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  1. Right there in the title. I found a little bug where if you have an Ephemera in one color on one frame and then switch to a different frame with the same Ephemera in another color, the two effects overlap. Turns out that certain color combinations on the right Ephemera (especially the smoking body one) look really, really cool. As such i wanted to suggest the addition of a secondary energy color for Ephemeras, so that we can put these combinations to use. A lot of potential for fashionframe there. I would add screenshots of a few combinations here, but unfortunately i don't know how to do that.
  2. Right there in the title. The secondary color effect on a forma'd Nekros with the Irkalla Deluxe Skin always gets removed upon exiting the appearance tab. The wisp flames that come out of his body would normally have the secondary energy color as a sort of streak within it. A cool visual with the right color combination, but unfortunately i can't take it with me on missions.
  3. While i'm glad to know that Wolfy will still be around after Series 1 ends (would've had more impact if he'd been gone for good though), i hope his spawn will get changed afterwards so that he doesn't pester us everywhere. Depending on how his story ends, maybe confine his spawn to Jupiter. Would make sense storywise.
  4. Pretty much exactly what the title says. Whenever i want to pick a secondary energy color it goes like this: Step 1: Choose primary color. Step 2: Choose secondary color. Step 3: Click on primary color again so that the secondary color appears on the warframe. So... that doesn't work properly either. Step 4: Exit appearance tab back to the arsenal and observe as the secondary energy color effect vanishes before your very eyes, and only the primary color remains. Limbo would be proud at that disappear trick. Yes, it doesn't show up in missions either. Thanks in advance for the fix
  5. About a week ago i made a post saying that every time i start any kind of Eris mission, it crashes my game. This is still a problem. Any sortie that features Eris cannot be completed because i can't even load into the mission. This has been the case since Nightwave released.
  6. You said that this system would be more story-inclusive and that the first Nightwave "The Wolf of Saturn Six" would be featuring a new villain for us to go up against. If this works these Nightwaves would be perfect opportunities to expand on the already existing antagonists we have in the game! Think about it: Lech Kril, Kela De Thaym, Tyl Regor, Vor, Frohd Bek. Many of the villains we have in the game are introduced once in an event and don't show up again until maybe a year and a half have passed, if at all. I have no idea who Lech Kril is or why he exists despite being the first boss to ever get his own unique appearance and fight, Kela is kinda just there, and Tyl Regor is Tyl Regor and thus needs more screentime. Vor and (probably) Bek are both canonically dead so them not showing up again is excused. Sargas Ruk, Alad V and Nef Anyo maybe less than the others since Alad had a major run as primary opponent (though i wouldn't mind him showing up again, maybe even as an ally for a Nightwave like in the Second Dream and Shadow Debt), Sargas Ruk shows up in more Events than any other Grineer (next to Vay Hek, but he's had enough appearances), and Nef Anyo has replaced Alad as our current main Corpus villain. This is a huge opportunity guys. Don't just focus on the new, but remember to give the people you already have some love.
  7. I don't think Stalker's theme song plays anymore when he spawns. Will that ever be fixed?
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