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  1. This one is the same trailer we saw leaked a few days back, but this person filmed it horizontally and it's much clearer. Not sure if the Youtube uploader is the actual recorder but I'm pretty they were.
  2. So guys I know that this idea has probably already been brought up but it seems like an obvious solution to the Nightwave issue. Why can't we have eternal nightwave creds? Why does each season have to use "new" creds? Why can't the Nightwave offering store always be live? I feel all of this Nightwave intermission/I can't get nitain/where is muh Nightwave stuff would be fixed if DE did the following: 1. Use the same Nightwave creds all year around. 2. Always have the Nightwave store up and available and on rotation. 3. Don't put a "time" on Nightwave; rather just have the 30 tiers like they've always had. Don't tie it "Week 2" or "Week 7" of Nightwave like some battle pass system. Just have it tier-based (which they already kinda did). 4. Don't have "downtime" between Nightwave seasons. Just keep the old season up until the new one comes out. 5. The "new" season should be new "tier" rewards and new stories, but it shouldn't affect our current nightwave creds or the offerings in the store (which are basically the same things all the time anyway). I know DE is already doing a lot of this stuff to an extent. The main thing I'm saying is that DE shouldn't end the previous Nightwave season before the new one can start, and that the nightwave creds should be "eternal" and usable all around in a perpetually available Nightwave store. In essence, I really think that Nora and her "Radio Legion" should operate more like a perennial syndicate with consistently available offerings like the rest of the other syndicates. Except, Nora is special because she has weekly challenges and story episodes and stuff. Perhaps this could even serve to boost the other syndicates eventually. Imagine if, for example, Red Veil had their own story and tier progression system. You can earn standing by doing their challenges and buy their offerings (which are always available) + seasonable tier rewards. That way, people could really engage more with their beloved syndicate and really "work" for them on a daily basis. Now I know this would probably be impractical in terms of DE's workload any player commitment, but you get the idea.
  3. You having same issue with fullscreen being zoomed in because if display settings issue?
  4. Hi all, serious issue here. Some of us play on laptops and such where we set "display size" to 125%. Up till now, when I would launch Warframe it would automatically adjust it and not zoom in on Warframe too. But after this new update, it's not adjusting anymore unless I put my display size back to 100%, which makes all my desktop icons tiny. Again, this only happened after update. Any fixes? Could this be hotfixed? Thanks.
  5. I totally agree with your post sir. I also think the issue with the Itzal > all other archwings (in general) is a symptom of lack of archwing functionality, not a symptom of Itzal's OPness. This is another case of how: The games changes > a current item adapts well to the change, putting every else to shame > that item becomes meta > no uses anything but that item > devs dont like how players only use that item > they try to nerf that item > players protest > the devs fundamentally change the game to accommodate all the other items and pseudo-nerf that one meta item > everyone complains for a while > continued reworks Unfortunately, I don't think K-Drive buffs OR Itzal nerf is going to really fix the issue. The truth is that Archwing has become universally hated by most players, and most archwings have little functionality in the plains (besides Itzal). This is a new issue brought about with the introduction of open worlds, an issue that has not been addressed because no on really complained about it until the K-Drives came out. K-Drives, IMO, are much more fun to ride than Archwings; however, I rarely ride them because practicality > style. K-Drives need to be buffed, Itzal needs to be reworked so that it's not the only meta, and the other Archwings need to be given powers that allow them to provide competitive advantage on the ground. As much as I love the Itzal, I personally find it boring that Itzal is the only thing I pretty much use now for anything practical, and over time I've come to despise it. Perhaps once could argue that Itzal's 1 was a mistake in and of itself, because it added a gamebreaking level of mobility to the game to begin with. Who knows? Let's just hope this doesn't turn into another point of massive contention between the devs and between players.
  6. I definitely agree with the people who don't like how exalted weapons aren't exclusive anymore, aka how you can aim and it just shoots gun. It kinda gets rid of the "exalted" feeling because part of having an exalted weapon out is that it's your one and only weapon. Exalted alone, if you get what I mean. It's esp awkward when dealing with stuff like Valkyr's 4 because it goes in and out of invuln depending on your weapon aim status. Personally, overall, I like how easy it is to execute combos without fully switching to melee; however, I still think that it is possible for preserve the "hold F to go sword alone" while still making it possible to execute combo during quick melee. It's already that way. If melee is out and you hit aim while pressing e, you execute combo. Even the old quick melee could've worked that way too. Also, as clunky as the old "holster before you can shoot" used to work, it helped melee to feel more organic. It made it feel real. Right now, melee feels very fast but cheap IMO; it's great how fluid it all is, and DE definitely got that right, but now it feels like too fluid, almost like it's all meshed into one thingy. IDK if that's what they wanted but having grown up with Melee 2.0, I came to have great respect for the sword alone. Not to mention channeling...OOPH. I know this is Melee 2.9 but ooph, channeling lost all the oomph that it had after it became toggle based. I still miss being able to go full melee and slam left click to unleash my inner devil trigger. Overall, I feel like a lot of the changes are good but that the inability to go sword alone without unequipping everything else + the overly fluid nature of weapon swapping have dampened Melee 2.9's appeal for me.
  7. I personally do not think that any of the Nightwave challenges have been an issue. The only issue I have is the with the "quantity" of the some of the challenges (do "8" bounties, fill "5" ayatans, etc.). Just fine-tuning some of the quantitative aspects, in my opinion, would solve the issue completely. The actual qualitative nature of the challenges is great. The truth is that you will never be able to please all players. New players will complain about not having access to some challenges due to their skill level/completion, while the veteran players will complain about having to do meaningless stuff that only benefit new players. There's no way to please them all. It almost seems like at times, some people just don't like playing the game/are only interested in rewards, and I think that's a problem because it represents an entire generation of Tenno who have an incredibly mercenary mentality. Nightwave still hasn't finished obviously by the time of this post, but I don't think there is an issue with any of challenges. I think you guys (DE) have a good sense of what needs to be done. Nightwave has given me, a fairly experienced player (2k+ hours in the game) a sense of direction. A lot of content I ignored is being brought back to my attention (and enjoyment), which is resulting in me gaining greater mastery of the game overall. I think that the players who are complaining about stuff (esp the 1 hour survival complainers) are just people who are, frankly, lazy. They don't want to get challenged by a game. They don't want to work for anything. They don't want to interact with the community or make friends. They just want to "have fun", whatever that means...the truth is that Warframe is a challenging game, and it is very opaque at times, and it can be frustrating and overly grindy. I still get mad at the game sometimes. There's still certain mechanics/systems that I don't agree with. But that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the sense of challenge. My end point is: DE, keep up the good work. It's important to listen to the community, but please don't listen to the lazies who just want everything to be easy. And don't listen to the jaded vets either who are only interested in endgame content. Keep it balanced; my suggestion is to just adjust the quantitative aspects of the challenges. Make it 3 sculptures instead of 5. Make it 4 bounties instead of 8. Make it 40 minutes of survival instead of 60. Stuff like that. Keep people invested in the core game. And if the core game has grown stale, then improve it. But don't listen to the complainers and naysayers who are only interested in rewards and aren't loyal to/interested in playing the core game.
  8. ^ I agree. Sometimes I want to jump from archwing high up and do like a aim-glide snipershot on the way down. I'm not quite sure while dismounting from archwing is limited to a melee fall, but yeah.
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