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  1. I think part of the problem is that you're conflating two groups that, while they do have some overlap, are largely distinct from one another. Do you honestly think that 90% of the playerbase religiously follows some youtubers "Best DPS" builds? And that most of those players then refuse to play more than 10 minutes in a single mission? I really doubt that the majority of players are some hive-mind that are copying the "Best DPS" builds; and then following up by refusing to stay in missions longer than absolutely necessary. It is far more likely that you are getting players with d
  2. I was thinking the same thing when I went through the quest. I actually would love to have the primary weapons that the tempestarii was using as a standard weapon and am surprised that they weren't added into the game as well....at least we got a tempestarii skin.
  3. Yes and for one major reason: You can easy round a blind corner in the map, or open a door, and with absolutely zero warning, telegraph, or time to prepare you are instantly at zero shields from a lightnig AOE and your companion is dead. You now have all of half a second of shield gating to either: A) One-shot the drone and pray to rng that you don't have a lightning proc that'll kill your frame unless you start spamming health restores because of high amounts o lingering DOT B) Bullet jump away, hope that you can still shoot at them as you again pray to rng that you don't have a light
  4. Thanks. That was definitely a "surprise" when I finished a void storm mission and was surrounded by the flashing lights and explosions during the entire reward selection countdown.
  5. And how are getting kills with it a "slog and a half"? Even in survival steel path or high level railjack missions the Trumna can kill plenty of enemies fast enough that its never that long before you can use its alt-fire and delete a room of enemies (and if you aim it right more than one room). I would put the primary fire of the Trumna quite a bit above "mediocre" in terms of what it can kill and how quickly. Hek it can take down steel path noxes, steel path Ambulas, and accolytes without much trouble...and those are some of the tankiest enemies in the game. How did you mod you
  6. Another issue beyond the chargeback/stolen credit cards listed above: It would foster multi-accounting like nothing else. After all if I could easily transfer around 75% off coupons what would stop me from having 10+ accounts that exist purely to farm those discount coupons, and then pass them onto various people for real money (or something else)? This would impact DEs bottom line quite heavily, and would just creating a rather nasty second-hand grey market.
  7. I have to disagree that it is too fast, too bright. Lots of newer players I've talked to actually like the spectacle aspect of the game more than the shooter aspect of the game. They were drawn in by the huge bright flashy and fast effects and that's what made them stick around. And you need to define "bad" changes more...there have been some arguably bad changes but that term is so vague and nebulous as to be pointless. Also I am one of the players that asked for finishers on a separate button; and guess what? I do actually use finishers! But you want to know the great thing now?
  8. Except for one huge problem with your idea that Steel_Rook already tried to point out: Your idea does not give a "consistent bonus" from a +DR mod, unlike the current armor system which grants you a consistent increase to EHP for every point your armor value increases. Lets do some math. Say you have a frame with 100 health and 0% DR. It has 100 EHP. You give that frame a mod that has +20% DR. It now has 125 EHP. Ok lets look at a frame with 100 base health and a starting 50% DR. It has 200 EHP. You give that frame the same mod that has +20% DR. It now has 333 EHP. The
  9. Sorry DE tried this when Nightmare was released: it had a possibility of being no map! And it sucked horribly. It was boring, it was tedious, it was repetitive, and it was utterly completely pointless. No one enjoyed it and the forums quite celebrated its removal. Mind you this was back in the day when the maps that generated were much larger than they are now. As in a capture mission without a map could easily take you 20+ minutes to complete because you missed the extraction tile and had to back-track 15+ tiles and go down a different path to maybe find it, and you were in
  10. Except not really. What would be faster (and therefore done much more often/aggressively, even to the detriment of the rest of the squad): -You do a quick 30 second jaunt to a side objective (such as the corpus lootcave) and grab its reward. Its unidentified but you do a quick fail/abort and get back to your drydock with the reward in hand since you keep the reward if you fail/abort. -You do the quick 30 second jaunt to the corpus lootcave, grab its reward. Its unidentified and you finish the mission in its entirety and get the reward since you succeeded. What the playerbase
  11. DE won't allow this for one reason: The player base abuses things to the point it ruins it for everyone else and is disruptive. Therefore they stop you from getting rewards if you abort/fail a mission. A good example of said abuse potentially ruining things for 3/4ths of a squad was the recent change DE made so that you only get rewards from corpus loot caves if you finish the mission successfully. The reason for this? Players would run the corpus loot cave, get the reward, and then abort/force a quick fail. They would keep the rewards and start over rather then finishing the mission.
  12. I agree with you that a change like that would solve some of the issues...but unlike you I have ran into people in bounties that go "Oh I got the stage reward that I was after, I'm out!" and they just leave after the first or second stage in a mission (an example would be how effed the fortuna missions were when star days dropped and people needed Familial debt bonds for the items, and it was faster to run stage one of the tier 5 bounty, abort/fail the bounty, re-run then to actually do the full bounty). Its less common sure, and mostly because the good rewards are behind the final stage of
  13. I was just using examples off the top of my head for a drop that would get some players to just go “OK, got what I’m after im aborting” Didn’t mean to imply that it was those specific resources that caused it. Before U7.8 it was largely rare mods and boss drops (though there were players who aborted once they got the ferrite they needed), but the point still stands and is still decently illustrated through the random examples. After all people back in the day were so eager to abort once they got a boss drop (which combatting abort spam is one of the reasons why boss drops are after
  14. I speak from experience with the warframe playerbase back when mission failures let you keep everything you had up to that point: People abused the hek out of it. Got the one rare resource drop (argon, nitain, rare mod, etc) you needed in the mission? Just abort mission/kill yourself and get it back to your inventory faster than finishing the mission! Got the drop from a specific node, POI, or enemy unit (such as javlock capacitors)? Then abort mission/kill yourself to get it back to your inventory faster then finishing the mission! I mean its the exact reason why DE recently c
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