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  1. While this is very much appreciated it really doesn't change the fact that higher tier Isolation Vaults are near impossible to complete solo, especially if 2-3 Bonewidows are using your frame to play ping-pong. A LOT more work still needs to be done before those guys are anywhere near fun/engaging to fight.
  2. Not the best with ink related stuff, so I'm just going to be messing with brushes and effects for my entries :> Day 1: Mother Day 2: Orokin Day 3: Void Day 4: Flight Day 5: Corpus Day 6: Stealth Day 7: Warrior Day 8: Deimos Day 9-11: Skipped to take a short break Day 12: Torment Day 13: Sanctuary Day 14: Ostron Day 15+16: Lua/Music Day 17: Swift Day 18: Helminth Day 19: Masterful Day 22: Kuva (Naberus spoilers) Day 28: Time And that's all my entries! These
  3. Yes. Yes I do. The Devs directly said during Tennocon that it would be a way to have a resource sink. I wanted to use it as said sink.
  4. There should be some sort of timer for how long the Helminth can retain the resources you feed it. Due to personal ethical dilemmas I do not want to subsume or infuse my Warframes, but I was still looking to at least rank up the Helminth as a way to get rid of my millions of alloy plate and nano spores. It could be a month long timer for all I care, just something so that it's not a 100% completely dead system for me.
  5. Revisiting my view on the economy after figuring out just how Deimos works over the past few days. And given how plentiful ALL the resources (including conservation tags) are via the Requiem Pillars, Isolation Vaults, and naturally spawning wildlife, the Tokens are no different from gaining standing in Fortuna or Cetus. 30 minutes of exploring the Drift or 3 vault runs and I can completely buy out Father and Otak (and maybe half of Daughter's). My only concern now is with Grandmother's Oddities. 20 tokens for a single Seriglass Shard is daunting, even if it is the equivalent of 20-30,000
  6. The token system seems excessive. A good way to make it seem like a family home instead of a marketplace/town, but excessive. I'm keeping in mind that it is only day one, but it seems like you have to grind for various types of resources to possibly not be able to cash in on as many family tokens as you'd like, and then trade in what you can to not have enough for Grandmother's tokens. Yes, you can just run bounties constantly for Mother tokens to get standing fast, but then you run into the rank up wall of needs the others. I'd probably say reduce the costs per token bundle and/or i
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