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  1. Either a buzzloc with something or a Javloc maybe an Argonak
  2. Currently with the technocite there are The Original strain those tree branches in the derilect. The mutualist strain foind on eris. That another glisining stuff that can live in space and infect robots. And the helmenth strain that is inert and used for warframe bodies. Most of the times we encounter the infested they are confused why we are fighting them as we are of like flesh. It seems that the strains on the whole do not have a reason to fight eachother though they may see eachother as different. We can not say what strain is older but it's likely that warframes use a base form of it resulting our relative immunity to them as a whole. And the helmenth seems to be the only strain to effect us though it's only effecting it's self. As for the void daemons it's complicated their immunity mostly stems from the power flowing through then witch is on the whole very lethal to other living things. The infested could try but it might be like infecting a meat sack that uses gama radiation for blood and spans multiple dimensions even maybe past, present, and future at the same time. So most of their immunity comes from incompatible biology.
  3. It might depend on mission type. I kinda hope there is a dedicated framing mission like just for going out and gathering resources in bulk, with a side option to explore derilects if you want. As far as we know its just railjack things.
  4. At the moment I have around 35 forma now it would be higher but aura forma be hungry. Typicly getting forma is eazy and I mostly just build it from the app in the down time. As for adaptors after a special goof Idk when I will run out for warframes but it's going to be a while. As long as it's a drop or available in game I'll be happy to see it I might not get it but it will be a welcome reward. While I will not be likely to pay for it I will be more liberal with fireing platinum into the market for other things.
  5. I do know that if you want you can kill your team with this room but that is about it.
  6. And that's for the most part the core of the issue. There are ideas out there but they are implemented badly or are just 1 note. There is no variety or twist to change the okay I'll just hit it with a bigger gun. Yes exactly. It's why the nullifyers should be changed though I still want to keep the scrambus. Having a set of manic units like bombards, gunners, and the normal ones that get hyper aggressive with high sound levels would be interesting. I would also feel like they would be able to detect an invisible warframe. I'm hopeing that the new sentient mobs will have some form of power resistance on their heavy units, like decreases duration or effective ness. I have no sympathy for those that burnt plat to get a meta riven and complain about changes. they consented to the kuva game and act like children when it bites back. I still feel rivens need a bit of a change but that's for another time.
  7. Short answer yes the fridge people and their birb pets are the worst offenders like in OV. Let's be honest nullifyers were a bandaid and nothing more. The scrambus offer a bit more as they deal with one kind of power at a time and one head shot removes that aura permanently. With the changes they now have to deploy the aura to. The nullifyers could be changed to be more of a projected barrier unit. They spot you throw out a field and then pop pot shots into you from a distance. Or as another option change the field to a screen that could block physical, elemental, or movement so you will not lose all your damage and crit but just part of it or be forced to stay away. I'm rather against power immunity and power resistance, though resistance works in some cases as dose in only one case so far a self cleanse (demolysts have this). Power resistance works for the infested as you know one unit is causing it it's eazy to spot and hit. Immunity is just not the way to go as it robs alot of counterplay and players of parts of their kit. A perfect example are the arbitration drones small fast provide limmetless immunity to powers and damage, yet their more of a okay bring the plasmor cuz I'm done with these. There is more potential there but I'm getting long winded as is.
  8. The cannon fodder units are necessary. There could be an implementation of units that require more think than bullets. Like something like the lynx where the unit comes with a drone escort that provide shielding to it. It a unit that can activate the level security at will during a fight even respawning it and making it more dangerous. A special grineer unit that is more like an assassin in difficulty but rather than fighting the whole group they rush the target and put down a bunker bubble that sections off you and then in a one on one fight, no bullets or powers in and none out. Maybe a new manic that when they jump you they just kinda swipe one of your guns rather than just knocking it from your hands, and then zips about housing your gun against you. For the infested how about an assassin unit that has highish Dr but can be dismantled limb buy limb though if there are infested close buy they just kinda "eat" them and reform a limb. Swarm units that are immune to direct damage but aoe blasts work and rather than attacking they can go around and convert friendly mobs into infested. Or they collect common maybe rare resources and form a stationary very durable unit that can attack like with tenticals and health drains, but they mostly spawn fodder units. And buy spawn I mean it cranks them out fast. Just a never ending stream of maggots, with 8 or so chargers and leapers every few seconds. These are just ideas of the top of the head so they might not be the best but it's some thing with more depth. Just increasing hp and damage are rather 1D methods of difficulty with optimal performance builds already. The sentients seem to be in the right direction with the dynamic adaptation and multiple ways to deal with it. And you can disable some abilities buy shooting the arms off, but then other units can pick them up and then you would have a unit with the launchers and the beat you bat arm. I hope they add other health and armor types to aulter their resistances. Like atm I remember they are robotic with alloy armor, so they resist the more common damage types we use and are weak to ones there is next to no use for. ( I might be off here)
  9. It depends on what you are using for weapons to start. Toxin is your friend here as it till just go through shields. The OV units are not good examples as a good number just seem th have dr or immunity to abilities.another option would be to use gas as they do have high numbers and again toxin. Their shields also provide resistances to things that the grineer and infested are weak to. Along with that most of their forces are robotic so they have kinda the opposites for weaknesses if they are the issue magnetic and radiation are best.
  10. Ah yes one if the seven deadlys. Rushing the lift when most of the squad is not there, and repeatedly doing so when they get back. Assuming your build is the only build and that everyone needs to use it. Heathens. Entering a spy vault when someone else is already in there and has not triggered anything. Saying x fashion is trash or you must use x skin rather than letting it be subjective. Yes even the neon vomit fashion. Blasphemy. Leaching, another of the deadly ones
  11. The damage might need to be toned down a bit as a trade off but its a good idea. Im open to it if there is an option to use the old one punch but its damage is greater so we can still use the serious series serious punch.
  12. I'm at t2 r18 this will be the new goal.
  13. It's sad but my first thought was some high end player flying around then they literally hit the stranded teno with their windshield. Teno "I'm lost please help." Pilot "gross space bug" turns on wipers. But yes the new teno will be left to the whims of the captions as they cling to the little islands they are on. Hopefully they do the direct save thing like with the open worlds. Or if not when you grab a hitch hiker you get a copy of their haul. Pilot "why would I help them I have things to loot." CY "their inventory shows they have been farming kuva." A bit greedy yes but it gives a kick to do the good thing. Or they get the haul they have boosted at the end as an assist bonus.
  14. I would be more concerned for players that lack a railjack. If the host ship leaves what happens There? Probs sol or stuck in archwing.
  15. I agree with this but at least we can try to talk about it and raise awareness For instance I was unaware that they could roll back the cosmetics as an option. But you are right there is no perfect fix all here.
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