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  1. sure but once they see the body the stealth multiplier ends (when you kill it). the other guy suggested a 30 sec cycle but that's just too tedious. I'll just melee channel, kill em all stealth or not and still get 28k focus for 150 enemies >_> it just used to be so much higher though. oh well.
  2. And all of these are valid ideas. I hope DE checks it because i'm getting tired of stealth mechanics that don't fit this game >_<
  3. that's the whole point of the thread. Stealth using ranged non melee is too tedious compared to just melee.
  4. so i to be clear in order for me to be able to do stealth with a ranged non melee weapon, i am required to add 2 mods to any weapon i need to do this with, regradless of how beneficial or contrary it is relative to the faction i am preying on?
  5. If this is similar to corrosive, it doesn't work. I need to channel to make the dissolution fast.
  6. I have a corrosive orthos prime for stealth and it does not work. I have to channel.
  7. so if i kill something with a gun and another thing walks by after a second, no alerts happen? this is what i do atm, problem is, i tried snipers and bows... >_> then hushed rifles... and... you know nothing.
  8. So. Stealth. Assuming one uses loki with the mod and wants to stealth using ranged weapons which are not melee... Seems more real since enemies react to dead bodies now. My problem with this is... 1) number of enemies 2) no way to carry em away an hide bodies So is the mod necessary? (i'm talking about non melee to be clear because melee has channel) People are elemental combos, but these are not reliable. I used to melee corrosive and bodies still remained, now i need to channel. Please make sure you've tried it for stealth specifically before you respo
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