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  1. People will dump hours in a repetitive game mode and burn out willingly as fast as possible if given the option. Same reason players are not given infinite standing cap
  2. Primary element heat. Secondary element then viral.
  3. No point to play mobile if you have access to any other platform of Warframe. I have switch even if I'm out of town so I don't have much use of a mobile Warframe. I can see it useful while at work though.
  4. DE should make a Guardian Effigy or something like it so the Effigy follows us around
  5. Primary: Boar Prime, Soma Prime Secondary: Pyrana Prime, Zakti Prime, Akstiletto Prime Melee: Glaive Prime, Orthos Prime
  6. Then it'd be a better K-drive than the actual K-drives
  7. She's better now but still mostly a very tanky frame with a not so useful K-drive. She has a mediocre theme mediocre abilities and is overall a rather forgettable warframe. Using her K-drive in tight rooms is horrendous and it's the only thing I remember of her.
  8. Very far-fetched theory, the warframe is still on the drawing board and might never leave it. The "make rework not update theory" is also dismissed by DE already noting that it simply doesn't work because people just get bored and leave the game. They will do it in parallel not stopping one for the other.
  9. I concern more about her weak@ss abilities but that's just me
  10. I'd recommend you to just not spend 5 formas on every Kuva/Tenet weapon. It's not worth it both economy-wise and performance-wise. Personally I use rank 8 version of R10 mods, and use 60/60 instead of the 90 elements to get most performance/cost ratio, most weapons will be ready for use with merely 3 polarized slots maybe 4 with a max rank riven. Most Kuva/Tenet are not good enough to dedicate 5 formas outside of the petty MR points.
  11. As one who ain't fond of AoE weapons anymore hugging with players spamming Bramma or Zarr or insert nuke name is anything but fun to me.
  12. It kind of beats the point of having a faction damage mod. If you want to do that just get a base damage/MS riven.
  13. If we have a Hildryn skin that looks like Valkyr in return that would be great
  14. Don't understand why is it not a thing from the beginning. I've been doing Arcana solo only because PUG is next to impossible
  15. Better than purple Lotus, though I'd like to see Ordis joining the RJ too
  16. DE is dense when they are making the weapon variants. They make a third Detron when a Mara variant exists, a third Hek when a Vaykor variant exists, also why Telos Boltor and Boltor Prime exist together? I can't name enough examples...
  17. The Ordis 2.0 in The Sacrifice quest is way cooler. And he calls us chad starchild which is cooler than virgin operator too.
  18. I'm surprised profanity filter didn't censor Ballas from this game because "ball" is considered offensive
  19. They used to take over more planets, allied or not if you don't kill them quickly, which I think fits the lore more than the current practice. But I don't really care because the moment DE make them dispensable enemies they are practically just grunts with different appearances
  20. Someone here posted about a pity system in Warframe and I whole-heartedly support their idea
  21. Regen should just be universal and cooldown-based, say respawn every 1 minute, and also life steal for sentinels on warframe melee attack like the companions.
  22. You SotD a thread just like a true Nekros does, living up to your name
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