also, Semlar isn't accurate, it tries and fails at guessing the spawn time. (It is usually 15~45 minutes after semlar's prediction) And people who farm caches now actually run alone, while keeping in touch with 3 other people who they invite when they see a cache, otherwise they abort the quest. This usually means a total of 16 to 25 aborted missions in half an hour without anyone actually getting anything 🙂
  8. "Fixed having to re-complete the Railjack objectives if there was a Host migration." This means that on a host migration after the objectives has been completed, the mission will be stuck, with no way of restoring it, meaning everyone loses their loot. Well, I can go and farm for this again, I so very enjoy this.
  9. I don't have the capacity to read the comments, so could someone pm me if I'm understanding this right: You have a converted lich w/o an ephemera - you trade it - it will have 5/10% chance to have an ephemera - the recipient defeats it - and you both gain the ephemera. Conversely when you trade one with an ephemera, the recipient won't necessarily get it, but go through the above process.
  10. Still no guaranteed spawn on flicker 😞
  11. But was Equinox' Duality fixed too? 🤔
  12. o/ Any chance for Kuva Shildeg elemental FX to be around the model? It is a small thing, but still 😞
  13. I had that the first mission I played, but after that Diwata came back.
  14. Rip Diwata, not only it didn't get a damage buff, it was removed from the game too.
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