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  1. While looking at a Railjack AI Crewmate, it says "[PH] Description" underneath their name.
  2. When i'm playing solo Railjack and manning the top turret, loot has a tendency to fly behind directly me and is unable to be picked up. This presents two problems, as it not only blocks my view but even seems to actively block my shots from passing through. Another bug was on a Corpus Defense section. I did 5 rounds of defense and then extracted, but the mission counted this as a failure. Afterwards the mission broke completely. All HUD elements outside of the Railjack disappeared and while i was able to board the Corpus flagship again, the Defense mission did not allow a second defense.
  3. Not a big fan of the AI pilots. The gunners and engineers seem to do their jobs just fine, but I'd like it if the pilot picked up on certain cues. For example, I waited for several minutes in the Archwing Slingshot for my pilot to line up with an enemy crewship, but instead she completely ignored it and flew circles around the enemy capital ship. If I'm inside either the slingshot or the artillery cannon, the pilot should take that as a cue to line up to allow me to take a shot.
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