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  1. this is honestly beautiful and everything i'd want in a summary screen..
  2. Very interesting read, but I do have concerns about the end of mission screen and new mastery borders. People won't admit it but the mission summary is very important and all the information shown is relevant in some way. I would not recommend shoving everything to the bottom (like the abilities screen) in order to have a bright pink Rhino and rainbow vomit Valkyr take up half the screen. Might just be me being nostalgic about the current one, but I feel like that layout could be cleaned up to fit the UI themes and then possibly replace the flying ships with a victorious (or despondent if a mission fail!) diorama of the squad? As for the mastery borders, they seem to be even harder to tell apart the ranks in that style. The current lotus icons evolve every 3 ranks, which is a great and unique way to show our progression through the ranks. I feel as if with the glyph border MR 2 will be hard to differentiate from MR 20. They also remind me of League of Legends and Overwatch's level borders, which imo shouldn't be used as inspiration. I get that the Lotus is no longer with us after... certain events, but the Lotus symbol is such an integral part of the game that it needs to stay with mastery rank.
  3. I seriously love the stance changes. Going between combos is very fluid and lots of fun. However, it seems that some combos got nerfed with the changes. I'm mainly talking about August Maestro from Tempo Royale. The combo used to be the block combo, granted a lot of momentum and a slam attack at the end. Melee phase 2 swapped it with Resplendent Calma, becoming the basic neutral combo and taking away that large leap and slam. Calma is fine as the new block combo/gap closer, but Maestro should be the forward block and have it's leap/slam restored.
  4. I'm going to be very honest... I don't have many good things to say about Grendel. The only thing I enjoyed was the way his challenges were designed, but that opens another can of worms about how mods severely dampen the difficulty of the game. So.... the big boi: The energy drain scaling on Devour is very bad. He'd be a great rage candidate if holding more than 5 enemies completely eats through your energy bar faster than you can get hit. Devouring enemies also animation locks you, which makes you stop everything until you devour all 12 enemies that get in range at time of cast. Obtaining the Nourish buffs is slow and RNG as to which you get first. It should grant all 3 buffs on a single cast, maybe also increase the heal amount as well. Regurgitate doesn't do anything useful from what I can tell. Damage did not seem to be all that great and hitbox is bad when aiming at other enemies. Pulverize is uncontrollable and incredibly frustrating with the external physics control/momentum. It may be fun while rolling down the Plains or Vallis, but using it in regular missions are just unbearable. Only thing I can say is remove the momentum and give us full control. Overall his sounds also make me very nauseous.
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