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  1. (PS4)GreenKin

    (All Platforms) Proxy Rebellion Weekend Event

    Yes! Finally another tactical alert. It's been too long. Thanks DE.
  2. (PS4)GreenKin

    PS4 Octavia's Anthem 20.4.5 Status [LIVE NOW!]

    Wow. I got to say, I was not expecting a new update so soon. And what blows my mind is the thought that this is essential the same build (minus 0.0.1) that PC currently has - the closest i believe I have ever seen the Console builds to the PC build. Knowing that, I think a big round of thanks are in order for [DE]Megan, [DE]Drew, and the rest of the console team for all of their work and effort to give us console players the latest updates as soon as possible. Great job you guys and gals, you have have really streamed lined the updates process. Keep up the good work.
  3. (PS4)GreenKin

    Devstream #90 Overview

    A boss rework? Oberon rework? The return of Immortal skins? And some love for the Machete with a new stance? Today was good day. A very good day.
  4. (PS4)GreenKin

    PS4: The Glast Gambit 19.8.0 (+Hotfixes)

    At last!!! After years of waiting, Mesa finally has her first alternate skin on consoles. Thank you DE! And a big thanks to Faven_PS for designing and modeling the skin!
  5. (PS4)GreenKin

    The War Within [+Hotfixes]

    At last, it's here! Too bad I am away for the weekend, won't be back home until Monday. At any rate - I hope everyone else enjoys the update this weekend. And a big thanks to [DE]Drew and the rest of DE for getting this long, sought-after update.
  6. (PS4)GreenKin

    Bring Back a Renown Pack - You Decide!

    Awesome! Though kind of tough choice for me. On one hand - I missed out on the Excal Obsidian skin, which I still think looks stellar. But I have purchased the recent Azura skin, and feel like I am satisfied with that. And on the other hand - among the other packs, the only other one that interests me is the one with the Liset skin. Well...we'll see what gets picked.
  7. I see what you did there. ;) But seriously, this. The update is coming for us soon, we're already this far along. DE will deliver.
  8. Bummer. Thanks for the reply though.
  9. Nice! Can't wait. Also, any word on if there will be another round of TennoGen items for us?