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  1. I usually destroy all 3 engines to disable the ship, shoot it a little bit with a MK3 apoc to reduce it's armor then use Forward Artillery to one shot it. For the shields I use tycho seeker mk3, a couple shots should do the trick (or just one). Also do not use your Forward Artillery on the destroyed engines, it does no damage, shoot the crewship from the front instead.
  2. Oh it only took you guys a month to do the right thing, that must be a record...
  3. I think prices are based on the region. Where I live bundles are much cheaper!
  4. Prime accessories sold for 12.99$ on epic store vs 49.99$ on steam/warframe site. I wanna know if this is a holiday special or the full price.
  5. People should just stop playing iso vaults until they change this. Is there a gamer union we can contact about this (lol)?
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