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  1. SS was more rewarding in general because of the final reward from clearing a flotilla, the crowds were relatively the same. Also not all events have to be the same. This is still a much faster way to get targeted arcanes than eidolon, at some point you have to meet in the middle. Getting enough points for lavos and ylthe guns isn't that big a grind and then you can farm eidolon for arcanes if you find it so cumbersome. I'm farming it leisurely, there's a month of it to go. Whatever I can get is cool, what I can't there'll probably be another event sometime. If you are time lim
  2. Don't take this the wrong way but the way you wrote that makes it seem like you don't understand how desecrate works, if this is just a case of misunderstanding ignore this part, you know desecrate is a toggle right? you use it to activate and once again to deactivate, unless you run out of energy midway, in which case it'll turn off and you'll have to put it back up. The skill itself procs on corpses around you as long as it already has been toggled on and energy hasn't ran out. That said, I noticed some vaults seem to always have a scintillant for the host. After starting an arcana bounty
  3. I honestly don't have any issue soloing bounties if I need to but I'll do an exercise in understanding people who aren't standing where I am right now. I can imagine the scenario where a player who legitimately has difficulties doing this, and it can be for multiple reasons, but I'll state just a couple. - Missing or not yet comfortable playing warframes and or weapons that deal with said missions easily. - Missing an understanding on how to mod and or how damage types work, etc. A player in these situations will understandably, try to play with others that can ease off and serve as
  4. Relays also appear to be trading stations, controlling supply and trading isn't unimportant in a war, so that could fly as a reason.
  5. I've seen a couple of people bashing for what I would call the wrong reasons. Scott has many positions I wholeheartedly disagree with but people need to take a step back and think as well. No, Scott should not "just shut up". We want the DEVs to talk to us. Even if we think they are wrong we can at least exchange feedback. I agree the hill is dumb, but it clearly looks like a joke. You can argue that it's a bit tone deaf, but if they explain they are looking into ways to improve we should at least concede that much is a good thing and argue on the fronts that need be argued.
  6. DE can just decide to let one blow up to launch another reconstruction event. Which wouldn't be that bad for variety.
  7. It's honestly hard to confirm or deny this. Arguably people are being assigned to a task of balancing new stuff specifically for a mode that the vast majority of people don't seem to care about when a lot of areas in the game need love. (arguably plenty of these areas require a different set of skills so it's not easy to make an accurate assessment from the outside) There are a lot of contradicting arguments in this thread. Which make this extremely speculative. Most people don't really mind it being there if it has no impact on their experience, as long as you don't try to s
  8. @(PSN)guzmantt1977 Most of your response makes some sense. I don't get what having more fishermen in your culture has to do with any of this, but fine. Yes, you can capture weakened monsters, level them to 30 and trade them in for tokens. That's a fair enough alternative to capturing and trading tags.
  9. Except this is a sketchy paralel you're drawing. In the experiment both kids get a reward, the kid chooses to delay gratification just gets a better reward. Most people aren't asking to get stuff for free unlike it's often implied, they just dont want to SPECIFICALLY do conservation. Again, fortuna did it in a better way than deimos. You can choose to speed up your progress by doing it efficiently, or take a longer road and grind it on other venues (Which actually aligns more with the marshmallow experiment). People keep pretending that because they enjoy a side activity everyone else
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