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  1. -Mittens-

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3

    Please revert this. This was so much fun and really made the weapon feel super unique and cool. I don't think this was a fix, I think this was just you guys removing fun again. 😕
  2. -Mittens-

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.1

    Thanks for nerfing Zaws... It's not like I enjoyed having good range or anything... 😕
  3. -Mittens-

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    Please just remove self damage entirely. It's such an awful mechanic and does nothing but make using certain weapons annoying.
  4. -Mittens-

    The Meaning of Mainline: Next Update ETA!

    Will we see the Gram Prime's combo counter 100% fixed with this mainline? Because I really love the sword but having to get 900 hits to hit 3x combo (and 4x being 27,000 hits) is insane and super annoying.
  5. Yay, no-rework-MR-fodder Prime is here! At least Rubico/Gram are great. 🙏
  6. -Mittens-

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Only it needs to be changed because it costs too much energy for damage that's easily topped by Mesa, who does more damage for less energy consumption. Saying it's good now is laughable. It's absolutely unacceptable to let these kinds of nerfs slide, and you saying "do not change" is telling DE "hey, let's make all good damage abilities bad". Revenant literally got Ember'd.
  7. -Mittens-

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Really unhappy with the nerf to Revenant's 4. Now it has the highest energy drain in the game and isn't worth casting. You basically need Arcane Energize to even get use of this ability, and requiring a ~3000 platinum arcane just to comfortably play a frame is absolutely unacceptable. It was fine before, so why nerf it? Furthermore, why buff his 1? Can he get a new 1 instead? Perhaps make his 3's dash the new 1 and give him a new 3 instead? I don't see the purpose of enthralling enemies, as it seems like just a waste of energy and time. Furthermore, his 2 feels like a really bad take on Iron Skin, and enemies at higher levels can melt through the stacks quickly. On top of that, with the 4 now being nerfed and basically useless, his 2 is inadvertently nerfed. His 3 costs way too much energy and you don't go far enough of a distance. I highly suggest swapping this ability's spot with the 1 and changing the current 1 to be something more synergized with his overall kit and theme. I'm incredibly upset that this nerfed happened, as it feels like it did not need to. Please, please look at Revenant again and make him great. Thank you.
  8. -Mittens-

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.2

    Ugh, why would you nerf the T4 scaffold! I was enjoying this but these nerfs are hard and really unnecessary. Back to the 223 amp I guess 😕
  9. -Mittens-

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.3.0 +

    Really unhappy about these changes tbh. The best change is his passive and that's great. The 1 buff is weak at best and unreliable at worst. It just doesn't feel like enough damage. No buffs to Concuss or Shred grenades and Bounce and Trip Wire still exist and are useless. I would like to see something to replace trip wire/bounce. Maybe a deplorable turret? Furthermore, with the current meta being damage, I'd love to see his 3 get damage on it. Maybe combine it with 1 to make the net electrified? Same with 4, want more damage and perhaps synergy with his 1. Implement these changes and Vauban could be wonderful. This is definitely a step in the right direction, he just needs more to be great.
  10. -Mittens-

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.4

    Really happy we have information on what's what now, but that should be turned ON by default in my opinion.
  11. Okay, so I have numerous concerns about this workshop. First of all, I strongly advise NOT making Titania's guns to secondary guns. I feel like they're fine as is being based off primary mods. If I'm honest, I would make them based off of shotgun mods in particular. Just personal preference. Next is Limbo, and while I want to be EXTREMELY HAPPY that us allies can use guns in rift, I can't... because once again you've hit us with this compromise crap. First of all, Limbo himself should still have the option to freeze his own guns. This is the only bearable way to do, say, the 3 head shots 1 aim glide riven challenge. Furthermore, if it is in solo play, then I feel like that's what most Limbos would want in solo play, the ability to freeze their own guns. Second, why is his duration getting nerfed? Once again, compromises. I don't agree with this at all because it honestly feels pointless. Like, it comes off as if we're not allowed to have our cake and eat it too. I will never understand why we have to settle for a nerf because of a QoL change, there should not be a single compromise unless it is absolutely necessary. Heck, you don't even have to give him the full 30 seconds back, give us 20 at the very lowest, not 15. I'm overall not very pleased with the direction Titania is going, and I really hope Limbo's duration doesn't get a nerf that bad and we still have the option to freeze our own guns as Limbo.
  12. -Mittens-

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Take out spinning meta? That's perfectly fine I guess, as it does get tiring after a while. Take out going through walls/objects, and combo from quick melee? Absolutely NOT. That is absolutely, 100% not okay in my book. Melee going through walls doesn't make sense, and I get that, but this is a game about ninjas in space operated by kids. Melee going through walls is the only bearable way to do things like medallion hunting for syndicates, unless you hate yourself and play box breaker Limbo. Then you're taking out combo from quick melee, which is just the absolute worst. Speaking for myself, I absolutely disdain heavy attacks. I want to go fast and still do good damage, and this will completely nerf every single melee in the whole game in one fell swoop. Like sure, you can buff the damage across all melees, but even with those balance passes, melee will still be nerfed on the whole. Also, I speak for those who spin2win in the sense that those people enjoy efficiency when killing. It's satisfying for them to spin or cast an ult and watch a whole room of dudes vanish. By focusing on heavy attacks and such you are also ruining enjoyment for a large portion of people who crave efficiency in their killing. I foresee this change making a lot of vets leave to be honest, because most of us just want to kill the things fast. Then there's channeling and blocking... I don't know a single person who uses either of these. Channeling used to be more present because Life Strike, but now we have Medi Ray and several really solid heal frames. I find myself only ever channeling for the effect and nothing else, because there's no reason to channel in any other circumstance. As for blocking... why? Why block the dude when I can go in there and kill him incredibly fast? Blocking is so... anti-synergetic with the rest of the game. It's slow, tedious, and nobody ever does it. I highly encourage y'all to please take this back to the drawing board. Because right now, this is looking worse than Damage 2.5 when that got announced. Please, keep melee fast, keep melee fun, but most important of all, keep it efficient. Thank you.
  13. Sweet! Can't wait to see the promo :) https://i.imgur.com/kJQCTS0.jpg https://i.imgur.com/RHecOk9.jpg This is my Operator. ^^
  14. -Mittens-

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.8

    Gotta be honest, Khora changes don't feel like enough :/ Like, her 1 does pretty good damage now, and her 2 is solid. I still only feel like her 3 is useful for healing and nothing else, and to be honest her 4 needs to just be scrapped at this point. My main issue with her is honestly her 4. It feels like a worse Vauban 3 (and that's saying a lot), has kind of mediocre range, and I feel like you need more duration than you would realistically want for just her 4. I know that for whatever reason y'all are against the Exalted Whip, and for a while I was too, but I'm kinda wishing that was still the original idea... Her 3 on the other hand, I just don't see the point in attack or protect. Cat/Dog AI is unreliable at best, and feels nonexistent at most. Like, why would I wanna send Venari out to attack or disarm an enemy when I can save the energy (because those modes will just get her killed faster) and use heal? Even then I still feel iffy on this ability. As for her 1 and 2, they work nicely and have good synergy. But I don't think those are enough to make Khora a frame worth picking in meta situations or even just for fun. I feel like a bunch of people are just gonna rank her and then never touch her again, and that's unfortunate considering just how long it took us to get her. Meanwhile Onslaught changes seem nice, but still no slight increase for Vandal part drop chance. 2-3% feels WAY too low, and 5% for all the parts would be much fairer. Furthermore I still think we should get 1 reward per zone so Zone 4 becomes the new C. As is, pub lobbies only go to 8 then stop because they only want 1 rotation. This would cut the farm time in half and make it less of a slog to go through. Overall, a mixed update, but mostly good rather than bad. Oh, and those focus changes are literally the best. Like, thank you so much. ADDENDUM: Oh and this stuff right here is one of the reasons I want Strangledome gone/taken out:
  15. Great post from you guys. THANK YOU so much for this. This is a much better way to do the bite-sized content thing. Much better than crippling efficiency! Yeah I can understand why it's taking so long. Appreciate the honesty on it taking a while! If I run anymore I'll be sure to post screen caps, assuming you guys want them in support or bug reports. While I haven't encountered these environmental hazards, I do appreciate the spice. Just going around with an Atterax can get taxing after a while, so I appreciate the efforts going towards this. Can't wait to hear more! I LOVE THIS CHANGE! Since I've been using the mode to work more on focus, as a Vet who usually runs Greater or Eidolon lenses on focus farming gear, I can greatly appreciate the increase.This also means there's more reason to keep playing for peeps since there's more focus to be gained. Once again, very understandable. Scaling in the game is busted everywhere, so I appreciate the acknowledgement. As for the undue stress, I feel like you guys handled this the best you could given the chaos of yesterday's hotfix. Can't wait for the changes to host migration and such! One last note though: Even with the efficiency changes and the enemy scaling, I still feel like we should get 1 reward per zone. I find in pub lobbies people don't want to stay long, so having a rotation per zone would further help that bite-sized ideal you guys have for this. This way, Zone 4 becomes the new rotation C. This will also help peeps who want to solo sometimes (like myself) be able to obtain the C rotation. Then, going past Zone 4 is for those who want to risk the efficiency drain and enemy levels. It would also be a wonderful way to entice even more people to keep playing, with a steady stream of rewards. Furthermore, I still feel like the Vandal parts in Elite need to be at least 5% drop chance instead of 2% and 3%. It's a simple 2-3 percent addition that will go a long way. You can keep the Captura scenes at 3% however, because those will always be welcomed additions. As is right now, the Vandals are really tedious to farm with the 2-zone-1-reward thing going on, and the drop chances of the parts really doesn't help that case. Also, and this might sound crazy, but I feel like Khora parts should come back to Elite's drop tables and some of the relics be removed. Like, keep the relics of the current Prime Access in there, but also let people have an option to farm Khora outside regular mode. The main reason I bring this up is for Vets who find the regular mode boring, like myself and some others I play with. This also lets us kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Overall wonderful post, love the snappy response to everything, and really looking forward to seeing what you guys do from here on out with Onslaught!