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  1. We were on the 2nd Isolation Vault, and I went down an infested corridor looking for the Bonus objective. When I returned, I couldn't leave the corridor as there appeared to be an invisible wall that would let others pass but not me. My attacks went through but I could not get my warframe, operator, or K-drive to move through it. As a side note, forcibly disconnecting my connection didn't prompt me to rejoin the group either, and it would be nice if the Day/Night cycle didn't cover the Ability UI when using Center-Screen Map. (It's even Worse on a Necramech) https://drive.google.com/f
  2. Same problem. Exiting says that it will ask you to pick a reward later, even though there isn't one to pick. Entering the Necraloid standing menu again brings you to a selection of no choices.
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