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  1. If you aren't aware enemy level increases doesn't equate to that much more affinity granted. I mean its more affinity to kill 2 level 4 bombards than 1 level 80. It has always been the case in warframe that the quantity of enemies is much more important than their level.....at least since the "great level crunch" that occurred in CBT. The benefit of hardmode is much higher enemy spawns meaning you get decently more affinity than you would otherwise. I can't wait to see how many enemies hard-mode mot spawns. So? I mean have you not paid attention to how affinity works at all in this game? The density of the enemies is greatly increased, and their level is increased. Due to this the affinity is higher. Is it massively higher? No. Not really. But it is noticeably higher. And survivals in hardmode aren't much harder than normal survivals, especially for the infested faction, and those do give noticeably higher affinity than the normal starchart.
  2. The problem here is that for a vet none of what you mentioned is any good for a vet....unless its something like 10K endo or Kuva. And even then for quite a few players they still wouldn't go for it regularly due to how long it would take in a single mission to explore every tile. And I seriously doubt the rewards would be more than 500-800 of anything...which would render it a waste of time for everyone. I mean would you play a mission for 20 minutes for 800 kuva? Or would you tell anyone going for that reward to just do a kuva mission and get more kuva much faster? The problem is that you just can't get something that both vets and newbies will want as a reward. Eventually vets have enough of it not to care anymore and we are back to where we are now: Vets rushing the missions, newbies slowly crawling every single room. And the downside is sitting in extraction for 20-30 minutes while people slowly comb every single tile and break every box and open every locker in the hope that they didn't miss it. And if they did somehow miss it? Spend even longer as they go right back to the start of the level and slowly comb through every single room all over again...and again...and again...and again until either: A) they find it B) they finally get tired of it in case it didn't spawn in that mission This already happens in syndicate missions and it sucks there if you're in a three man squad and they insist on finding the last medallion on the level...and you're left twiddling your thumbs with nothing to do as you're held hostage in the hopes that they just give up at some point. It would just turn missions into horribly boring slogs and cause so much toxicity. I mean there already is plenty of toxicity between rushers and explorers as is...but now the explorers would just be yelling "You're causing me to miss out on universal medallions and riven slivers!!" meanwhile the vets are just "Who cares?" In the end your idea would do nothing to increase the amount of people that explore tiles in the long run. Sure there would be a short term boost of it but in the long run it would go right back to where we are now. So what would be the point of slowing down the missions that heavily and causing more toxicity between explorers and people doing missions in a reasonable amount of time?
  3. My favorite has to be the Chakkhurr. Not only is it really good, and it rewards accuracy, its the style that goes into it. Its nicely modeled, has the black powder aesthetic, and for me I love the reload animations and its variations. Honestly any of its reload animations are the best in the game IMHO and I wish more guns had detailed reload animations that were even half as good. For sidearms its either the Nukor, simply for its ease of use and power, or the Brakk because I just like the Brakk.
  4. Except that it would be horrible for everyone involved, both the PvPers who want to be there and the PvEers who are "forced" to be there for nightwave standing. People wouldn't hop in and suddenly go "Oh this is amazing! I want to play more of this!" they would instead go "Ok, I need X kills or Y points...lets try to set this up with the other team so we can just boost through this challenge and be done with it..." and be completely hostile to anyone who doesn't want to join in with the boosting and instead actually wants to actually just play the mode like its designed. Or if it was just "Play X matches" they would sign in, and then basically AFK it and not really play at all because why bother? They aren't there to win they are there to get the nightwave challenge done. Who cares if it annoys their team and causes them to lose. Who cares if it annoys their opponents who wanted a fight and are instead left going against an AFK player. They aren't there to play the mode, they are there to get the matches done so that they can go back to PvE. And if it was "Win X matches" then they would start boosting it and being utterly hostile to everyone who doesn't want to boost. And if you doubt this would happen...well it already did back when DE had a few holiday PvP events for ship decorations. As in things that pretty much no one will ever see outside of the player who earned them. It was filled with AFKers and boosters everywhere that pretty much ruined the game mode for the people who actually wanted to take part in PvP and have fun. The vast, vast majority of people "playing" conclave at that time wasn't there to play conclave and fight other players, they were there to get the points needed for a ship decoration and that was it. They didn't care whose time they wasted. They didn't care if their teammates or opponents wanted that type of match. And why should they? This idea wouldn't solve anything. It would just make everyone miserable.
  5. You mean so undodgeable that if you get closer to the Jackal you can walk at the same pace as the walls and never get hit as long as you pay attention to what direction the walls are moving in? So undodgeable that you just need to pay some attention to the game. And not even a ton of attention. Just what direction is the wall moving in and thats that. I have never had to go into kid mode to avoid the death walls, and I've done every sortie with the Jackal in it so far. Yeah, they should just make pets immune to the death walls like they are immune to most of the void traps...pets just aren't smart enough to avoid it and it just makes it too impractical to bring a pet into that fight because its not a "if it goes down" but a "When jackal does his first light wall they will go down".
  6. I'm pretty sure you would win that bet actually....I mean I'm definitely sure I've seen a dozen or so of these "modular" warframe ideas before PoE was even talked about on any devstream. Like so many before you. And this would be broken as all hek. I mean people think the catchmoon was OP and overused? There would be such a limited number of versions of this frame that would be used it wouldn't be funny. Everyone would be running the exact same frame with the exact same build and trivializing content even harder than we do already...and what would be the point? This is just catchmoon 2.0....except far, far, far worse. Especially because DE couldn't just nerf the abilities without potentially ruining the frames that they come from. There would be absolutely no way to realistically balance something like this. It would just be a nightmare.
  7. I can verify this. Tested with an alt-account. If you level a catchmoon it doesn't matter if it was a primary catchmoon or a secondary catchmoon, its still just one item: Catchmoon. It only grants mastery one time regardless of how you level it. It's just like if you make a BALLA strike into a dagger, level it, and then make the BALLA strike into a stave...you don't get mastery a second time even though it belongs to a different class of weaponry, you only get the mastery the first time because its just one item: the BALLA strike.
  8. I see a few other problems with this idea: -It would kill long runs even harder. After all you equip your relics, you crack them in under 5 minutes....and then you leave to re-equip more relics meaning that staying beyond 5 minutes is utterly and completely pointless. -Things would move from survival to ESO, after all unless the affinity requirements where stupidly high you could crack a full set of relics with just a single 2.5 minute section of ESO, and if not that then getting the first reward would definitely hit that point. That is unless the affinity required to crack a relic is very close to what it takes to 0-30 a weapon...in which case ESO becomes the only viable option for cracking relics without going through mission after mission after mission, taking 3-5 missions for a single relic crack. -How would affinity going to relics affect focus gains? Would you just have to decide "Ok, I'm going for focus meaning I can't crack any relics until I'm done...." -How could you tell if someone else has relics equipped, let alone of the right type? As it stands its fairly easy to see what relics other people have put up for the mission...it would be much harder if it was just silently equipped.
  9. What do you mean? Founders have (up to) 3 things: -Excalibur Prime -Skana Prime -Lato Prime Depending on what tier of founder they are will determine what they have. Hunters have Excalibur Prime (enough to get to MR29 if they have 100% of everything else that grants mastery in this game), Master has Excalibur and Skana, and Grandmaster has all 3. So if you paid 250$ when the game wasn't guaranteed to last beyond a few months (and looked completely and utterly different from the game we have today) then you have 12,000 mastery more than other players can get. It has nearly always been founders that hit the next MR before everyone else, outside of times when people were close enough that a large update dropped enough mastery for non-founders to also reach the new MR level. I've had these items since literally day one of the founders program...and you would want to take them away because its not fair that I can have barely more mastery than you? I mean if you don't look at "exclusive" mastery (items retired from shops, event rewards, nightwave rewards, vaulted prime items) I only have 0.663% more mastery than a non-founder. Its so small that its a complete non-issue. Also finally: What does it matter that we hit MR29 before other players did? How does that dramatically affect the warframe experience? Why does a number on another players profile affect your game experience in any way?
  10. Do you really want Gradivus Dilemma back with its requirement to do 100 invasion missions for the reward? Or would you be one of the people complaining that it is far too grindy.... I mean the entire reason Gradivus dilemma existed was to introduce invasions, and they wanted players to run it to death to make sure things were working correctly...so to get the reward at the end you had to 100 invasions. Further if it didn't have a decent reward every time it came back people would just be yelling up a crap-storm that its not worth the time to bring back...just like they do with Fractures and Ghouls. My main problem with this is that you render half of the invasions utterly pointless. Why would you ever side against the grineer if you already have the all of the Brakk parts and BP? They would just become immediately worthless...and without any grind at all to make them utterly pointless and annoying. I mean pretty much the only reason people run invasions, outside of the reactor and catalyst ones, is to get marked by an assassin token...and this completely and utterly removes the need for half of the marks before you even start using the invasion system.
  11. +1 for this simply because then I would actually have a way to encounter a thumper without spending 20-40 minutes skating around the map in circles with 2 friends hoping that a thumper actually manages to spawn. And yes, we were following "optimized" routers and came across nothing but grounded dargyns. I mean seriously the last time there was a nightwave for it it took over 30 minutes of running around the map before it spawned...and depending on how RNG treats you, you could spend more than an hour aimlessly running around and unable to do anything but pray to RNG that it spawns. There really needs to be a way to guarantee that a thumper spawns so that you aren't left purely to the whims of RNG that may just not spawn a thumper for an entire day period.
  12. The biggest problem with this: How many enemies in the game deal cold damage? I mean there are cryo barrels in Corpus missions, glaxion capture targets, first half of lech kril, LN2 hyena...and that's about it. Not even frost eximus units deal cold damage. So what would a resistance against cold damage give you? Meanwhile what enemies do fire damage? Flameblade, scorch, napalm, sargas ruk, lech kril, hyekka master, ambulas, fusion moa, hyena ng, corrupted moa, corpus gas city traps, and arson eximus units that can appear in any faction. This list also contains some of the heavier hitting enemies in the game. A malus against these enemies would actually hurt you a decent amount.... So how would this be balanced in any way, shape, or form? It would only cement Frosts role even harder into defense missions...and even there it would punish him with absolutely no benefit. Hek, you could leave out the resistance bonus and make it purely negative and no one would notice a difference at all. Fact is that there simply isn't enough variety among the enemy damage types available to actually make something like this balanced. And I don't see this changing all that much soon.
  13. Because that would look ridiculously bad maybe? Baro only brings items that he has had before, and no new items, so that DE can't be accused of locking new items behind a pay wall. And it would look really crappy if Baro had a few new items...but you could only get them if you paid for special access with no other way to get it. They do that so that the tennocon relay is largely a "get something you may have missed" type deal instead of a "Have access to new things that you can't get otherwise!" One is obviously Pay-to-win, the other is mostly decent and fair. If you want the glaxion vandal you have to: -Wait for another round of drops on twitch or the like -Wait for it to come back in a later event/game-mode
  14. Few issues with that: -What tiles are big enough to handle K-Drives speed? I mean just think of how crappy it would be to constantly hit walls and ping off in a ragdoll (that they still haven't implemented a quick way to get up from) because it would simply be way too hard to control the movement speed. Hek people have problems controlling Gauss' speed in normal missions so how would they handle k-drives? -What doorways are big enough for someone on a K-Drive to get through? -What tile in the game is clean enough that you could actually navigate through it without being immediately knocked off of your board? I mean there are still problems of being randomly sent flying from your board going across flat terrain in the OW maps...and normal tiles are just so much denser and cluttered with random objects that stick out. Basically the normal maps simply aren't designed for it. They are too small, too cluttered, and the respawn ceilings are way too low.
  15. Three things: First is that recruit chat exists. So try using it. I can guarantee that a few people would be willing to host this. Second is that it is super easy to stock up on thermia. Hek I havne't done thermia fractures since the very first time that it came out, so I could get the Vandal weapon, and I still have tons of left over thermia to use to start the fight. And I have faught exploiter quite a bit so its not like I have just never ran it between the first fracture event and now. Third is that if you miss the challenge this week: Who cares? You can always use the catch-up mechanic to get it back and do it when the fractures become available again....and maybe you can stock up on some extra thermia while you're at it. Its not like getting a stockpile of thermia takes that long.
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