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  1. The mission will probably show up next time he visits a relay, if you have Inaros Prime
  2. No spoilers at all, it's like a defense sortie mission but with Baro walking around a orokin tower defense level during 10 waves of nightwatch attacks. I didn't record the mission but I got some screenshots, will post them when I figure out how to actually post the screenshot, not the link
  3. So you probably know already if you go talk to Baro with Inaros as your warframe he'll have a different dialogue. It seems Inaros Prime also has exclusive dialogues and also a new special mission is available to buy from Baro, it's a 10 wave defense mission that you need to defend Baro from the Nightwatch Grineer (bring Helios) The rewards are a Desert Skate specter, that thing you find during any mission on Mars, and Elixis Latron Shoulder Plate Links to screenshot and videos: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/rylor-threev/screenshot/17786023 (Mission item to buy from Baro)
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