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  1. Why would just one frame have to stand in front of a gun barrel to gain its buffs instead of getting them instantly like everyone else? Chroma needs to get hit to gain buffs, which was previously justified due to their power, but got diminished once 3 got nerfed (while completely missing the goal of said nerf). Self-damage gave an opportunity to be able to use the buffs in a controlled manner, one that did not disrupt the flow of the game or put the player in unnecessary risk at higher levels (as Chroma's survivability is definitely not what it used to be). DE have acknowledged that these changes impact Chroma, twice, once when Cerata's self-damage was removed, and again during the latest devstream; but instead of actually implementing sorely needed changes in the frame's mechanics (1 is useless, his passive is a unique mechanic, not a passive, it's like saying that Ivara's Quiver or Equinox's day/night forms are passives, 4 is situational at best, 2 could use being recastable) to make his gameplay still viable after the removal of self-damage, they just went "it harms him but benefits the others, deal with it". Oh, but here's a Titania revamp.
  2. While the changes in general sound beneficial as a whole, I didn't really like how this particular change was approached; the fact that it is detrimental to Chroma's playstyle was acknowledged, but nothing is being done about it in the immediate future. You previously acknowledged this when you removed self-damage from Cerata, and now it's going to disappear from all weapons, meaning that Chroma players will have to resort to getting hit intentionally, which, while not new, is disruptive to the game flow and risky at higher levels, as he's not the tanking powerhouse he used to be before Scorn's effect got weakened due to a change that was done seemingly only with Fury being taken into consideration, despite the two being effects of the same skill. Wouldn't it be better for everyone if the change came out along with a change to Chroma's mechanic, so that his playstyle is not at a disadvantage until it is actually addressed at a different time? Newer frames have been getting tweaks and augments, while Chroma's changes were opposed before they released and frowned upon when they did release, and they really fixed very little, and a new rework has been requested ever since. Hell, it was even noticed during the 2019 whiteboard Devstream. It shouldn't be hard to realize that if you make two changes of the same kind, and you are aware that they benefit everyone but one specific case, then instead of pushing those changes and saying "well, we know it's bad for this case but it's good for everyone else", it might be a good idea to address this one case to fall in line with the others.
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