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  1. -Mittens-

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.4

    Really happy we have information on what's what now, but that should be turned ON by default in my opinion.
  2. Okay, so I have numerous concerns about this workshop. First of all, I strongly advise NOT making Titania's guns to secondary guns. I feel like they're fine as is being based off primary mods. If I'm honest, I would make them based off of shotgun mods in particular. Just personal preference. Next is Limbo, and while I want to be EXTREMELY HAPPY that us allies can use guns in rift, I can't... because once again you've hit us with this compromise crap. First of all, Limbo himself should still have the option to freeze his own guns. This is the only bearable way to do, say, the 3 head shots 1 aim glide riven challenge. Furthermore, if it is in solo play, then I feel like that's what most Limbos would want in solo play, the ability to freeze their own guns. Second, why is his duration getting nerfed? Once again, compromises. I don't agree with this at all because it honestly feels pointless. Like, it comes off as if we're not allowed to have our cake and eat it too. I will never understand why we have to settle for a nerf because of a QoL change, there should not be a single compromise unless it is absolutely necessary. Heck, you don't even have to give him the full 30 seconds back, give us 20 at the very lowest, not 15. I'm overall not very pleased with the direction Titania is going, and I really hope Limbo's duration doesn't get a nerf that bad and we still have the option to freeze our own guns as Limbo.
  3. -Mittens-

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Take out spinning meta? That's perfectly fine I guess, as it does get tiring after a while. Take out going through walls/objects, and combo from quick melee? Absolutely NOT. That is absolutely, 100% not okay in my book. Melee going through walls doesn't make sense, and I get that, but this is a game about ninjas in space operated by kids. Melee going through walls is the only bearable way to do things like medallion hunting for syndicates, unless you hate yourself and play box breaker Limbo. Then you're taking out combo from quick melee, which is just the absolute worst. Speaking for myself, I absolutely disdain heavy attacks. I want to go fast and still do good damage, and this will completely nerf every single melee in the whole game in one fell swoop. Like sure, you can buff the damage across all melees, but even with those balance passes, melee will still be nerfed on the whole. Also, I speak for those who spin2win in the sense that those people enjoy efficiency when killing. It's satisfying for them to spin or cast an ult and watch a whole room of dudes vanish. By focusing on heavy attacks and such you are also ruining enjoyment for a large portion of people who crave efficiency in their killing. I foresee this change making a lot of vets leave to be honest, because most of us just want to kill the things fast. Then there's channeling and blocking... I don't know a single person who uses either of these. Channeling used to be more present because Life Strike, but now we have Medi Ray and several really solid heal frames. I find myself only ever channeling for the effect and nothing else, because there's no reason to channel in any other circumstance. As for blocking... why? Why block the dude when I can go in there and kill him incredibly fast? Blocking is so... anti-synergetic with the rest of the game. It's slow, tedious, and nobody ever does it. I highly encourage y'all to please take this back to the drawing board. Because right now, this is looking worse than Damage 2.5 when that got announced. Please, keep melee fast, keep melee fun, but most important of all, keep it efficient. Thank you.
  4. Sweet! Can't wait to see the promo :) https://i.imgur.com/kJQCTS0.jpg https://i.imgur.com/RHecOk9.jpg This is my Operator. ^^
  5. -Mittens-

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.8

    Gotta be honest, Khora changes don't feel like enough :/ Like, her 1 does pretty good damage now, and her 2 is solid. I still only feel like her 3 is useful for healing and nothing else, and to be honest her 4 needs to just be scrapped at this point. My main issue with her is honestly her 4. It feels like a worse Vauban 3 (and that's saying a lot), has kind of mediocre range, and I feel like you need more duration than you would realistically want for just her 4. I know that for whatever reason y'all are against the Exalted Whip, and for a while I was too, but I'm kinda wishing that was still the original idea... Her 3 on the other hand, I just don't see the point in attack or protect. Cat/Dog AI is unreliable at best, and feels nonexistent at most. Like, why would I wanna send Venari out to attack or disarm an enemy when I can save the energy (because those modes will just get her killed faster) and use heal? Even then I still feel iffy on this ability. As for her 1 and 2, they work nicely and have good synergy. But I don't think those are enough to make Khora a frame worth picking in meta situations or even just for fun. I feel like a bunch of people are just gonna rank her and then never touch her again, and that's unfortunate considering just how long it took us to get her. Meanwhile Onslaught changes seem nice, but still no slight increase for Vandal part drop chance. 2-3% feels WAY too low, and 5% for all the parts would be much fairer. Furthermore I still think we should get 1 reward per zone so Zone 4 becomes the new C. As is, pub lobbies only go to 8 then stop because they only want 1 rotation. This would cut the farm time in half and make it less of a slog to go through. Overall, a mixed update, but mostly good rather than bad. Oh, and those focus changes are literally the best. Like, thank you so much. ADDENDUM: Oh and this stuff right here is one of the reasons I want Strangledome gone/taken out:
  6. -Mittens-

    Ongoing Sanctuary Onslaught Recalibration

    Great post from you guys. THANK YOU so much for this. This is a much better way to do the bite-sized content thing. Much better than crippling efficiency! Yeah I can understand why it's taking so long. Appreciate the honesty on it taking a while! If I run anymore I'll be sure to post screen caps, assuming you guys want them in support or bug reports. While I haven't encountered these environmental hazards, I do appreciate the spice. Just going around with an Atterax can get taxing after a while, so I appreciate the efforts going towards this. Can't wait to hear more! I LOVE THIS CHANGE! Since I've been using the mode to work more on focus, as a Vet who usually runs Greater or Eidolon lenses on focus farming gear, I can greatly appreciate the increase.This also means there's more reason to keep playing for peeps since there's more focus to be gained. Once again, very understandable. Scaling in the game is busted everywhere, so I appreciate the acknowledgement. As for the undue stress, I feel like you guys handled this the best you could given the chaos of yesterday's hotfix. Can't wait for the changes to host migration and such! One last note though: Even with the efficiency changes and the enemy scaling, I still feel like we should get 1 reward per zone. I find in pub lobbies people don't want to stay long, so having a rotation per zone would further help that bite-sized ideal you guys have for this. This way, Zone 4 becomes the new rotation C. This will also help peeps who want to solo sometimes (like myself) be able to obtain the C rotation. Then, going past Zone 4 is for those who want to risk the efficiency drain and enemy levels. It would also be a wonderful way to entice even more people to keep playing, with a steady stream of rewards. Furthermore, I still feel like the Vandal parts in Elite need to be at least 5% drop chance instead of 2% and 3%. It's a simple 2-3 percent addition that will go a long way. You can keep the Captura scenes at 3% however, because those will always be welcomed additions. As is right now, the Vandals are really tedious to farm with the 2-zone-1-reward thing going on, and the drop chances of the parts really doesn't help that case. Also, and this might sound crazy, but I feel like Khora parts should come back to Elite's drop tables and some of the relics be removed. Like, keep the relics of the current Prime Access in there, but also let people have an option to farm Khora outside regular mode. The main reason I bring this up is for Vets who find the regular mode boring, like myself and some others I play with. This also lets us kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Overall wonderful post, love the snappy response to everything, and really looking forward to seeing what you guys do from here on out with Onslaught!
  7. -Mittens-

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.7

    @Cephalon_Morrigan I understand the anger and stuff, but stop witch hunting the devs. That's not cool.
  8. -Mittens-

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.7

    Okay. So. I realize what this has turned into. I'm still very upset about it, but I want to return here and offer some constructive criticism and not just an opinion. --Elite Onslaught-- The drop tables seem a bit cluttered now, but that is okay. I think you guys should increase the drop chances on the Vandal parts with less than 5% chance, to 5% chance. This way they do not seem impossible to obtain, or at the very least, won't take nearly as long. --Onslaught on the whole-- I think you guys should make the AABC rotations give 1 reward per zone. This way, people who solo can reach Zone 4 and still easily get that sweet C rotation drop. This will also entice people even more to play the game mode. I think you guys shouldn't have touched efficiency drain. 10x is way too much, 6x felt a bit much at the time but was still doable. Go back to 6x drain please. I realize this isn't meant to be like survival or defense where you go indefinitely, but a bunch of us Vets really enjoy this mode and want to go farther than Zone 8. --ADDITIONAL NOTES-- I see some dev witch hunting in here, you guys need to stop that. That's not okay. Hopefully DE understands why we are so upset and why we don't want to be censored, but this is not the way to win their affection. Don't witch hunt the devs. Knowing that this whole storm fiasco is my fault, I want to say this: I love this game. It's my favorite game to play, and I only want what's best for it. This is my way of saying that I would love to keep playing, and hopefully not get banned. I have given this game more of my time and money than I can comfortably admit on the forum, so I really don't want to see that go. Please address the Public Relations and understand that everybody who is angry, is angry because they care. With kind regards -Mittens- ADDENDUM: Also, stop being so vulgar with your messages. That only paints us as unreasonable and overly annoying. Thank you.
  9. -Mittens-

    Sanctuary Onslaught: Difficulty Changes!

    I have a wonderful solution that everybody, including you peeps at DE will like. Just make it so each zone is a rotation. Zone 4 will be the new C. 1-A 2-A 3-B 4-C. Just do it that way. Then the level scaling doesn't even matter much. Furthermore, increasing the efficiency drain by almost double is a dumb move. I realize this isn't intended to be, like, normal endless missions. But that just means there's no real reason to play it much after you get what you want. I don't care so much about the scaling and stuff, just change how rewards are given and leave the efficiency drain alone. This whole TL;DR reads as "No fun allowed" with the proposed changes.
  10. -Mittens-

    Khora's Planned Changes

    This is definitely a step in the right direction, but there's some issues I have with it. Whipclaw: The damage AoE should be enlarged, so you don't straight up miss an enemy with it. Ensnare: This ability seems fine, but I feel like there should be some % of total damage from teammates and you spread across all the enemies ensnared. Venari: There should be a 4th option to revive Venari if you cannot rez her in time at the cost of some energy. Also, you mention Animal Instinct, but what about making the Hunter mods and their set bonus work on her? Strangledome: Honestly the only way I see this being good is if it were to act kinda like Frost's globe and protect people inside it. Furthermore, it should act like Zephyr's tornadoes and spread damage to all enemies inside. Also I feel like an increase in the base duration and making it at least 2x larger would make it better to use.
  11. Lol still no change to the reward amount or scaling rewards. The Harvester could really use a boost to 400 by default, with 50 kuva being added every rotation (5 minutes). As it is right now, it's not worth it for people who don't have boosters/cats, and it's barely worth it for those of us with boosters and cats. Heck, let's throw out an alternative: reduce the roll costs for rivens? EDIT: Can you also for the love of all that is holy make PLAGUE ZAW BPS REUSABLE? Along with the exclusive Arcane BPs? There is no reason for a limited time thing to not have reusable blueprints.
  12. -Mittens-

    Where is Update 22.17.1?

    I'm all for Plague Star coming back, but could we get some more uh... unique mission variation? Like, in Bounties as a whole?
  13. Now if only Smeeta's proc was reliable for farming
  14. All of these changes sound really solid and fun! However, Kuva gains across the Board are way too small. In order to get a good amount of Kuva, you basically NEED a booster to farm for it and a forma'd Smeeta Kavat on top of that. So while I like the ideas in this workship, I have suggested amounts of Kuva to reward per Siphon/Flood/Harvester: Siphons: I would increase the amount from Siphons from 600 to 1000. This is enough for players to at least roll their unranked Rivens at least once without multiple trips back. This is 2000 for those with a booster, which for the people who are into the niche market of Riven trades, is a good amount for the time invested. Floods: I would increase the number from 1200 to 1800. This is enough Kuva to get a possibly a roll or two from one Flood, which is definitely worth the time. This number becomes 3600 with a booster, making it one roll at max Kuva cost (3500 per roll at roll 9). This is insanely important, as someone who actively finds himself wanting nothing but Floods due to owning mostly Rivens with 9+ rolls on them. This also gives incentives to Veterans into the Riven system as well to farm a lot more, combined with the suggested Siphon number changes, as it allows for a sizable amount of rolls for just 2-3 missions. Harvesters: Increase the number from 200 to 600 (old Siphon numbers). This is an acceptable amount of Kuva, and gives more incentive to defending one place for a minute. As Survival levels ramp up, the rewards should too however. So after every C rotation (20 minutes), increase the Kuva gained by 200 (600 to 800 at 20 minutes. 800 to 1000 at 40 minutes, ect.) As I said, I'm really excited for these changes, but the numbers gotta be in there too. Overall my suggestions make Kuva feel more rewarding and less like a slog, due to needing fewer missions to get rolls on your Rivens. Overall really looking forward to what you guys have in store. (PS: Locking Riven stats when???)
  15. -Mittens-

    Warframes and Abilities to be Nerfed

    No. Just no. You say Volt is your favorite frame, but then you suggest nerfs to him. As someone who also loves Volt, I'm gonna break this down and tell you why this is bad. First of all, your argument is basically "How DARE he get shields from an OPTIONAL augment and try to survive end game!" All frames need the power to survive end game content, so the sheer fact you're suggesting this get removed on him is asinine. I cannot in any mind see why you think it's okay to take away a frame's ability to live in end game content. Second, you are suggesting a cool down for Discharge, this is also hilariously wrong. First of all, it's already been STEALTH NERFED (the OG duration was 8 seconds, now it's 4, which is unacceptable as is and ruins his CC). Second, the damage doesn't even scale and is flat, making it actually useless for enemies with armor and high EHP. The logic of "it makes sense, you need time to recharge" is also wrong because this is a video game. Real logic does not apply to video games, especially games about flying Void-powered space ninjas. When it comes to the Phoenix Renewal comparison... you ever consider that has a cool down because it literally saves you from dying instantly? Savior Decoy for Loki has the same type of system, where if you get hit and it "kills" you, you get revived with a cool down on the ability. Volt's Discharge isn't even significant enough to warrant a cool down reduction, in fact it needs to get buffed! Volt's 4 needs scaling damage, duration-based range, it's original duration of 8 seconds back, and the halved duration at X meters taken out. Volt as he is right now is an undead warframe. All he has in the meta is fishing and babysitting kids for Eidolons. He's begging for a spot in the meta and to be recognized, so nerfing him would go against that completely. If anything you should be advocating for the buffs I suggested so Volt is actually a great, functional frame to play. As he is right now, so many frames go faster, survive better, have better damage buffs, and better 1 casts. So I urge you to please reconsider your opinions.