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  1. Or you know read the patch notes and realize you only have to wait.
  2. The stat sticks are getting constant nerfs, Mire can be a stat stick w/o the riven, so there is no chance for it to also have a good dispo.
  3. My stat stick is getting weaker by the minute :_(
  4. The new syandana is lovely, but the material is a bit off from the Khora skin 😕
  5. You will get it, scripts like this take a while
  6. Welp, only primary kitgun I used is nerfed, back to good weapons I go
  7. They can use the same animation, my "problem" is the movement, regular Titania walks, prime floats like Wisp.
  8. Reintroduce razorfly status, and add an option to toggle normal Titania's movement on the prime maybe?
  9. Do not Count me in 🤔 I do this for science.
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