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  1. DE, you've done a really annoying thing here. Ferchrissake, why fix what wasn't broken? Melee combat used to be one of the most enjoyable parts of your game. Now it's clunky and awkward. Please, the fix is simple. Just let me press a button or scroll a wheel and switch into the familiar melee mode. It's annoying as all frackbot to use "quick melee" to switch to the melee and line up a kill strike only to have your primary auto-switch-timeout have happened and you wind up blasting whatever instead of slashing whatever. Finishers are darn near impossible. Basically, I now either /won't/ melee at all, or I'll loadout /only/ my melee, if that's what I'm feeling like doing. Hardly flow. Much janky. In closing, I do not like this, sam I am. I do not like it on my box0r, I do not think at all it rox0r.
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