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  1. More Forma put into him and the disconnect between Sevagoth and Shadow is really his biggest hindrance. The investment (both is Forma and time) needed for him is way too much. Sevagoth and his Shadow should have the same polarities and reflect the same Forma polarizations. Affinity for Shadow should also reflect the affinity gained for Sevagoth. Alternatively, Shadow should NOT be reset to unranked if a Forma is used on the form. No one likes ranking up Warframes due to the punishment of losing all your powers, and we have to do it twice as much for him since Shadow is treated like
  2. To me Sevagoth feels like two completely different Warframes in one single entity. You need two different builds, each with their own different innate polarities and therefore different forma requirement. Each form gains affinity independently from one another too, you cannot level Base Sevagoth while in Shadow form and vice versa. Each form's abilities also don't really resemble each other like many other multi-form characters (asides from his ultimate to shift forms). Call of the Tempestarii had this focus of his Shadow wanting to find and reunite with his main body, but his Shadow feels com
  3. TYPE: In Mission DESCRIPTION: Domestik Drones within Corpus Railjack missions instantly kill Clients and/or teleport them back several tiles when destroyed. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Have the clients stand on a Domestik Drone... and shoot it. EXPECTED RESULT: Domestik Drone is destroyed, and possibly drops Repair Kit OBSERVED RESULT: Instant DeathTM for clients. Reviving causes player to fall through the map (sometimes causing another instant death) and respawns on board the Railjack or Capital Ship. REPRODUCTION RATE: Near 100% - Depending on
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