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  1. I never owed primed chamber, bought 4, sold them all for 300-400p a pop. I could get a full set of energize if I want to now, but Im worried that will get nerfed eventually. ... I had alot of duccats. Too many duccats. I am gonna buy the tenocon relay pass so I can do it again later (was gonna do it anyways since I did do it yearly, I like supporting this game) See yall in the Index!
  2. Bust 4 nuts for one prime part on solo could work. To farm one rare thing specifically you would need to farm 4 of the same relic (Imagine if its one of those rare ones) and invest 4x the traces for each run as well. *It would still be more efficient to do squads eitherway* because you will have to use 4 relics for each run on solo instead of using 1 relic for each run in squads. This will also solve issues on farming for a prime part that no one else is actively farming for (usually when hype dies down in a specific prime)
  3. What we need is an intermission for the intermission.
  4. To those defending self damage because the weapon is AoE. Why warframe abilities arent treated the same? What about railjack missles? Void magic?
  5. They are gonna nerf it, they wont care.
  6. No no! They use their "official" translation of other regions into an incorrect region, For example ( I speak spanish): Our region: "Ill take that, thank you! Somebody plant a flag." Spanish:"Dame eso, gracias! Alguien coloquen la bandera." And spanish players will have an english lich.
  7. Grind to instincic 7. Join a pub setient farm team, smash the glass, watch cutscene and get the BP, trade for the parts as they are lowering in price day by day. The hard part is getting that 7 so you can be taxied to veil.
  8. You know how I fixed this issue the... 2 times it happened? By asking. If they dont reply? I fail the mission because as I keep repeating again and again, I dont *need* to do railjack anymore. So ill be happy to ruin a 30 minute run for the afkers. I dont need to neuter my railjack and give my team mates baby guns for some power fantasy of my own. Youre not a viable pilot, you should be expelled by Cy out of your own ship for hindering the mission. Good day sir!
  9. Im more of the "chaotic good" alignment. I stealth farmed and finished the missions solo. Got a stockpile of Quellors and Pennants and made a fortune. You cant call me an exploiter for making the intrinsic farm a tad slower via not aborting. Big brain plays, unless you're banning me for soloing with Ivara? But then they nerfed everything, and Im here sitting with a smile on my face "Atleast I did everything before the nerf wagon, and even then it wouldnt stop me from soloing" Oh and before you say "Amesa spam much?" Ha not really, I used the undying crewships and slowly but surely finished the mission. And I didnt completely cheese either, 8/8/7/8. Could care less for the 10s.
  10. Sure. Then put conclave stuff to be obtainable out of conclave too. You cant have your cake and eat it too. And make universal medallions great again. Note: I play conclave on occasions too.
  11. While the chiropractor is still amazing, a nerf is a nerf, so by definition this threads topic is wrong... if we consider the semantics. Edit: You know what, I'm keeping that autocorrect.
  12. The real challenge is saying your forst word of the day in region chat, because once you say something.... Youll never leave.
  13. Language Misshap: They talk in a different language from another region irl, like spanish, french or japanesse
  14. Well you're wrong! Because... Because... Oh no. Oh no We are gonna need more tennogen.
  15. He should only be able to join via invite if not in the proper MR or requirements, not random pubs. Its called a taxi. We've been doing it since the old solar system.
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