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  1. With my boyfriend. Having fun with him is pretty much the only reason I keep playing this game despite the content drought prime.
  2. The most likely option. I suggest turning off region chat completely since there have been cases of people getting banned just for being online there.
  3. 1. out of habit, theres no meaning to it 2. it is mostly easier, but not as fancy 😉
  4. Even though I have put a bit of work into decorating my orbiter, the dojo of the clan I am in (pc moderator of iFlynn) seems way more of an actual home/base of operations than my ship. There are probably a few others out there who have the same experience, so it would be great if there was an option or a craftable item that allowed us to spawn there when opening up the game. If possible, even with an option to pick the exact location instead of the dojo centre.
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