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  1. Somebody else gets it! we must stand together for those who have wavered from the path of the Lotus! For the Rail! For U19! For the LOLZ! FOR REBECCA! CELEBRATE, MY TENNO BRETHEREN IN ARMS FOR WE MUST NOT BE [DE]NIED! *For realz though I've been doing this for 5 hours and been on the thread for about 7 and I'm running out of good GIFs.
  2. My tenno brothers and sisters we must live on we must continue the hype train It musn't be derailed by the power of Cheshire Kavats and a convenient void tear WE MUST GO ON ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN
  3. It's been 12+ pages since I got here..... Faith is falling energy is failing must EaT SuRvIvE KEEP GOING KEEPITH DOTH HYPE TRAIN FUEEELLLLED
  4. EvErYtHiNg Is OkAy It's all okay now where we're going, we need no sleep NO SHEEP
  5. Oh please....Only 11pm in my world.... *Only*. Still have at least two hours in me WITHOUT caffeine.
  6. Dedicated to the night at this point. Staring at the thread got me like
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