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  1. Please read the guidelines before posting, especially section 6. But TL,DR: We can't help you, the forums can't help you. If you have a problem with moderation please use the support site to report it, with proof to back up your claims, instead of bringing it to the forums to stir up trouble and cause a toxic fight.
  2. And what happens once you do the raid and have all of the rewards from it? Oh yeah...its no longer content and you need more content because the game isn't creating enough new content for you to replay endlessly! And just saying "Bu-b-b-b-but raids!!!!" isn't really answering the question...especially since most peoples problems with content in this game is that they have what they want, or they have it all, so nothing is worth doing. That happened back when we did have raids/trails. People got what they wanted then complained that there wasn't any content for them to do. So please elaborate on how you would make truly replayable content that you, and most of the other people demanding it, would agree is "content".
  3. So if I'm playing a nuke frame, or a frame like Saryn, with AoE weapons I could get people marked AFK and cause them to lose rewards? Such a great idea! /s Basing anything off of kills would be stupid with the amount of frames we have that can wipe content well beyond sortie level before anyone else even has a chance to see the enemies. Besides that though all of your "rules" and ideas for this have so many caveats as to make applying them...rather difficult to say the least. So many cases of "Well we can't apply the AFK-to-kick rule here...or here...or here...or here...or here...." which makes me wonder, honestly, what would be the point when you can't apply the rule to a large part of the game? So basically never? Since even the most ardent leechers and afkers move enough to bypass the AFK detection in the game? Again, what would be the point when it would never come into use? It would just be a massive potential for something to go wrong and to give people the ability to kick regardless because of a faulty detection and force other people to lose rewards with absolutely zero recourse. That's rather high and mighty of you...thinking that the only people to disagree with you are AFKers or leechers...what a great way to start a conversation and idea! Immediately discredit every other persons opinions and ideas if they disagree with you because they must be an AFKer or leecher when there are honest points against your idea. Hopefully not. And it's not really that "badly needed". Look, I could understand if the missions lasted 10 to 15 minutes each at the minimum and ramped up from there...but considering that the vast majority of missions don't even make it to 5 minutes before they are over...what's the point? The missions honestly don't last long enough for a leecher/afker to even really be noticed let alone affect the mission. Another good example: PayDay 2. So often have I been vote kicked out on the last day of a multi-day heist with little to no reason...such as "We wanted our friend in the mission..." or even just a "Lol...thanks for the work you did!" Vote kicking would be a far worse problem than afking...
  4. I really wish that the people demanding "more content" and "actual endgame" would actually, you know, define the terms and what they mean to them. After all, content and endgame can mean many different things to people...as evidenced by the OP how most of the gear and leveling (the basic premise of this game) isn't "content"...somehow. And yet they yell and demand "I want re-playable content and endgame" without even the slightest hint or idea of what that would look like.
  5. To be fair there will never be enough "sustainable content" (however you define it) with how quickly players go through content. And its not just warframe that has this "problem" Nope, the "daily" challenges in nightwave were always on a 3 day rotation, even during season one. Except that syndicates have absolutely zero FOMO....I mean nothing has really changed in the syndicates since they first launched and I don't see that changing anytime soon. So what is there in the syndicates to miss out on? What needs to be now that you wont' be able to get later? Oh yeah...nothing... Maybe you shouldn't misuse terms like that and base the core of your argument around it. Further: Daily players numbers are much more important to a game like this than weekly/monthly. A game like this lives and dies based purely on daily players that return day after day after day. It doesn't matter if you're game is played by a lot of players one or two days a week and is utterly dead the rest of it...in order to thrive a game needs consistent player numbers. Maybe you should do some research into various metrics for games.... Oh yes, another argument that immediately goes to "BUT WARFRAME IS A DIEING GAME!!!!!!!!!" with absolutely nothing to back that up on, and plenty of data that points to quite the opposite. And sure casuals don't have much time to play teh game...but most casuals can play the game daily, or nearly daily. Its a minority that don't/can't spend time every day playing something that they enjoy. And how is it predatory? Especially since most of what you can get out of syndicates can't be bought? Also there isn't a way to increase caps or bypass them by paying money....hardly seems predatory to me. So since you can't articulate a solid argument of why Daily caps are bad you default to demanding that we argue that weekly caps are bad. How about this: -It wouldn't really change anything. If the standing caps are the same then the time spent getting them would be the same...so what would a "casual" person get out of it? -It would stand a chance of hurting player retention, which is vitally important for a game like this. How about you actually provide a solid argument of what is so bad against daily caps? And please don't go "But FOMO..." because that's just an utter misuse of the term as you aren't really missing out on anything as you can do syndicates at literally any time at your own pace and won't miss out on anything if you don't max your syndicates right now compared to 3 weeks down the line.
  6. Except that, in case you weren't aware, that is not how most cheating is done...especially in online games. People don't change their local files and then launch the game, they attach a process to the memory that the game is using in order to view and modify it as they are playing...which results in exactly zero file changes while allowing for things like health to not be depleted because the health value in memory stays static. Except that DE doesn't ban "all who use third party programs" in the least. They have confirmed, multiple times, that overlays as well as programs like ReShade are perfectly allowable and fine. Obviously some tools are banned because they could be used to cheat, but others are allowed on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Maybe if it had some variation in what was happening it would have been a lot better. I mean you do it once, let alone the minimum 4 times, and that's pretty much it...you've seen it all and done it all. Since everyone is the same there just wasn't any variation or reason to come back, outside of the rewards. It got stale. There wasn't any choice to go "Maybe this time I'll go as a long range sniper" or "I'll go as a slow AoE" or anything like that. It was just "Here, do the exact same thing without any variation (not even in tileset) for 7 hours to get the rewards..." It dragged on worse than even the standard gameplay because of how limited and small it was, and how they stripped away any meaningful choices, builds, or differences. At least in standard gameplay you can change weapons or frames or playstyles. Dog days though? None of that. Who needs more than one weapon and one character? Even the different difficulty levels had no real changes to them. It was honestly hard to tell what the difference was in the enemies between the first and fourth mission... So yeah, it was fun for a little bit. Then it became a fairly boring slog.
  8. This is my thoughts on it as well. People started to heavily AFK farm the convicts in PoE and Vallis once they figured out they could spawn over and over again in those maps. DE wants to avoid that situation...otherwise I'm willing to bet that there would be people already past rank 30 in this nightwave. They're meant to be a small bonus, not the main source of reputation like how quite a few people treated the convicts in season one.
  9. I see it as less of a buff and more a needed QoL. I've had ash players with absolute minimum power strength just casting BS on the same target over and over and over and over again, not killing it, and not letting anyone else do the killing either. Gets rather annoying rather quickly in a defense mission.... It gets super annoying, especially if said target is an ancient disrupter or healer, doubly so if they are an eximus variety. Right now BS is nearly a troll tool only...and that's the problem with it.
  10. Compare a solo match to a random pug. In a solo match I can get 30-50 kills no problem. In a random pug? If there is a bad KSer that can drop my total kills down to 10. At that point I'm getting less pearls doing the mission in a random group then just doing it alone....
  11. And that is already happening! You hut an enemy down to around 5-10% health and someone swoops by and hits them once killing them and they get all of the credit while you get absolutely nothing, even though you just did 90-95% of the work! And it still solves the problems of leechers as they actually have to put in all of the work to tag the enemy at least once to get credit for it...and meanwhile removes the problem of a KSer in the group taking all of the credit, and therefore all of the rewards, from everyone else. But DE could honestly go "You have to damage/buff/whatever X seconds before the enemy dies to get credit" to make sure they don't just go through an area and fire a weak AoE at everything which they then get credit for when an ally comes through 40 seconds later, and it would still be miles better than just "You got the last hit? Well you get all of the credit, even if you only ever did a single point of damage!"
  12. I agree with this statement. The hotfix definitely turned the event into a solo only thing. The one match I did public we ended with 130 kills, and I got credit for 10 of them due to rampant kill stealing. Meanwhile another member of the team got 80...and I seriously doubt that he did all of the work in that match. A co-op game should reward co-op play. Not make it actively detrimental to your goals because one member of the team is a kill stealer.
  13. Same here. Before the hotfix I played largely in pugs and it was fun. I didn't mind getting leechers because oh well. Now though? I just do it solo because if I don't all my kills will be stolen and I won't get any rewards. I mean in the one match I did public the team got 130 kills. I got credit for 10 of them because one member was rampantly stealing kills from everyone else....he had 80 kills total and I doubt that he did most of the work there. Leechers are no where near as bad as kill stealers in events like this. I would rather come across a leecher every mission than have every kill stolen. The change they mad turned the event into a solo only, because as it stands right now playing with other people is actively detrimental to gaining pearls. In fact if your'e playing with other people you might as well just AFK, you won't be gaining many less pearls than people who try to participate if there is a KSer in the group...
  14. Fully agree here. I gave up on doing public Dog Days after the first match I did after the hotifx because I was just left going "What's the point?" The team managed to kill 130 enemies...and yet I only got credit for 10 kills because my kills kept getting stolen at the very last moment leaving me with absolutely nothing. Meanwhile another member of the team got credit for a full 80 of the kills...and I doubt that he did most of the work. At that point why even bother participating when it won't actually speed up the process of getting rewards all that much beyond what an AFKer could do? It makes playing the event in a group actually detrimental to how many pearls you get. I could do it solo and easily get 30-50 more pearls for the five minutes I'm spending in the event....or I could go into a group and actively participate and come away with 10 because someone kept stealing all of the kills.
  15. Better weapons? Eh? Not that much? An MR5 gun can still easily clear sortie levels if its modded properly, and one of the "better" melees (if you count raw power in spin-to-win scenarios) is MR2. For mods MR only matters for rivens....and at no point is a riven needed for sortie level stuff. It doesn't matter what your MR is if you haven't properly modded you gear...a MR5 with good mods on their gun are going to beat an MR14 that only has half leveled mods everywhere. And since mods and MR are disconnected...yeah...good luck telling how good someone will be when the main determining factor (mods) can't be measured from MR in any way. You could put the sortie MR requirement at 25, and it wouldn't change anything that you are coming across since MR doesn't mean that person knows how to play the game or mod properly. I've ran into MR20s that pretty much spend 90% of their time on Hydron and don't do anything else and as a result can't really play anything else, yet they have a high MR since they just powerleveled all the gear without bothering to figure out how to mod any of it. Unless you can find a way to determine how well gear is modded and utilized MR5 is as good a block as any other for sorties.
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