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  1. So as of late, I have noticed my Arcane Aegis hasn't been procing as much as it should. Turns out, it got stealth nerfed and/or bugged. It used to be 40% chance to proc, and now it's only 6% chance. I don't understand why this had to happen, especially since it comes from the most underplayed mission in the game and is one of the rare arcanes from Jordas Verdict. I'm very unsure on if this is a bug or intentional, but it's very infuriating, especially since people like me bought a set for when Harrow comes out. Hoping for a speedy fix/look into this bug/nerf. For receipts/proof, here are a couple of screen caps of before and after:
  2. Okay, so here in lies the issue with this. The ciphers still require 3,500 Polymer bundles. I'm a veteran, and I had a little under 200k Polymer stocked up beforehand, and by the end of the event I was down to about 14k. Then there's the fact you had to farm components from Archwing. A large majority of the community tends to dislike doing things in Archwing, so that's one of the other reasons people were toxic with their keys in Public games. Increasing the global health for a longer stay is fine, but make the cipher's build requirements not cost so much (or better yet, no) Polymer bundles and maybe relocate the other component in another place. Also, I have one last critique. I was around for the original Razorback event, and those ciphers didn't exist then. Why do we need ciphers now all of a sudden to fight the boss? It's a pet peeve at most, but it still bothers me to some extent. All this said, I hope we get some more feedback from y'all about other possible changes to Razorback.
  3. This is cool but where is my Exilus Adapter revert at? At this rate I'm gonna have to craft Speed Prime.
  4. Is this a joke? Please tell me this is a joke. Nobody likes the Adapters being blueprints because they cost too many resources. Also, as someone else said, haven't we already been through this with the Sorties in the past? I'm sorry if I come off rude, but please stop "fixing" things that don't need to even remotely be fixed. It's getting out of hand.
  5. Welp. They just "Assimilated" the Sonicor. I wish they'd stop "fixing" things and just tell us straight up it's a nerf. Wouldn't be nearly as mad then.
  6. I have 3 Volt Primes, all forma'd out for my different builds because I actually couldn't fit them all on one. One is my "general" use which is just positive stats. Speed with the arcane storm helm to get 309% Power Strength. Lastly, I have a CC Volt. Generally I prefer the general one to the others because I can buff and support my team well enough, with Speed being for memes, and CC being for whenever I feel like locking everybody down/giving overshields.
  7. I wouldn't say I "main" Volt, but he is my favorite yes. Roughly 280 hours on Volt Prime.
  8. Zenith buff pls?
  9. You finally fixed Nyx! But uh... Zenith buff when?
  10. It's really unfortunate how low the stats on the Zenith are, and I am really hoping they buff it. I get mine tonight and I'm both excited for it and saddened by it. Excited because it's a pretty looking gun and a new forma project, but saddened because of how it turned out. Really hoping that if we get a buff, it's gonna be relatively quick and make it a joy to use. I also personally don't mind the wall hack gimmick, I just wish it was maybe 30-40 seconds instead of 15 seconds. Also, about the old system compared to the new system, I think them not counting days from beforehand is fine. It would have been a major hassle to calculate how many days each player had played beforehand, and then the rewards would also have been incredibly rushed. I think that it's better this way, but that's just my opinion, as someone who's played since before the new system.
  11. Still no UI changes? :/
  12. Understandable, gotta hunker down and get the update deploy-ready. I just hope that Nyx's 4 gets reverted in the same update.
  13. Glad Mesa got fixed for those with motion sickness. It's just too bad that Nyx is still without a use since allies can basically take all your energy away by shooting your 4. Really hoping that gets looked at and gets reverted back to what it was beforehand.
  14. As thankful as I am for the AI tweaks and such, I'm still bothered by something. Why is the Wraith armor 100% not allowed to be colored? I managed to get the whole armor set last night, and was highly disappointed that such a pretty armor set couldn't be even remotely colored. I get that this is par for the course on Wraiths and Vandals, but this is an armor set. I really hope that we get the option to color it, because if not, I see a lot of people never using this armor set and being disappointed with their rewards from the event. Thank you for your time and for the update ^^
  15. I really hope that getting rid of the cysts is easy. It's killing me to see them on all my frames, and I miss my frames being "clean".