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  1. And while youre at it, please make this bug a feature. Or just never fix it so that we can find out what causes it and reproduce it easily.
  2. 1. out of habit, theres no meaning to it 2. it is mostly easier, but not as fancy 😉
  3. Even though I have put a bit of work into decorating my orbiter, the dojo of the clan I am in (pc moderator of iFlynn) seems way more of an actual home/base of operations than my ship. There are probably a few others out there who have the same experience, so it would be great if there was an option or a craftable item that allowed us to spawn there when opening up the game. If possible, even with an option to pick the exact location instead of the dojo centre.
  4. You could move it to another menu, similar to keybind settings. Also, as a programmer myself I can tell you it wouldn't be so hard. You could simply add a function with whatever audio format DE uses as input and the same format as return type. Inside the function an empty byte array would be created with the same length as the original audio file and then that would be returned. When the switch would be deactivated it should simply call sth like chainsawAudio = createEmpty(chainsawAudio) and you would be golden.
  5. Maybe in the same customization slot where the skirt (and whatever the other koppra accesory is) goes.
  6. Starts of kinda mah, but gets better after 'i am your reckoning'. missing the bass however, it kinda sounds like my speakers are broken the way it is. just add a simple bassline and itll be fine.
  7. if you want something fast, try the prisma obex or the prisma cleavers with a crit berserker primed fury build. factionwise, slash is still the only viable option (which aparrently wont change with damage 2.5), therefore try going for slash, I personally like the broken war against all factions.
  8. I never thought this would become an issue. Then PoE dropped and 9 times out of 10 I had to solo Eidolons even when in a group. We maybe didn't need this previously, but we sure do now.
  9. I am a programmer myself and all the "issues" mentioned wouldn't be so bad. If Warframe is programmed the way I would do it, they all could be solved by catching the null pointer exception at low-level without performing a stack trace print.
  10. We had that in Dark Sector, where Hayden Tenno could use the Glaive AND his pistol.
  11. Warframe NEEDS THIS! Thank you and if you have more amazing ideas like this, PLEASE post them. And yes, without going too much into detail, this makes sense in terms of "real-life" hacking.
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