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  1. When casting Whipclaw while stationary using Khora Urushu's noble animation, the way her body faces to the left causes the animation to go in that direction. Works properly when moving or melee is equipped, but shows when stationary with a gun equipped.
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  3. The mission pacing was fine before, but now it's even better and more aligned with normal star chart missions which is really good! Boosting does feel like it got the short end of the stick as you cannot get the full benefit of drifting. On the flip side, once the mission objective(s) are over there's a good 5-10 minutes of complete (and rather awkward) silence as you navigate the map to look for loot asteroids.
  4. Passive: "Stiching" mechanic - Casting abilities "loosens" the binds holding him together, increasing his damage (up to +100%) while decreasing his armor (up to -50%). 1: Casts out a rope of void energy (with hand attached), latching onto the first enemy hit and pulling them in. Opens said enemy up to ground finishers. 2: 'Repairs' himself by tightening his fastenings, granting health/shield regen while restoring his armor and providing the same amount to allies. Consumes half of current passive value. 3: Detaches up to two fragments of his body that is left at his current area. The fragment taunts enemies and casting 2 'sews' the fragment back on or is returned after the duration expires. 4: (can only be activated with no 'missing' fragments and with at least 25% passive strength) Undoes all of the bindings and scatters himself as high damage projectiles at 200% passive strength. Casting 2 returns him to functional use and resets his passive to 0%.
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