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  1. As it just so happens, I was recently taking a trip down ol' memory lane with some of my video captures back when I first started playing, and they're chalk full of the old animations from movement 1.0. Can't say that I deeply miss them (especially the stamina bar), but that's not to say I wouldn't mind having some of the things from them back. I could see them doing like a mix of the current animations with the old ones. Or maybe having them separated as different movement sets in the game's options.
  2. I do hope you know that DE actually has given you extra time. This first season of Nightwave was originally supposed to end like last week or so. It may not have been much, but its better then nothing.
  3. And here I was fully expecting this to be another "hey kiddo" topic - I must say, you surprised me. With that said, I remember that some of the other quests show your current warframe at the completion screen. Can't remember if Chains of Harrow is one of them.
  4. Yes! Finally another tactical alert. It's been too long. Thanks DE.
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