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  1. Please give us a more solid, concrete way to farm Resonance instead of having to rely on RNG for the enemies to spawn and be glassed.
  2. STILL no increase to point payout for ground teams to allow for player choice. Please make the point payout for ground the same as space so we can keep codes steady for both squads and so people don't feel cheated by playing one mode over another. Or alternatively, lower the cost of items in the shop (ESPECIALLY ARCANES). It takes hours to get both weapons (which you have to BUILD and don't come PREBUILT with a SLOT AND CATALYST like previous event weapons) and it'll take even more time to get a maximum 21-piece rank 5 arcane set. I understand this event goes on for a month, but the time investment has and will continue to drive people away from wanting to play. Second, please buff the Basmu (and Shedu)'s base damage stats. They're locked at relatively high MRs (11 and 15 respectively) but perform like weapons that are maybe MR 5 or 6 locked at best (with forma). Furthermore, why does Split Flights not work on Bramma or Lenz? I can *kind of* understand crossbows, but Bramma and Lenz are by all means "traditional" kinds of bows where you draw them back and shoot. I personally (and others I know) looked forward to this mod purely because we wanted to put it on Bramma/Lenz, and I feel like we got kinda jiped in a way. I hate to come off like a jaded vet, but considering I've played for 4 1/3 years and how the past few months have been going... it's hard not to be upset about things.
  3. Please buff ground drops to be equal to space drops. The fact ground gets so few points is resulting in not enough people on the ground and kill codes not being as readily available for space squads as they should be.
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