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  1. Hi all, serious issue here. 

    Some of us play on laptops and such where we set "display size" to 125%. Up till now, when I would launch Warframe it would automatically adjust it and not zoom in on Warframe too. But after this new update, it's not adjusting anymore unless I put my display size back to 100%, which makes all my desktop icons tiny. 

    Again, this only happened after update. Any fixes? Could this be hotfixed? Thanks. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Lance_Lionroar said:

    On the topic of Archwing issues, can we soon get a way of dismounting Archwings without having to melee attack? It's very inconvenient and causes all kinds of issues with unintentional landings and being stuck in animations. It also potentially wastes a Void Strike charge for those who do Tridolons etc. Why not have a dismount feature just like the K-Drive?


    I agree. Sometimes I want to jump from archwing high up and do like a aim-glide snipershot on the way down. I'm not quite sure while dismounting from archwing is limited to a melee fall, but yeah. 

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  3. I'm going to copy paste the theory I put forth on the Discord here. Excuse the formatting. 

    I'm just going to engage my intuition
    It's pretty clear from the trailer that Umbra is mourning
    Umbra lost someone, the him, its first owner
    I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that its first owner was Ballas
    but Ballas got mindfricked by Hunhow

    now Hunhow is free
    yes he did
    Ballas created the juice that destroyed him
    and this occurred during his Subject 9 test on Umbra
    a sentient powered warframe

    he became its operator
    then got sucked out into Hunhow's mind
    hang on
    let me finish
    NOW Ballas is FREE
    from hunhow
    and he has returned
    LOTUS/MARGULIS is the key to getting UMBRA back
    and HE, BALLAS, his true self, will sacrifice himself
    to save Umbra
    which we will inherit
    this quest is all about Hunhow vs Ballas

    yes Ballas is good
    he was
    but he was also crazy afand his subject 9 test, the UMBRA PROJECT, was his last bet
    his hail mary project
    and he was like
    "I love Margulis and she told me she gonna make these kids warframe pilots"
    "I'm going to beat her to the chase"
    touches the void
    gets corrupted
    "I've never felt such power before!"
    tries to use power to control sentient technology in Warframe Umbra
    Umbra breaks free but Hunhow is sucked away
    now Teshin, Umbra, and us must team up to the save Ballas
    so we can in turn save us from Hunhow's plans
    because HUNHOW got a hold of one of the Umbra variants early on
    guess what it was called?
    the rest is history

  4. Also, I watched all the Ballas cutscenes and trailers (back to the prime ones) and I don't think the dude talking in the Umbra trailer is Ballas in his right mind. Yes, it's Ballas for sure (even the CC for the trailer supports that), but something got in him. It just sounds too much like Hunhow, and I don't think the DE sound team just did that by accident. The tone is the same. 

  5. I think that Teshin will sacrifice himself for us. Why?

    After what he did during the War Within, it was pretty clear that he knew he f**ked up. 

    All actions have consequences. Leading the Tenno straight to the Grineer Queen's trap isn't something we can forgive. 

    Even Teshin himself kinda hinted by his tone that he's gonna have to pay the price for what he did and how he betrayed the Tenno, even though he "saved" us at the end. 

    I know the theories point otherwise but I do think that Teshin and Umbra have a very close relationship. And whoever once owned the Umbraframe...that person will sacrifice himself so that we can acquire Umbra. 

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  6. 18 minutes ago, (XB1)OTF SERENiTY said:

    Reading all of the posts as of late along with the Sacrifice bingo card has me quite anxious and worried. A while ago I said that this quest has the potential to top the second dream and change warframe for years to come. I still feel this way, but something tells me an event will occur that will change something - maybe a very shocking or revealing truth?

    Anything could happen as far as we know, but I’ve got a gut feeling that this quest could definitely do some real “re-optimization” of our thoughts or of what we’ve “known” for years. 

    I agree. I actually have a pretty good feeling about the quest. I think DE will deliver. However, I do think that the quest will leave more questions than answers. And then there's also the issue of what players like me, who've lived for Umbra, will do afterwards. Just like there was pre-SD and post-SD Warframe, there will be the pre-Umbra era and the post-Umbra era. 

  7. Yeah I think The Sacrifice will come before Tennocon. Steve seems pretty serious about it. It's kinda of like with Specters of the Rail if I remember - it's probably gonna be jammed through no matter what and then the Tennocon will be like, half-praise, half-apology for all the bugs but just how great the whole damn thing was. But it won't live up the hype for sure. 

    But who cares? I want them damn scarves and gold trims. Finally I can be a true, authentic edgelord without relying on black, red, and edgy Tennogen skins. 

  8. 2 hours ago, (XB1)EternalDrk Mako said:


    doing a review and overhaul of the main page

    added the twitter and quest requirements for sacrifice 

    Right after DE posted that first list of all the quests that had be done, they took it down from all platforms. They replaced it with this. https://www.warframe.com/news/warframe-quest-guide

    This is the list that doesn't contain syndicate quests. So I guess what we believed before was true? We don't have to do Glast Gambit and all that stuff in order to the Sacrifice. We just have to do the mainline quests. 

  9. 3 hours ago, NuttiKrust said:

    *looks at his 86 day booster* 

    Well, 3 more can't hurt I guess.

    Same here man! I'm like, "What DDOS?"

    *Looks at Prime Access boosters*

    "Nah, I'm good."

    The only thing I lost was 35K focus from a standard 10-wave Hydron, and that was when I was trying to squeeze some focus farming during between server drops. I still did manage to farm about 500K focus over the weekend though. 

    Whoever's responsible for the DDOS needs to pay though. Like for real. 

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