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  1. I have 3 Volt Primes, all forma'd out for my different builds because I actually couldn't fit them all on one. One is my "general" use which is just positive stats. Speed with the arcane storm helm to get 309% Power Strength. Lastly, I have a CC Volt. Generally I prefer the general one to the others because I can buff and support my team well enough, with Speed being for memes, and CC being for whenever I feel like locking everybody down/giving overshields.
  2. I wouldn't say I "main" Volt, but he is my favorite yes. Roughly 280 hours on Volt Prime.
  3. Zenith buff pls?
  4. You finally fixed Nyx! But uh... Zenith buff when?
  5. It's really unfortunate how low the stats on the Zenith are, and I am really hoping they buff it. I get mine tonight and I'm both excited for it and saddened by it. Excited because it's a pretty looking gun and a new forma project, but saddened because of how it turned out. Really hoping that if we get a buff, it's gonna be relatively quick and make it a joy to use. I also personally don't mind the wall hack gimmick, I just wish it was maybe 30-40 seconds instead of 15 seconds. Also, about the old system compared to the new system, I think them not counting days from beforehand is fine. It would have been a major hassle to calculate how many days each player had played beforehand, and then the rewards would also have been incredibly rushed. I think that it's better this way, but that's just my opinion, as someone who's played since before the new system.
  6. Still no UI changes? :/
  7. Understandable, gotta hunker down and get the update deploy-ready. I just hope that Nyx's 4 gets reverted in the same update.
  8. Glad Mesa got fixed for those with motion sickness. It's just too bad that Nyx is still without a use since allies can basically take all your energy away by shooting your 4. Really hoping that gets looked at and gets reverted back to what it was beforehand.
  9. As thankful as I am for the AI tweaks and such, I'm still bothered by something. Why is the Wraith armor 100% not allowed to be colored? I managed to get the whole armor set last night, and was highly disappointed that such a pretty armor set couldn't be even remotely colored. I get that this is par for the course on Wraiths and Vandals, but this is an armor set. I really hope that we get the option to color it, because if not, I see a lot of people never using this armor set and being disappointed with their rewards from the event. Thank you for your time and for the update ^^
  10. I really hope that getting rid of the cysts is easy. It's killing me to see them on all my frames, and I miss my frames being "clean".
  11. Okay, so... 3 Riven slots for 60 plat? I can understand charging plat for more slots (since weapon slots are 12p and frame slots are 20p). But this is just a rip off at its finest. Firstly, Rivens already are hard to get for those who lack large amounts of platinum. Secondly, 60p is 3 frame slots essentially. I'm not entirely opposed to the idea, but it should really be something like 30p for slots (that's 10p a slot). That just looks a lot more fair and comparable with other purchasable slots. But being 100% transparent, this addition in general just makes the Rivens feel more like a money-grabbing scheme rather than "breathing life into old stuff." That's what it seemed like at first when Rivens had just released, but now it doesn't seem that way, it actually feels that way. DE, I hope you look into this and realize just how bad this system is and just how honestly cancerous it is for the game. Because I'm afraid that if this doesn't get resolved, the future is looking darker and bleaker by the update. Then, on top of all of that, you're going ahead and releasing Secondary Rivens in the near future. This is something that also really scares me, because it comes off as if you guys just want to push it out instead of refining it where it stands currently. This, much like the slots, makes it come across as a money-making scheme. It should be pretty obvious, but this is not okay. Not in the slightest. Also, on top of that, what's to happen with Rifle Rivens in the sortie pool? Are those just going to be magically removed when Secondary Rivens come out? I may not be a big fan of the Riven system, but I would rather you keep all of them in the reward pool than to cycle them out. Besides, Rivens are a lot more coveted and sought after than 3x nitain, forma, and an exilus adapter blueprint. But, that's an issue with the sortie reward pool, not Rivens at large. Saying all of that to say this; this update really disappoints and scares me. You guys could do so much more with Rivens, refine them, give them a way to be gotten by the poorer players. But instead you're going down a darker road. As I said earlier, I hope you guys at DE and the Devs look into this and realize how bad this is. But until then, this is all I can really say on the matter. Thank you for your time.
  12. Honestly can't say I'm a fan of the sortie reward pool. It really needs to be trimmed of all the filler items. The addition of forma, 3x nitain, and a 3-day booster really isn't needed. If you really insist on having those, then make it at least 3x built forma and maybe 5x Nitain. But either way I'm not a fan of the 3-day booster being added. I'm looking forward to the changes, but I really hope the sortie reward pool gets another look-over before being dropped! ^^
  13. Thank you so much for the fixes DE! Glad we have 12m vacuum back. I just wish it didn't come from people sending threats and other negative things :/ On behalf of me, I apologize. Again, thank you for the update and fixes.
  14. Sounds about how it was for me. I had a group who played almost daily and stopped around the same time. It's truly a shame that things are happening as they are. But oh well, all we can do is post our opinions and hope the Devs and such hear us out.
  15. I (and I'm sure others) appreciate the updates on how TWW is going, but these delays are honestly killing us as a community/player base. I'm sure I'm not alone here when I say that all I do everyday is login for daily tribute, then log right back out. I've known several friends who used to play, and don't anymore. All because the update has been delayed, and Vets haven't had anything worth doing. But hey. that's just my opinion. Honestly, that isn't what bothers me most at this point. What really concerns me is the way Vacuum passive is being handled. It's gonna be 5 meters... When Carrier, as is right now, can pick stuff up from 12 meters away. This is a nerf if I have ever seen one. Why 5m and not the 12m Carrier has right now? It's not a huge number increase, but each meter makes a difference on the battlefield. It's like taking candy away from a child, then giving the child back the same candy... but sugar free. It doesn't taste as good as the original one did, because it got changed for no real reason. The point I'm making is, please make the range 12m like Vacuum is on Carrier now. That's my biggest gripe about this post. Aside from that, we're getting the new event, which is basically Corpus Rathuum. I don't like sounding ungrateful, but it's kind of lazy to just copy/paste old ideas with new skins. I would much rather get TWW then have an event that'll last, what, a week tops? I feel like priorities are shifted, and that is one of the reasons TWW has been delayed as long as it has. But again, that's just my opinion based on what's been going on. All that said, I really hope that TWW gets here to us sooner rather than later, that the Vacuum passive thing works out, and that the event will hopefully be more than just a Rathuum copy with Corpus. I realize I'm probably just repeating what others have said, but this is something I feel like I have to put my two cents in. Thanks to anyone who reads and relates. I appreciate ya.