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  1. For them it isn't expensive. For you it may not be expensive. But for me it is, and I can't get one right now. Good for you that you can run at highest, but I can't and the update made it worse. If you aren't going to add anything in this topic, go be rude somewhere else
  2. Thanks for the tip! Even then, there's the importation taxes and all this crap. But I'll see.
  3. I live in Brazil, so it's kinda harder to buy a new one. A medium PC here is like 110% of the basic wage, but I'll get there eventually.
  4. The worst possib.. ahem~ I have a Celeron 847, onboard graphics, Win 8.1 64bits, (running 32 in-game because memory), 2gb, playing lowest, etc etc..
  5. I saw in the patch notes some change about 32 bit performance and it seems that things only got worse than before. I have an onboard graphics and 2GB of RAM, always played fine until the last update. Now I'm constantly running out of memory, crashing and having lag spikes (especially on Earth). I verified and cleaned the game cache right after updating because I know things like this tend to happen after a big download, so that's not the issue and it's not my PC either. I asked this on reddit as well and everything seems to be pointing at only 32 bit builds having this problem. Can anyone at D
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