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  1. Yet lockdown is still in the game, strong as ever.
  2. Doing a more in-depth test now, gas definitely deals less damage on procs than the ((1+x)/2)^2 would suggest.
  3. And that balance is failing spectacularly. Problem is they are trying to "add fun" only by "removing fun" from other weapons, and that will never work. Bad weapons stay bad with good rivens, and good weapons scale based on their rivens for now, so a catchmoon nerf is nothing more than a catchmoon nerf, it won't make people use anything else, it will only weaken their strongest setup while keeping it their strongest setup.
  4. Yeah, you can sell a perfect thing only once 😕
  5. I traded one for a nagantaka riven (the weapon is virtually useless but I love it, so yaaay). And I have one with PFS I actually use - but it is 3 positives, so the stats are pretty much useless now xD Still better than the base PFS mod, but the damage is the same as with a Hollow Point when shooting closeby enemies. I'm just really glad I didn't buy one of these.
  6. Looks like this patch messed up the gas proc multiplier, I wanted to see the change on my Zhuge after the dispo change, but the damage fell so hard I had to check what is up. From a 2.851 multiplier it should have went to 2.732, instead the plain damage difference is 1.368 now (if we factor in Gas changing into Toxic damage, but ignore IPS) I did a quick test with a Catchmoon after, no rivens, only two +60% mods to get the procs. The multiplier should have been 0.64, but it was 0.284 instead. (Again, ignoring impact and including gas->toxic) These are the only tests I had energy for today, so would be nice if someone looked into it, both of these were done in the simulacrum on ancient healers.
  7. Is it even worth it to use a catchmoon riven anymore?
  8. It didn't provide before and it doesn't affect endo drops either.
  9. Imagine thinking Nekros is the most efficient loot frame 🤔
  10. I'm sure someone mentioned it already, but if not, the loot changes were reverted more than a month ago, how come the news are now? 😄
  11. That is why I said less damage and not damage resistance 😕 Also, I didn't miss that exaggerated tidbit, but the other one was so specific I had to ask what is up with it.
  12. Well, to answer this, the scale between 90% and 100% less damage is about... infinite 😞 Also, I'm not sure that even Mirage can hit that much eHP solo, was that based on something I don't know about?
  13. Ah, the Airborne Resistance cap doesn't affect solo gameplay, carry on o/
  14. Bye fun o/ And it isn't like the game caps damage at 100% anyways.
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