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  1. Well, PC are the unofficial beta testers for console players, a simple solution while maintaining the "beta test" would be PTS servers, and (obviously) PC players get some rewards for testing the latest update
  2. DE mentioned on a devstream, it's not on their plans to add cross platform... yet
  3. It used to be opticor but people realized how good it is
  4. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/218983077-Clan-and-Alliance-Emblem-Creation-Guide Probably copyrighted, even if it's not officially made by the overwatch devs it still has their characters image, if it does get rejected send a support ticket before to see if it will be accepted
  5. When you drop the canister in the fracture it doesn't trigger the event mission Video: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/rylor-threev/video/72456207 No "temporary fix" found, you can let the corpus destroy the canister and pick another canister and drop in another fracture (which shouldn't possible because you need to finish the current objective) or just drop canisters in a lot of fractures, nothing happens. Bug fixed! Thanks [DE]Danielle
  6. Primed intensify IMO primed intensify is more of a "I wanna feel like I'm doing something without equipping one of the corrupted mods" let's be honest intensify alone doesn't do much for most frames Also for everyone saying primed streamline is basically saying remove fleeting from the game, but again... it's my opinion
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