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  1. I would like to see something with a bit of world building. like when you are in a survival you are "creating a distraction while a teno operative raids this ship for supplies". Who is this operative? Where are they? What are they doing for so long? Why can we not be one? I would like it to be more of a stealth biased kind of mode something like the palaces in P5 it would be easier to do solo but faster as a group. Or an actual salvage mission go out Arching around a ship or something or use the infested tile set and locate rare supply cashes.
  2. Starting with Warframes Ash prime { 2 full sets Banshee Prime { 3 full sets Ember Prime {1 full set some extra bits Frost Prime { full set Hydroid Prime { 2 full sets Limbo Prime { full set Mag Prime { 1 full set some extra bits Mesa Prime { all the bits but no main BP Mirage Prime { 2 full sets Nekros Prime { 1 full set and extra bits Nova Prime { 2 full sets Oberon Prime { one full set and extra bits Trinity Prime { 3 full sets Valkyr Prime { 2 full sets Zephyr Prime { full set Weapons Primary Boar Prime { full set Cernos Prime { 2 full sets Rubico Prime { full set Sybaris Prime { 3 full sets Tiberon Prime { 2 full sets Tigris Prime { 3 full sets Secondary Akstiletto Prime { full set Euphona Prime { 2 full sets Pyrana Prime { full set Vasto Prime { full set Melee Fragor Prime { full set Galatine Prime { 4 full sets Silvia & Aegis Prime { 2 full sets If you want to trade I am mostly looking for Akjagara prime Barels, a Bo prime ornament, Ankyros prime blades, or a loki prime Chassis though I am open to other offers depending on interest
  3. yeah I can not connect to any orb groups too atm loads and looks fine then immediate migration. other players load and then are just gone when I host too.
  4. Currently my issue is how her release has been handled. More or less its expected for it to take a week to have the community go off and find these little tablets doted across almost random and esoteric locations. For all we know it could take 2 or 3 weeks as once a player scans them they can not contribute again. If it takes to long and interest falls off there is a chance that it could never be completed and while sad, I would find it hilarious. locking frames behind quests, a boss, or standing is understandable but locking one behind something that a player would have little agency in how fast it they can work to it is a pour choice. Hildryn looks like she will be fun but this is a major sour note. and even though there was a lot that came with the event it all kinda seems like camouflage for this kind of setup. That being said I have a lot of interest in playing as her and seeing how mods interact with her. I will not be buying her and or her cosmetics due to the above. And though it is not super common I don't feel that players who buy her should be chastised but I also feel that players who want to avoid playing with one do have a moral leg to stand on. It is your plat but it is also their opinion.
  5. I think this is the right spot for it I was doing ESO and we eventually we got to the tile grinear mars settlement its the long one with a deep valley. Any way I went off the side and into a pit with a standard fade to black fallowed buy a hard landing back on the tile... and then another fade to black with a hard landing and again and again until the wave timed me out so in all it lasted almost a full 2 minutes.
  6. I have Rivens for the Synapse, Tiberon, Catchmoon, and Nikana Synapse- Arcrican= 150% CD 110% multishot MR16 Tiberon-Toxi-armacron= 93% toxin, 145% CC, 51% mag capacity MR9 Catchmoon-Ampi-geliata= 64% amo max, 63%cold, 150% damage MR8 Nikana-Deci-critadra= 18%attack speed, 39%status duration, 33% CC MR9 Had to triple check them all yes they are all positive stats some how. Average prices from Semlar's riven calculator Synapse- 275, Tiberon- 595, Catchmoon- 390, and Nikana-120. we can talk prices if you find one you like but initially they will be biased off the calculator.
  7. To start Revenent's sword? Will there be possible new archwings and weapons this year? Infested style? Will there be improvements to Cetus like with Fortuna Like increased rewards for compleating special criteria or and extra role for rewards for flawless completion? When can we fight the hot spring guardian orb? special Fortuna events? Any chance for shield improvements? Infested sniper rifle? Spear gun? maybe?
  8. There are some changes here that I do like and there are some that I kind of don't. Fire walker being a duration cast is a nice change, though I don't know how well it is going to be with the chakram teleport and aoe blast unless it's cost stays fairly low. Halo being switched to a DR ability is acceptible if they keep the same aromo and health multiplier scaling. As for chakram there is alot there that I like and some things here that I don't. The multiplication works well but I feel the energy and health orbs seem kind of off to me. If actually grown to like the way the plus works though there is little to no visual or audio letting you know it worked and the duration to get the plus was rather short. As far as it's range goes after moding for somerange the puls works really well. Granted this change will allow for the use of some lesser known mods and amplify the need for things like using arcane energize and the abuse of the zenuric passive. I would like to know how the teleport and aoe blast will work with the chakram multiplying and how will the augment work as it's suppose to amplify the amount of damage and healing done. Lastly removing the mandatory webcast from spears is really welcome. I'm going to keep an open mind on the revisit but that's what I'm thinking atm.
  9. Will there be any changes to the wall attacks of some weapons? Is channeling being outmoded? What will happen to all the different channeling mods if it is? Are there going to be any changes to stances and combos? Is the combo counter going to just be a resource for buffing heavy attacks? If so will the combo counter duration be removed? Will the melee counter node on namaron be changed too? Are there any other plans to make charge attacks actually useful like the sancti magistar and caustosis charge mechanics kind of are? Any more changes to the spin to win play?
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