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  1. See I have BL2 on my Xbox XD. oh and your not making me feel any better. I love Warframe too much to rip it off like a band-aid.
  2. GURL DON CHU TALK BOUT MA BORDERLANDS LIKE DAT! Also I get your point they have a decent chance at ruining the game.
  3. Saryn and Nekros are the best. At least to me. Hey look, My troll post attracted more people!
  4. Ember is completely and totaly inferior to Saryn and Nyx. The only cool thing about her is her looks. You guys are going make me regret saying that aren't you...
  5. There is no better. I don't think you understand. I don't like chicks buffer than I am, like Ashley. I don't like chicks that were tight suits so they can flaunt their breasts and buttocks, like Miranda. I Do like chicks who actually behave somewhat like a normal person.
  6. *punches self for forgetting Mordin* Yes, now my mind is at ease. I haven't played ME2 in a while so I forget some of those characters. Legion was cool but calling me "Shepherd Commander" all the time got old. As for the comment above, Tali or Liara. Only two romances worth doing. Miranda had a creepy...um well face....and some interesting ideas, like say, doing what the illusive man says?
  7. Ashley and Kaidan are my LEAST favorite squad members of all time. In the first game, tolerable. Second game, they viciously deny you because of your association with Cerberus and in the third they constantly question my choices until I had them killed! Tali, Garus, and Liara are the only squad members I liked as people. Maybe the Krogans too. Bottom line is that although they are all master crafted characters and all of them were likable at times those three were the only I would actually trust if I were actually there. Them and maybe the Drell guy who's name escapes me.
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