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  1. TYPE: In-Game UI DESCRIPTION: The animated portraits of the Perrin Sequence and New Loka leaders in the Syndicate console on the Orbiter don't show up correctly. VISUAL: Perrin Sequence New Loka REPRODUCTION: Opening the respective Syndicate windows in the Orbiter. EXPECTED RESULT: Ergo Glast and Amaryn would show up normally and conduct business. OBSERVED RESULT: Ergo Glast seems to be under the delusion that he's holding a gun and forgot to point the camera to his head, giving me a lovely view of his torso instead. Amaryn meanwhile is standing a bit
  2. I actually have two bugs of similar type to report, so i'll just combine them here. (Sadly i forgot to take a picture of the Mausolon bug.) TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Ever since the Orphix Venom Update came out, my Day of the Dead Necramech helmet is gone. It is likely a result of splitting the skins from the helmets and not accounting for the Day of the Dead helmet. Additionally, i received four extra Mausolon arch-guns that i didn't need. No idea where they came from, since i didn't build or buy any Necramechs besides my Voidrig and Bonewidow, but they themselves functioned norma
  3. We use Warframes almost everywhere else. Necramechs are completely optional outside of one quest mission and this event, most Archwing stuff can be ignored barring Railjack and Uranus (they said they would remove regular Archwing missions, which there are few of in the game already) and Raijack heavily requires the use of your Warframe to move around stations and your Railjack.
  4. Did encounter two bugs with my arsenal. The Day of the Dead Necramech helmet i had for my Voidrig is gone and for some reason i have been given 4 Mausolons.
  5. Plan is they will come to the other gamemodes as well. I'm guessing they are using this event as a testing ground for that, since they said that Necramechs wouldn't be able to fit through the comparatively low doors most rooms have.
  6. No issues so far, except i can't really scan any of the new enemies because my Warframe can't get to them, my Helios stays with the Warframe and the Operator dies too quickly before i can scan using him.
  7. So if I have experienced that within 200 hours, then it's done. How are others largely at 3000+ hours? They surely have experienced the environments 10x more than I have. Admittedly, this answer fits more to the question "What keeps bringing you back to the game" and not "What keeps you in the game, playing it?"
  8. What really brings me back to the game is less the game itself, but rather the world(s) it has created. The designs, the environments, the setting itself.
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