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  1. Concept for Jupiter Landscape (Hear me out)

    I like it! The borders for this landscape would make sense, and the feral moas and mobs are really cool! Maybe we can have a few smaller bio domes we can reach with arch wings.
  2. Fusilai build question

    I made the fusilai for my saryn spore build with concealed explosives since it seems like it is the best throwing secondary for the job. I was playing around and found out I could make my own blast with the other two dual stat mods and go to to 100% status. I was thinking, what’s better? A. Blast from concealed explosives with a high status chance and one extra mod slot for something or B. 100% status with better(?) blast damage at the cost of using up all my slots? So if I use A what mod should I put in the empty slot? My current build is hornet strike, barrel diffusion, leathal torrent, all four dual stat elemental mods to get corrosive and blast, and finally pistol gambit. This brings crit up to 50% and status to 100%. (Option B)
  3. Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.9

    why does this hotfix take so long to update
  4. Inert Argon Crystals

    Interesting, it might work.
  5. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    I like the smokescreen idea it makes more sense than what we have now
  6. I have this too except for 3 headshots, but i cant find a way to do it because the headshots must kill the target.
  7. Kamen Rider Thread

    Yare yare daze
  8. Is there a way to buy these pants?i am still missing the one frost leaf.
  9. It's really silly how I can't progress through the quest becuase I am missing a single flowing that refuses to appear.
  10. I did this first time I got 7. Next few times I saw this tile not a single frost leaf in the entire mission.
  11. Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 4

    I keep getting randomly logged out of the game
  12. I thought that the porta armour pointing upwards on Saryn Prime was because her %$# were too big.
  13. I see. I thought it was an object or something before but now you have explained it as an action. Thanks!
  14. I did the quest a few months ago but I don't understand. Please explain what transference I sin e Warframe universe