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  1. The most likely option. I suggest turning off region chat completely since there have been cases of people getting banned just for being online there.
  2. 1. out of habit, theres no meaning to it 2. it is mostly easier, but not as fancy 😉
  3. Even though I have put a bit of work into decorating my orbiter, the dojo of the clan I am in (pc moderator of iFlynn) seems way more of an actual home/base of operations than my ship. There are probably a few others out there who have the same experience, so it would be great if there was an option or a craftable item that allowed us to spawn there when opening up the game. If possible, even with an option to pick the exact location instead of the dojo centre.
  4. So... it started with OPM Atlases and Miku Nezhas appearing all throughout the community. Then I rewatched Makai Ouji and the Sytri's hair ornaments reminded me of the things Nezha has on the sides of his head. And the Nidina chest plate was just fitting too perfect for this. So lo and behold: https://imgur.com/UWl2mCe https://imgur.com/j1E2YA7 (put the links there in case imgur and the wf forums are still broken. there are supposed to be 2 {in words: two} pictures there) I used the standard helmet and the demonn-style tennogen skin. If anyone knows a more fitting skin, please let me know.
  5. This yellow stuff that fills up the coolant canister... could you make it a mission reward for the whole squad, kinda like bountie rewards? The first day of this event I didn't even know it existed and therefore never picked it up. Now that I know of it, I am standing above the canister when it's at 98%, pressing x like a madman because I don't know if more than one person can even get the reward. Furthermore, please speed up the progression. If you don't get oneshot (frustrating) before placing the snowglobe, it is one of the most boring things in the game.
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