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  1. So I main trinity (yes we exist) and when I play solo I use my abating link build, and just melee everything in my way, if you don't know how abating link works, it reduces the armor of enemies that are linked to you (3rd ability) after a certain amount of strength% the armor reduction is 100% against any enemy no matter how much armor they have, but, the new enemy usually found inside crewships and stations, the space heavy gunner aka officer something (name changes depending of the region) isn't affected by this ability. Does anyone know if this is intended, if it's a bug or something, any other trinity main (ha! You're joking right?) notice this? Video here Well rip, guess I'll need to bring some corrosive to rj missions
  2. I'm a console pleb so can't help you much with references, but I can say that if your macro isn't playing the game for you or cheating then it's fine
  3. Ah this bug, I still have my 2 abominationa I created when this made it to consoles OP maybe you can keep your giant pet, DE might think it's funny, just like when they gave us consoles players a chance to create the abominations I mentioned
  4. Please buff the aksomati prime stats by adding 10 base damage and 8% cc There you go fixed for you
  5. You probably have a weaker lich, the game is spawning that specific lich to "assist" you during a mission so I guess it's their stats + mission level
  6. There's a devstream today and it's about railjack so probably most questions about it will answered today I'm betting converted liches will be part of our crew
  7. Never used her 2 so I thought the memezaw part was to make things easier to create mines or whatever her 2 does to itens
  8. You could use one of the augur mods Just checked my build: Primed vigor (it seems I do have a survival mod) primed flow (used to hate energy leech eximus) narrow minded, intensify, primed continuity, augur message, streamline, hall of malevolence With my simulor I can easily kill anything in a sortie (the secret is the secondary fire) If I had it, I would use augur secrets instead of message There's also -AxHx- vile suggestion, if you're into nuking frames and maming strike
  9. I still use my old mirage simulor build since... way before second dream, my build is just 1 and 3 so, you don't need adaptation because of your clones, actually you don't need survival mods, you already have hall of malevolence, no need for range mods, need narrow minded, constitution is optional, streamline is ok, energy siphon is good, maybe strength mods?
  10. From my experience if you know the first two mods and fail the last the anger bar doesn't reset (MAYBE even if you only know the first the bar doesn't reset) can't confirm since I didn't test it enough but I'm 90% sure it doesn't reset And radiation is the only lich that's actually difficult to kill in rank 5 (can use smite, radial disarm... basically cc abilities that disable your abilities, enable friendly fire, stun...) the other liches are just damage abilities, pick an immortal frame and/or vazarin and GG Usually I can kill my liches after figuring out 2 out of the 3 requiem mods
  11. Got a new lich before seeing this, will test that whenever I can, my multitask is origin cells so my lichs are always born on Saturn, might take a while for me to confirm
  12. Didn't know about these specific spawn locations, I think it's possible to spawn a larvaling in any mission right? Try interception, sentients don't spawn there (if that's the problem)
  13. Where's the fun in doing that? All the chaos and mayhem I will
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