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  1. My number 1 complaint is the issue of getting them to spawn once you have all 3 runes. At that point having their rage set to indifferent is just pointless and in fact should be the other way around with the litch spawning more as you find runes.
  2. I am just going to advocate for something I have mentioned a long time a go. Just get rid of the delay. The shields will practicly balance them selves. With out DR abilities the shields will be paper thin so a valkyr using rage will still get eazy energy but shield tanks like hyldrin harrow and volt would gain some beaf. I see potential in this kind of change in gauss as his passive decreases the time and increases the recharge rate, this gets even better in RJ as with the zecti shields, and the right engines my ship was more than okay in the vail.
  3. My only concern is that at the time of writing there is no way to reclame resources from wreckage that you do not fully restore. I'm glad you get half back when you do restore it but there are some that i have started and now know Im not going to use.
  4. So this has happened a few times where when boarding a crew ship with the slingshot ill land but the ship will despawn/explode and you will get booted to the void. (IDK how to do screen shots here) You get stuck to the point where the only way out is to close the game. I have gotten stuck like this about 4 times now. some times going to a new node will help or going to the drydock.
  5. I here is an issue from time to time where when leaving Crew ships you basically get booted to the void with no escape. unstuck leave the mission neither of them work.
  6. After some time with Vauban I actually like a lot of what has been done but there are a few things that need attention. Tesla is nice but the ai seems to all target the same target when not thrown individually. more of a small thing though. Why boost pad? The tethers are nice but I just wish they grabbed 4 targets. Now the big one. Overdriver. It should not cost 100 75 or 50 energy plus the cast times for a player to apply the buff to one teammate. every time I want to use this ability it rarely targets who I want to hit. i can throw it out there and its a 50/50 shot to even get it to latch on to other players over their pets, Khora just compounds the issue. its a good ability but I just want to throw it out there and have it land on a team mate when they need it and not their dog. In a team it is my preferred ability to use for mine layer but it waists so much time as it is atm.
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