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  1. *rub hands together* I had a bunch of fun with this last year, cannot wait to get started later today! Day 1 - Ring Day 2 - Mindless Day 3 - Bait Day 4 - Freeze Day 5 - Build Day 6 - Husky Day 7 - Enchanted Day 8: Frail (got a tiny sketchbook and now everything's even tinier lol) Day 9 - Swing Day 10 - Pattern Day 11 - Snow Day 12: Dragon Day 13: Ash Day 14 - Overgrown
  2. I know another one of my posts is at the top of this page, but some more illustrations i've done since then :3c
  3. The conclave skins, sigils, and armor sets are exclusive to the syndicate's rewards. There's no way to obtain them outside of the toxic environment Conclave is. I don't need to be subjected to constant flame and harassment because I want a neat skin or sigil, only to get 10 standing a match because that person made it their life's goal to make sure I never leave my spawn point.
  4. All of these changes are really, really good and I'm excited to dust off my monkey boy when they come, especially with his Prime coming later this year.
  5. The people complaining about the rewards need to honestly stop thinking about themselves and go back into hibernation if it upsets you that much. Intermission =/= exclusive rewards. Think of it like a preseason for competitive games or the like. As someone playing for 4 years, MR 27 and 2200+ hours I gladly welcome this intermission. You always need potatoes, forma, and slots for various things. The cosmetics like the Rift Sigil and Gamma palette are great for those (like myself) who never had the opportunity to get them.
  6. Wisp's blueprint cannot be sold despite being a drop from the Ropalolyst. Also Wolf creds seem to still be in our inventories even though they were supposed to expire?
  7. Will relics ever be organized so that they're not so messy and thinly spread?
  8. I feel as if the single death part wasn't the issue since it kept you on your toes. This also opens the door for toxicity since there will always be that one person that screams at you to revive them when they die every other minute. For me, the issues regarding Arbitrations was the pacing. Survival and excavation have a set pace for rotations, however defense and (to an extent) interception's pacing is all over the place. For example: an hour of excavation could give you 12 rewards, but in that same hour you might only manage to get to wave 30 due to a S#&$ map/squad and only get 3 rewards despite the same amount of time (and albeit probably a lot more effort) put in.
  9. Relics are a complete mess organization-wise. Has there been any talk about reducing the clutter and confusion they bring?
  10. Said "tunes" could be poorly tuned beeps, trying to sing snippets of We All Lift Together
  11. Relics are a complete disorganized mess. Once the Infested war is complete, there will be 10 Neo S variants, all of which are completely different from one another. This makes it very hard to remember what is in each relic, and very easy to accidentally misclick a relic during selection. Upwards of 12 new relics are introduced when new Primes are released. Upwards of half of those new relics will get vaulted once that Access ends because they contain parts of an soon-to-be-vaulted Prime. All parts of an Access can fit into 4 relics, one of each era. Each relic could contain 3 Prime Access parts, 2 Evergreen prime parts, and a Forma blueprint. The current rarities of parts can still be maintained in this fashion as well. Vaulted relics cannot be reintroduced because they most likely contain parts of gear that is still vaulted. This forces the creation of more relics for that unvault period and shoves any new relics out of Bounties, which is the best way to farm a specific relic. None of Mesa Prime's relics will be offered as Bounty rewards (excluding Profit Taker phases) because of back-to-back unvaultings. The current Frost/Ember unvaulting is also the first time old relics were reintroduced into the drop tables, but they were made because Frost and Ember never had any relics to begin with. The next time Loki gets unvaulted, he will get new relics because Frost and/or Ember will not unvault with him. If relics only contained parts of the same Access, Vaulting would be simply pulling 4 relics from the drop table, and adding them back when they get unvaulted. Has there been any talk about organizing relics?
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