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  1. -Mittens-

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    So I've been thinking really hard about how we can make Titania better, and I've decided to reevaluate each ability and offer critique from there. I'm going to be putting emphasis on Tribute however, as I feel that's her weakest ability. Titania's 1 could be better, but it's serviceable Titania's 3 is good, considering her whole thing is to distract enemies and kill them. Titania's 4, aside from being Archwing, is also really nice. Properly moded Pixia can do insane amounts of damage. Melee needs a buff though. What does her 2 do for her? Nothing. You constantly have to get buffs from enemies, which is super energy expensive, and you have to remember which enemies give which buffs. Furthermore, picking up a buff doesn't just grant it to allies unless they're right next to you. So for the cost it takes to get 4 awful buffs... why can't it just be 1 really good buff that goes to allies? Maybe give each ally a damage buff, along with Titania but also give her an evasion buff for when she's using Razorwing? As an option, you could always steal the buffs from more enemies and increase the damage buff up to, let's say, 100%. Furthermore, tribute buffs should be vacuum-able. The fact you still have to hover right over a buff to get it is asinine, especially since we finally have vacuum for her when in Razorwing. As for other abilities that seem lacking and could use some help, I'd love to see possibly a "projectile" of sorts when casting Titania's 1, so we can better aim it at enemies. Her 3 should also function like Garuda's 2, meaning if I press the ability key over it, it'll kill/detonate the lantern. I also wish lanterns got a tether of sorts to the ground, so they stay in one place. Maybe ragdolling them around could do extra damage to enemies? Overall, I'm happy to see Titania finally getting buffs, but I can't help but feel like we need even more to really push her from mediocre to good, or maybe even great.
  2. -Mittens-

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6

    Still no revert/rebuff for Staticor primary shot's pitiful 2m blast radius. Can we *please* at least get 4m for it? It doesn't even have to be 8m like it used to be, just 4m is fine. ;-;
  3. -Mittens-

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

    Yay. Now all you gotta do is make it actually have a blast radius again on the default fire! 2m blast radius is too small, 8m was probably too much... just give us 4m so Staticor stays fun/good ok?
  4. -Mittens-

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    I'm honestly not impressed. You guys are limiting yourselves here by refusing to try newer abilities. I understand the whole "if it ain't broke don't fix it" approach to old ability types, but for 2 of the worst frames in the game right now... they need proper reworks. So here's my issues with each of them: Nyx: 1) Mind Control still relies on bad AI. Just because they stay near you does not make the ability better, nor does being able to buff them make it any better. If anything, her 1 should be a buff to allies. Like, imagine a Nyx giving her "mental strength" to allies for a duration. I'd rather have an ability to buff allies than an ability to buff an unreliable controlled enemy. 2) Psychic Bolts has promise but really strongly relies on numbers. In my opinion, at around ~185% Power Strength, it should remove armor/shields by 100%. Otherwise, nothing to note here. 3) Chaos isn't getting any changes? Even though enemies can still go out of their way to attack you??? Missed opportunity. A really big shame. 4) Absorb needs to be scrapped entirely. Either that, or have Assimilate built-in and have the augment do something else. I think you should have something like the Moa precept that has an AOE that slows enemy bullets and such, and still offer her a good way to tank like Assimilate provides. Also this doesn't solve the issue of teammates griefing you and deleting all your energy with 2 Tigris shots. 😕 Passive) This could be good... if enemy accuracy didn't scale with level, and scale over 100%. I would think more about this one tbh. Titania: 1) No Spellbind changes..? Sure I guess. Maybe increase the cast speed? 2) Tribute is just... awful. There's nothing you can salvage here. Much like Nyx, it should just be a straight buff to your allies... only in this context, it should be ONE really good buff, not FOUR bad buffs. Your reliance on keeping this ability as similar as it is will ultimately kill this ability, and Titania will still be one of the worst frames. 😕 3) Lantern changes are good. Having a way to have multiple distractions for enemies, and a way to explode the lanterns is a really solid buff. I just hope the explosions deal good damage. 4) ...No Razorwing changes? As happy as I am that you guys are finally giving her vacuum in her razorwing, that doesn't just "cure" all the other issues. Much like with Nyx's proposed new passive, the evasion that's built-in does not work for enemies after a high enough level. Enemy accuracy can scale over 100%. Razorwing also needs a damage boost for the butterflies as well. Then there's the issue of needing to forma TWO weapons for one frame. Titania is the most forma-expensive frame in the game, because you not only have to forma her, you have to forma her weapons too since **Forma for SOME reason doesn't let you polarize the frame AND their exalted weapons.** That's more a general complaint for exalted frames, but for her it's twofold. Passive) I mean... it works? It does what it needs to do, so I can't really complain. Overall: I'm incredibly disappointed by what you've presented to us. I think you guys should slow down, and think more on the frames themselves and give them proper reworks with newer functioning abilities and not just rehashing what's already broken. I don't mean to be vile, but we've waited a long time for these reworks, may as well make them the best they can be yes?
  5. -Mittens-

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.8

    Still no fixes for: Hotspots not spawning for clients in squads in Vallis Clients' fish getting spooked by others in Vallis Caves not having hotspots at all Group hunts being broken and nonfunctional after ~3 hunts. DE pls fix. I wanna fish/hunt with friends ;;;u;;;
  6. -Mittens-

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3

    Please revert this. This was so much fun and really made the weapon feel super unique and cool. I don't think this was a fix, I think this was just you guys removing fun again. 😕
  7. -Mittens-

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.1

    Thanks for nerfing Zaws... It's not like I enjoyed having good range or anything... 😕
  8. -Mittens-

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    Please just remove self damage entirely. It's such an awful mechanic and does nothing but make using certain weapons annoying.
  9. -Mittens-

    The Meaning of Mainline: Next Update ETA!

    Will we see the Gram Prime's combo counter 100% fixed with this mainline? Because I really love the sword but having to get 900 hits to hit 3x combo (and 4x being 27,000 hits) is insane and super annoying.
  10. Yay, no-rework-MR-fodder Prime is here! At least Rubico/Gram are great. 🙏
  11. -Mittens-

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Only it needs to be changed because it costs too much energy for damage that's easily topped by Mesa, who does more damage for less energy consumption. Saying it's good now is laughable. It's absolutely unacceptable to let these kinds of nerfs slide, and you saying "do not change" is telling DE "hey, let's make all good damage abilities bad". Revenant literally got Ember'd.
  12. -Mittens-

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Really unhappy with the nerf to Revenant's 4. Now it has the highest energy drain in the game and isn't worth casting. You basically need Arcane Energize to even get use of this ability, and requiring a ~3000 platinum arcane just to comfortably play a frame is absolutely unacceptable. It was fine before, so why nerf it? Furthermore, why buff his 1? Can he get a new 1 instead? Perhaps make his 3's dash the new 1 and give him a new 3 instead? I don't see the purpose of enthralling enemies, as it seems like just a waste of energy and time. Furthermore, his 2 feels like a really bad take on Iron Skin, and enemies at higher levels can melt through the stacks quickly. On top of that, with the 4 now being nerfed and basically useless, his 2 is inadvertently nerfed. His 3 costs way too much energy and you don't go far enough of a distance. I highly suggest swapping this ability's spot with the 1 and changing the current 1 to be something more synergized with his overall kit and theme. I'm incredibly upset that this nerfed happened, as it feels like it did not need to. Please, please look at Revenant again and make him great. Thank you.
  13. -Mittens-

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.2

    Ugh, why would you nerf the T4 scaffold! I was enjoying this but these nerfs are hard and really unnecessary. Back to the 223 amp I guess 😕
  14. -Mittens-

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.3.0 +

    Really unhappy about these changes tbh. The best change is his passive and that's great. The 1 buff is weak at best and unreliable at worst. It just doesn't feel like enough damage. No buffs to Concuss or Shred grenades and Bounce and Trip Wire still exist and are useless. I would like to see something to replace trip wire/bounce. Maybe a deplorable turret? Furthermore, with the current meta being damage, I'd love to see his 3 get damage on it. Maybe combine it with 1 to make the net electrified? Same with 4, want more damage and perhaps synergy with his 1. Implement these changes and Vauban could be wonderful. This is definitely a step in the right direction, he just needs more to be great.
  15. -Mittens-

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.4

    Really happy we have information on what's what now, but that should be turned ON by default in my opinion.