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  1. Let ennemies destroy it to save the progress. Also sometimes if your warframe dies and you revive, you lose the xp so avoid that.
  2. For the flying a dargyn x distance achievement try creating a new account to do it. (it may take an hour at the most)
  3. Riven disposition of the karyst & its prime version are different (1.35 vs 0.5), that's not a bug. Same goes for kitguns (primary / secondary).
  4. She gets stuck in the mountain in the second phase and you can't complete the fight after that! There are some reports on the forums with screenshots look it up.
  5. Still no fix for the exploiter orb... SERIOUSLY?!
  6. Glitched/stuck in the mountain during the second phase, can't complete the fight.
  7. Why aren't you fixing the exploiter orb fight...
  8. Myxostomata drops cranial foremount + some common fish ressources when cut & can be found in caves during Fass cycle.
  9. We're all in the same boat, also conservation entries are missing from the codex.
  10. The week before valentine's day, so february.
  11. Yep still not fixed, it's the shield osprey that regenerates her shields.
  12. Vapos prod crewman eximus can spawn in the first round of the interception node (not guaranteed). The dropships are still bugged.
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