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  1. Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.9.0

    When can we expect another look at Volt's 4? Still not happy about the damage cap making CC unreliable, along with the range on his kit not being duration based like Nova.
  2. [DELAYED] Damage 2.5 Part 1: Physical Damage

    So what you're saying is, you're nerfing Slash weapons that aren't a majority slash (like 70-90% Slash)? So pretty much RIP all Slash weapons excluding Galatine Prime and Atterax? DE you guys can do the right thing, I believe you can. Bump the other two procs up to be on-par with Slash. As a man who has played this game for 2 years, is MR 24, and has supported this game a lot, I do not want to see Slash as king anymore. I'd rather have options. All these changes do is enforce the Slash meta, and flip it on its head so it's only for very few weapons. I've come up with some possible improvements to the other two procs: Instead of Impact being some unreliable form of CC, perhaps make heavy-Impact weapons like the Fragor Prime, or the Arca Titron also give a slow to the procs. For instance, say you whack a Corpus Tech with a hammer, he falls over, he gets back up. The Impact proc proposal here would slow that enemy down by, let's say at least 30%, for around 5-7 seconds. That'll easily bump Impact up with Slash. The proposed changes to Puncture are great, but also kinda lackluster. Perhaps have it degrade armor to some degree, like a mini Corrosive proc? This way for larger armored opponents at, say, Sortie level, if an enemy doesn't go down quickly, you've got slight armor stripping to assist you in dealing that final blow, alongside the reduced damage the enemies deal. Slash is perfectly fine as it is, but I want to address the meta once again. As a veteran player, I personally feel very limited when it comes to procs to kill enemies at high level, thus resulting in me having to use Slash based weaponry. By no means am I suggesting a nerf to Slash, or even a buff, what I am suggesting is that the other two Procs be brought up to the same level as Slash. It pains me to an incredibly high degree to see where you guys are taking this game. You've nerfed 2 frames that had no reason to be nerfed, you've killed the Sonicor AGAIN, you've refused to put in Univac for several years, you've refused to give frames the help they truly need (Hydroid), and NOW you're killing the procs? The future of this game is very worrying, because with changes like this, I don't see Warframe lasting a 5th year. Please, I beg of you, hear the fans out and do the right thing. Put aside the selfish things like not wanting Univac, and not wanting to actually rework frames properly, and give the majority, the fans, the consumers, what we want out of the game.
  3. I am honestly amazed. They nerfed Gara's 4 so it's almost worthless now, nerfed the Sonicor (which is a gun a lot of the community loves), and then wussed out on the Volt changes because oh god how dare Volt kill, like, 3-5 enemies in 1 cast of Discharge. No damage cap removal! It's not like Mesa, Ember, Eqinox, and Banshee do more damage. No those frames are fine. This is the kind of stuff that's honestly soul breaking, and I'm getting to a point where I am honestly considering uninstalling because of the bad decisions. Also I am really late to the party, but uh... I dunno if I'd call Volt's "Proto skin" a deluxe. Heck the gif of Volt killing the 3-5 dudes has a STORM helmet on, so someone didn't like the helmet I love this game, really I do, but please stop making bad decisions and making the player base angry. Thank you and good night.
  4. Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.5.0 +

    Gotta say, real disappointed about this update. Volt is my favorite frame, and I feel like his "deluxe skin" is possibly even worse than Ember's Vermilion deluxe skin. Nothing about it screams "prototype" or "Volt" to me. It looks like a jumbled mess of lines, textures, and coloring. The weapon skin and syandana seem pretty good though. But aside from being disappointed with the skin, I'm even more disappointed with the Volt revisit. By increasing the damage of his 4, you have effectively nerfed his stun duration. Because for whatever reason his 4 still has a damage cap, which escapes me as to why that's a smart design choice. Furthermore, the energy drain on his 3 still feels too costly. Also, why do you guys seem to refuse to make his ability range duration based? Nova is like that, and so are several other frames, so why not Volt? It really feels like Volt is getting the short end of the stick, and I really hope you guys look into "fixing the fixes". As I said, he's my favorite frame, and I don't think the proposed changes (removing the damage cap on his 4, making ability range duration based, and fixing efficiency on his 3) is asking for too much. Really hoping he gets the love he deserves.
  5. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.2

    Shoot, was hoping for the big reveal. Where's the actual Ember Deluxe at guys?? Ha ha... ha.
  6. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.1.2

    So I'm confused as to why we needed another milestone reward. I thought leaving it off at 650 with the glyph was fine, and that way people wouldn't be angry at missing new MR and Primed Mods. But you've added a 700 day login reward, and I have issues with this. First of all, it's ANOTHER melee. We have so many different melee weapons. Couldn't we have gotten another primary like a shotgun or sniper? Second, It SHOWS UP on your profile. All the other login stuff wasn't shown on the screen, so why does this DAY 700 weapon show up? It feels like it's there just to annoy people and tease those who can't get there. Pretty much, what I'm saying is, WE NEED a catch up system. This is getting really annoying now, even for someone like me who's only 6 days or so behind perfect login attendance.
  7. Please Fix Fishing!!!

    So I have some concerns around fishing in the Plains of Eidolon and how it functions as a whole. 1. You need specific spears for specific fish: This is a big no-no. In my honest opinion, you should have the spears be upgrades as you go through. Lanzo being the first and least usefull, and Peram being the best and most useful. As it is right now, you need to take up 3 of the 4 new gear wheel slots just for spears for fishing. With the suggested solution, you only need 1 spear in your gear wheel, and you have several other slots for useful things like codex scanners, and pads (energy/shield/health/ammo). 2. Fish will not spawn without specific spears/bait: This kinda goes back to the issue in point one, where you need specific spears. The issue here is simple; you need certain spears just to get certain fish to spawn. For instance, a Norg fish will not spawn without using the T3 Peram spear. If you are holding a T1 Lanzo spear or the T2 spear, they simply do not spawn. Now, I'm not 100% opposed to having certain spears to catch certain fish, but as I said earlier, it should be an upgrade process. You should upgrade your spear to the point you can catch every single fish, and not have spawns locked behind specific spears being held. Next, bait. Now bait is in a better position than it was, but I still have issues with it. First of all, much like spears, you need specific bait to get specific fish to spawn. On paper this is not a problem, in practice however it's a lot worse. Bait does not guarantee a spawn of the fish, even if you throw more than one in the water, and even if you throw it at the ripples in the water (another issue I'll bring up later). This will be a major problem later down the road when you need rarer parts to make things like Amps and the like. I just fail to understand the reasoning behind locking fish spawns behind bait and/or spears. 3. Ripples in the water and Bait: This is a minor issue, but one I still wish to address. It is incredibly annoying to throw bait at these random ripples in the water. Bait, as stated earlier, does not always guarantee a fish spawn. Not only is that an issue there, but it's an issue here with the ripples. Ripples are not guaranteed to spawn, and when they do, it's incredibly hard to throw bait at them if they are farther away. Next, this is not hinted at or explained anywhere in the game at all. My suggestion for this is to get rid of the ripples entirely and make bait work anywhere, and at anytime in the water. 4. Fish parts/requirements for builds: So earlier I mentioned how you need fish parts to make Amps and a slew of other things. For this, I have a simple question, why? Why do you need fish parts to make an Amp to fight an Eidolon? Why do you need fish parts to make an Arcane? This to me makes no sense whatsoever. First of all, you have to be Trusted (Rank 3/4 or so in Ostron Standing) to even get the final spear. Then, you need special bait to catch the fish you need just to make the first Amp, which you can get the parts for as early as Rank 2 in Quills. There is clearly more work to get one thing, to get another thing. I feel like this should be balanced so you can get everything in the same rank between the 2 different standings/syndicates. Then there are Arcanes, which also require some fish parts. Arcanes aren't as pressing of an issue as Amps are, but the question of "why" still applies. To me, Amps and Arcanes should be made from gems/minerals you mine out in the Plains. Fishing parts should be relegated purely to baits, dyes, and other fishing related things. 5. The Grind: Since POE came out, Twitch Drops have became a thing to encourage people to watch streamers. As such, it is important I tell a story of sorts. I am a fan of the Warframe Partner, Brozime. In one of his most recent streams, he spent a little over 5 hours trying to get the fish he needed for Amp parts. Not every player has 5 hours to dedicate to get specific fish and their parts. Most casual players who don't dedicate a lot of time to the game will spend even longer trying to get said fish. It's asking a lot out of a player who either does, or does not have the time to grind out the fish. This point is essentially a combination of all my previous points. Needing specific spears, baits, having to know how to use bait (which is not explained), and then the requirements needed for building items. At the end of the day, this personally upsets me as fishing is my favorite activity in the Plains. I want the best out of fishing, and I want it to feel rewarding and less like a time sink with little to no reward. Please let me know if you share similar issues/concerns, I'm very interested in others' opinions on this matter. Take care and have a nice day!
  8. Coming Soon: Devstream #99!

    H Primed Soon. LF PoE
  9. Plains of Eidolon: Sniper Review!

    You know, it's really cool y'all buffed all the snipers. But I'm bothered by this one specifically. Can we PLEASE have the normal Snipetron re-released? I'll sacrifice a goat if I have to, or a keg of beer. I just REALLY wanna get the normal Snipetron because it's one of, like, 3 weapons (that are non-founders) that I am missing.
  10. PSA: Steam Pricing Error for Hydroid Prime Access

    I bought it, because i was told about it and wanted to see if it was true for myself. The moment I saw that it went through, I didn't touch anything and logged out. Here's hoping I don't get banned
  11. [Update 21.4.0] Hydroid Revisited Feedback

    So far I think the changes we have received have made Hydroid actually really good. There's just 2 things that bother me. 1) When you dash with your 2 while in your 3, if you have enemies with you, they will be taken out of your puddle. This is a huge issue because, from what it seems, you want to be in your puddle as much as possible. So not being able to dash around and keep enemies in your puddle feels really slow and unreliable. 2) His 4 just flings enemies around. Personally, I feel his 4 should grab enemies and put them in the puddle for you. That way, if there's enemies just barely out of reach, you can get them from a distance and deal massive damage. Fix these two things and I think Hydroid will be on-par with frames such as Mesa, Rhino, Excalibur, and Frost. Both are technically minor issues, but still things that would complete the rework in my opinion. Thank you for the consistent work!
  12. [Update 21.4.0] Hydroid Revisited Feedback

    So uh... about this Hydroid rework, I think it might have actively made him worse. First of all, you kept all of his abilities (which doesn't qualify as a rework imo.) Second of all, his kit just doesn't perform well. Not even on level 20 corrupt heavy gunners! From the looks of things there's also no way he can scale unlike, say, Oberon. Everything also costs way too much energy for the teeny tiny energy pool he has at base. Now I imagine that might get bumped in the Prime, but that's still not a good excuse to make Hydroid's abilities cost so much. Furthermore, every one of his abilities feels slow, and I've tried Natural Talent but didn't notice any improvements. There's also a couple of other things that really bother me. For instance, his new effects are VERY unoptimized. I see my FPS go from 40-50 down to 20-25. That's terrible, especially on potatoes for computers. So that needs to get optimized ASAP. Next, you guys didn't even PBR his model. His Model still looks like it belongs in, like, Update 14. So even with Tennogen, and even with the Immortal skin, nothing can save his base model. Once again, I realize the Prime is coming out, but that is still a bad excuse. Overall this whole rework makes me feel like you guys took the easy way out, instead of giving us an actual rework, you just added some fluff and some band aids. Really hoping we see some fixes and an actual new ability or something that'll actually help Hydroid.
  13. Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.2.1

    STILL no QT fix even after all these patches. Also, there needs to be a fix for Zenith's disk on the alt fire being affected by punch through. If you have enough, it just goes through the floor and you can't use the alt fire.
  14. Chains of Harrow: Update 21.2.0 +

    Wow... STILL no QT fix? This is beginning to really grind my gears. It basically ruins any squishy frames like Nova. Really hoping we get a fix sooner rather than later.
  15. Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.1.1

    Still no fix for Quick Thinking? Come on guys, this has been broken since Update 21. It's getting old.