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  1. Except for one problem: Say someone starts a witch hunt against a player. They start saying "Hey DrivaMain is a troll/cheater/etc. Blacklist him so he can't join your group!" and it picks up traction. You could be completely innocent and they just didn't like something about you, your frame, or whatever else. Suddenly you are unable to be able to be grouped with people because now you have a bad reputation and people are just adding you to their blacklist because a post on the internet said you were bad to play with. How are you supposed to fight that? And all it takes is one person disgruntled enough to start it and it will spread. This just creates the problem of witch-hunts that block players from joining most missions because if even one person in the squad read that post and blacklisted you then you can't join them.
  2. I really don't see the purpose of this. Most missions are completable in 5 minutes or less, and the missions that take longer are generally in premades where this problem is far less by virtue of being a premade. There isn't really a point to doing this as how much time is a leech or afker actually costing you? All this does is open it up to trolling and frame discrimination. Do you know how many players would just vote to kick a limbo as soon as they join a group? It would just create more toxicity and problems than it would solve. To many people would just vote-kick when someone is: Underperforming, overperformning, chose the "wrong" frame, someone doesn't like their colour choice, and so on. It just wouldn't work with our community.
  3. Fae Path is easier to get: Enable 2FA and you get it. With this you still need to complete enough anomalies to get the shards, which means being on when the anomaly shows up. And I doubt you really suffered for it. I knew people who got it in 3 or 4 runs without much effort. It was pure luck, not effort or grind. Now it actually takes a defined amount of time to get instead of pure RNG BS...and it also cuts down on the people who would rush the anomaly, not get the drop, and then immediately abandon the mission. In the end this is better for pretty much everyone.
  4. So basically asking for tons of un-necessary power creep that turns every weapon in the game into a kuva weapon/paracesis leveling slog? How about no. We don't need the power creep, we are already way to strong as it stands. Further we don't need every weapon turning into a "Hey level this weapon X times to get all of the leveling out of it!" Forma already gives you more capacity, you don't need more-more capacity from each one you put into a weapon.
  5. Boosters as login rewards, and rewards from rare caches, serve one purpose: To get you to play. After all they go "Look, have double resources for the next few hours! Better play to make use of it!" though once you get high enough in logins it comes out to 2 full days of booster when you log in so there is slightly less pressure. As to the main point of your request: This would be a massive nerf to boosters. For example someone gets a 3 hour booster and plays the game. They get a large pile of mats from a variety of sources. They could do railjack, they could do ODS, they could do any mission, and best of all: They can combine them! With your idea though? Here's 3 random mats, one rare one. Hope you didn't want any of the resources that you just weren't lucky enough to get.... Then there would also be the problem with efficiency. I seriously doubt that the amount of resources or affinity or credits would match what a player could do in a moderately decent farming setup. I mean for mats do you calculate the amount to give the player vs a random mission run? or an endless run with a nekros in the party? For affinity do you do a level 20 mission on the starchart? Or running deep into ESO? especially if the player isn't leveling anything and needs the focus instead of just a pile of affinity? For credits do you count having a chroma in the party? Or the secura lecta weapon? This would just be a massive nerf...and for no actual gain. It would even hurt DE because of what boosters aim to do: When you login and get a booster it encourages you to play it, or you will lose it. That is very intentional. This removes that push to play, which isn't good for DE. I prefer the larger blocks of booster time to in-mission time. After all if they changed it to being purely in mission time then they would have to cut down the duration by 90% or more. I mean could you imagine a 30 day booster if it only counted down in mission? The larger numbers are much more flexible and easier to manage.
  6. Ahh yes, slight mistake on my part..though TBF crawlers took only 1.5x damage which muddied the waters a bit since crawlers weren't "light infested" units back in the day, which is actually another difference with Bladed damage: Bladed damage dealt 3x damage to walkers and crawlers as well! But not chargers, while serrated blade dealt 3x damage to walkers and chargers but not crawlers. And remember that Physics Impact damage ignored armor unless the target was a Seeker, Commander, or Roller which just further confused things on the damage you were going to do! Damage 1.0 was so hard to keep track of and I'm surprised that we were able to adapt to the system so well back in the day and actually complain about the damage changes when they made the great switch. I'm glad the system was simplified the way it was otherwise this game would be so much harder to figure out.
  7. Ahh, the "good old days" of serrated blade damage. Double damage to light infested, and ignores armor. Made the flux rifle one hell of a weapon that could actually hold its own. Though there was armor piercing damage that came in Mod form so that any weapon can have some damage that ignores damage. Also brings up a few other questions: How will this impact Frost? His snowglobe depends on his armor for its health calculation so what happens if his armor get depleted? How huge of a nerf will this have to players in long survival runs if armor doesn't regenerate? Especially for frames like Inaros or Nidus that don't have shields sitting ontop of their armor? Even Valkyr would be hit extra hard since she has low shields and high armor so she can be an "in your face" type frame and yet her armor would just be stripped away, and fairly quickly at that. I mean a Valkyr has around 2300 armor for a lot of builds and that wouldn't take that long for it to be stripped away and leave her rather defenseless. Further how would it work with Warcry? That grants 50% bonus armor for a duration (unless you have eternal war) so how would that work? And it would actually make eternal war a direct detriment to you since you lose the ability to recast warcry while its active... How would it work with scarab swarm which grants 100% bonus armor? Would that just tick down as well? I think that you need to sit down and seriously think of how this will impact players and what it means for the different frames. I mean you have to consider what this means for frames who specialize in stripping armor...now that armor is kinda pointless with your idea and can be stripped by anything rather quickly and for free. I mean why bring a frame with an augment to strip armor when you can just do that far faster, and without a cost to your frame build or energy, with a gun? You also have to consider what this means for abilities that are based on armor, and general player survivability. Plus its a good thing IMO that armor and shields work differently. If they didn't why bother having both when its just redundant? Why not just have shields and shields?
  8. And yet there are tons of players with way more forma than that. I went into the lich system with around 150 forma because of how common it is, and I have multi formaed nearly every weapon in the game. The forma is not a money grab. We need more forma sinks honestly. There simply isn't a way to get rid of all of them faster than you can accumulate them. As to your idea: We don't need a stupid amount of power creep like this. The kuva weapons are already better than the base variant and we don't need more pointless power creep upon power creep. And your "trade-offs" aren't really "trade-offs", nor do they really change how the weapon functions, and yet you decide to have the trade-off for the ogris be a complete nerf while others are a complete buff....who would choose to toggle a setting that is a 100% nerf for some of the weapons, and who wouldn't choose to toggle the option that is a 100% buff for other weapons? I mean that's like saying "Well, damage mods are optional!" especially in the case of the karak change.
  9. And yet if I took an Inaros into a mission along side a perma-invis loki with a bleeding key equipped then my Inaros is leveling up slower. And quite a bit at that, purely because he's tankier. Sure from an objective standpoint inaros is leveling up just like today, but that's not how anyone would actually see it. They would see having a tank frame being actively detrimental to them. It essentially becomes a punishment for playing tankier frames. Further having it be like you described creates a boring and annoying meta: One person in the squad makes the lowest HP possible with a Bleeding dragon key and kills everything. No one else does anything but absorb damage for them and distract the enemy with CC. After all any kills the non-squishy frame makes punishes the rest of the squad with lower affinity gains! Doesn't really sound that fun or healthy for the game.... Except not really. How does this make the game any harder for a group of invisible Loki's with bleeding keys equipped? Or any defense mission of super low frames paired with a Frost? Neither of those situations become any harder from this change, they just get massively more affinity and for not accepting any more risk or challenge or possibility of failing. And to the average player, and especially to incoming new players, it looks like playing a tanky frame is going to punish you because you'll level slower, not that playing a squishier frame is going to be rewarded.
  10. So basically: If you like playing a tank frame enjoy leveling up slower! Meanwhile an invisible loki with a bleeding dragon key will level up super fast and for no added challenge! This just makes frames like Inaros and Nidus a detriment to play. After all if you enjoy those frames then you are just going to get less affinity because they are tankier. Also leaves some frames like Rhino in an odd position since his IS would break the formula. Bleeding key and decaying key wouldn't negatively impact him, yet would still lower his health pool meaning he would get more rewards. How about we rework shields to be more relevant instead of punishing people for playing tanky frames?
  11. So how would mastery work? How would there be any progression at all? I mean you're basically saying "Hey, lets remove any sense of progression completely! and replace it with absolutely nothing! Surely that's the best thing for a game!" What would replace the leveling to provide a sense of progression and improving? It would make the system far duller and more boring to go "Whelp here's what it is, it never gets better, and you won't get more options as you progress since there is no progression!"
  12. How would it not ruin the game economy? I mean if I could buy a riven for a weapon I want with +Damage +CritDamage +Multishot with a meaningless penalty like -Recoil or something like that what would be the point of buying rivens from other players? Hek, what would be the point of earning a random riven? And at that point it would be way too much P2W, especially since you wouldn't need to worry about rolling low on the riven values. This would be a stupid amount of P2W and power creep. So basically nearly every online game with trading are P2W then by that definition....I mean there are tons of games where if I want something I could trade them currency, or buy a valuable stand-in item from the market and trade it to players, for the item I want....Which even if games don't allow for direct premium currency trading its not hard to find an item from the shop that you can buy with premium currency to trade to other players as that is usually something set up by the players fairly quickly. I just have to disagree that being able to trade with other players make something P2W, especially when you can go out and earn your own Arcane Grace, and without too much difficulty (I've done it twice), or trading other arcanes for pieces of a grace you need to finish a collection.
  13. Except that it wouldn't be challenging. I mean what could a MR. X do to us? We have so many options to utterly trivialize any potential threat that it doesn't matter what you do, it will never be a threat to us players. At worst its an annoyance that shows up and causes insta-fails of MDef or Def missions. That isn't really fun or challenging though. Here'e the thing: You make a literally unkillable enemy to chase us around? We'll just use magus lockdown and move on faster than it could ever hope to catch up and do the mission. Nothing "hard" or "challenging" there, just an annoyance that makes you go through a mission a little bit faster. And even if we don't get away then we have frames like Valkyr or assimilate Nyx that just ignores it completely. You make it fast enough to catch us and one-shot us regardless of abilities and other things? Well that's not any fun either. Nor is it challenging. Its just a random "Here, eat a cheap death!" and even then we can completely avoid and cheese it with our kid-mode and magus lockdown rendering even that utterly hopeless (and for zenurik users the void blast slow works on everything so it would work here) In the end you're just asking for a slow, avoidable, bullet sponge that doesn't do anything and offers no actual threat or challenge to us. At that point what's the purpose of adding it in? DE tried something similar with the Wolf where it was so tanky that it was just better to ignore it...and that's what players did. THen they added in goons that could one-shot the majority of frames and people still ignored it. The wolf was never a threat, it was just a random annoyance that you dealt with long enough to get the sledge and then completely ignore afterwads.
  14. As others have dsaid: It doesn't matter if the target is with you, as long as you reach extraction before they die you will succeed in the mission even if they are on the ground bleeding out as you do reach extraction. The fastest and easiest method to finish the mission is just to dash straight to extraction and ignore everything along your way. Its a bit misleading with Lotus telling you that you can't leave the hostage behind, but they made the target reaching extraction not required exactly because of pathing issues like this, or something else happening to the rescue target that would prevent them from moving (such as something clipping them into or behind objects that they can't get around). Normally its not a problem as the rescue target will pick a player (generally the one closest to extraction but not always) and teleport to them to keep up, again to avoid pathing issues and other glitches.
  15. Not really. I mean 40 minutes into a survival against say infested isn't much harder than 20 minutes. It just takes 20 minutes longer. Same with an hour in. Or two hours. That doesn't really make the mission any more difficult, unless you count having to deal with host migrations becoming more likely, or finding an AI safe space for taking a bio-break being "difficult play". The only thing this idea would do is go "Well you can get this item if you spend 3 hours in the same mode no-lifeing it! Better hope you don't need to take any breaks!" DE has stated a few times that they don't want to do this, beyond that it just encourages unhealthy behavior. Beyond that its as Voltage has said what DEs stance on the matter is. I would rather not. Spending 3+ hours in a mission just to ensure that you maximize your gains isn't fun. Its just tedious, boring, and essentially is punishing people who can't sit in the same mission staring at the same tile for 3+ hours with absolutely no chance to take a break. Its honestly a good thing DE isn't rewarding long duration runs like that anymore.
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