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  1. Oh, so you nerfed my enjoyment of the game... cool. Tbh the game is becoming less and less fun with changes like these. Especially since 50% of corpus enemies are now nullies. idk how much longer i'll play this game at this rate.
  2. Because they have run out of Ideas/gotten lazy. They could be trying out amazing new frame idea, like frames that drop turrets, frames that turn into a different mode, but instead, just rehash old abilities and once in a while add a new-ish idea. There is so much insanity that can be had, but instead, they are just making new frames with older abilities rehashed for them. If they really wanted to they could even make a 4 legged frame, they just don't want to bother when they can simply re-use the same skeleton they've been using for the past 5-6 years.
  3. alright that's a remaster for gas city and a lighting update, now what about updating character models and weapons to look sharper!
  4. Can we get some higher graphics in the future? (high res models and textures and such). the games getting a bit old.
  5. not going to lie, but this chore of an event/alert system reminds me a bit of that massive grand wall anthem had in their story.... thats not a good sign..
  6. wait... so you made it more difficult to turn on a radio.... why? is this replicating anthem where you need 15 minutes just to look at a gun or something?
  7. "they have opinion different from us, lets insult them !" seriously guys, we are trying to be reasonable here by expressing opinions, don't insult people with different views.
  8. yeah, but it changes the warframe's model... its kinda like having a deluxe skin stuck behind prime accessories... plus with them considering releasing a farmable version in the future.... thats going to anger those that buy it with their hard earned money....
  9. yeah screw those that don't want to spend 50 bucks on a helmet we prefer, am i right?🙄
  10. wtf, you locked a alternate helmet behind prime access? wtf, unless there is a way to farm this this a big "screw you guys that like this alt helm" The best move would be to have it at least be farmable....This kind of stuff being only prime access is not a good move.
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