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  1. I swear this isnt a bait post. Can i name my kitgun "ass blaster" and not be afraid of getting my account deleted or something? It's too easy a joke to make. It's a blaster and it....kicks ass. 😞
  2. I font think anyone should be "angry" about this, but I dont want this to be implemented in the future. That's the only reason i made the post. It sucks and shouldn't suck that's all. I'll be through the time gates in about 6 more days.
  3. This is the general thing i was trying to get across. I'm very much in that boat of "i've done everything". I dont think this in a vacuum would be quite so bad, but it reflects the issues the game has in a lot of other areas that other people have pointed out far more intelligently than i could. I'm not even upset about this really, as i'll just log in and out and wait. But it is kinda stupid
  4. No, you cant grind this. That's the problem
  5. I'm not at all new, played this game since it dropped. I just never really grinded out fortuna before. Im not really trying to accomplish anything here, i just think it's really stupid to have weeks worth of time gating. That's a little extreme
  6. locked out due to not being able to farm the rank up materials until im max rank in the other faction in fortuna
  7. I realize this has been made slightly easier, still really messed up TLDR because someone is already confused; You can farm Hildryn just fine, until you need to farm a bounty that doesnt unlock until you're maxed ranked in solaris united for the ability to be able to get her BP. I'm locked out of that BP for literal weeks now due to daily standing cap. Bad design choice at best, cruel at worst. All around messed up. Edit of Edit just to make sure everyone gets my point here since it's getting lost. Issue specifically is that capping out on daily standing takes 10 minutes, and forces you into a 24 hour time gate. I'll have a LOT more gates to go through before i can reach the end goal here. This isn't a gameplay gate of any kind, or a grind gate. It's not progression. It's a "play for ten minutes and wait or pay for the frame". I just think this was handled extremely poorly. Never got around to actually seeing how bad it was until now. Only statement im trying to make is that it shouldn't take you a month to grind something out of pure time gates for a new player. Keep in mind this isn't tied to actual gameplay, just arbitrary timers. I am not a new player, so i thankfully don't have to wait that long, nor am i lacking in resources to instantly fulfill my daily requirements (ignore the credits, buying baro decos). I don't think new players should be handed everything (i'd like something special once in awhile), but that amount of time per hours played is just ludicrous.
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