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  1. Lets ignore the fact that DE has said repeatedly that SP is not endgame. I'm sorry to say thought that the change to SE drops didn't affect any "fun" you were having....in fact if you were having "fun' going for 2 hours in an endless mission in a braindead AFK farm you can still do exactly that! Except that isn't what the problem with the change now is it? It didn't stop you from having "fun" it just stopped you from AFK farming for 2+ hours and getting a stupid amount of SE for zero effort.... The change as to do a few things: -Stop the AFK farm from being so effective (success)
  2. Besides how broken the events would be there is another big problem: A lot of the "lore" that you're missing is like at most 5 or 6 voice lines in game....meanwhile the actual thrust of the lore and what the story was was completely out of the game. I mean when Alad V and Sargas Ruk was introduced in the Gradivus dilemma there was what, maybe 10 different voice lines? Meanwhile the story and what was actually happening was all on the forums and the website where they had staff members pretending to be various representatives from the factions that actually talked about what was happeni
  3. Please no. (And please note: I did beat him the first time I fought him...but it wasn't without annoyances) I don't want to spend all the boss fights twiddling my thumbs for 30-60 seconds as I sit there and wait for the AI to decide "Ok player you can finally participate in the fight! But only as much as I let you! And if I don't decide to let you participate for a minute or more? Absolutely nothing you can do about it!!!!!" There was long stretches of time where all I could do was sit there and watch Nihil destroy parts of the arena....and just refuse to send out the glass sha
  4. Some creators don't like the deal and don't agree to sell DE the rights to sell their stuff on console, which is why not every single tennogen item on PC is on console. And its not like they completely stop making money, they still make their cut from PC sales, they just don't get a cut from console sale. The deal is basically: DE gives them a sum of money and can sell their items on console while they keep making money off of PC sales.....or they just keep making money off of PC sales and won't be approached again for that specific item, though they may get approached for a differen
  5. To clarify on this: Tennogen sales on consoles don't get the creators any money. DE offers the creator a certain lump sum for the rights to sell the skins non console and the creators see absolutely no money from the sales on console, even if it sells extremely well. The reason that plat coupons don't work on those items for consoles is so that DE can regain the money they spent buying the rights to sell the item. DE made a contract with valve to use their workshop and storefront to sell the items on PC because its a pretty good deal for DE: They don't need to maintain anythi
  6. He has to be trolling. I mean seriously, who wants to turn warframe into a game where you grind 40 hours to get a 4 star weapon....that has terrible stats (due to RNG) and you now need to spend another 40 hours to grind for another 4 star weapon. (and remember, since the rewards rotate daily you have to do this during a specific day of the week only!) Meanwhile if you want to even approach end-game you need to get a 5 star weapon that could take you hundreds of hours of grinding...and praying that it has half decent bonus stats. And he calls that "replayability"....when that is jus
  7. So leveling equipment is boring......but going around and sitting in the same room in a survival for 3+ hours to get a rank up isn't? Further we already get mastery from the starchart (both normal and steel path) so we already get MR from "passing locations". Also please tell me, what's the difference is going out of your way to "mine" a unique item that you will never use, vs using the weapon for the 15-20 minutes it takes to level it up? In either case you need to go out of your way to build stuff that you'll never use again.... Gods no. We are already way too strong as it is,
  8. Tsukinoki

    MR 30 Test

    I did this test with an Atlas with zero difficulty, and without using his abilities. I mostly went with Atlas to avoid any CC (though you can replace atlas with practically any frame running primed sure footed), and since most tests restrict gear wheel usage I don't even consider abilities outside of frame passives. Though if I was even lazier I could have brought Inaros Prime. It really depends on the weapons you bring and how quickly you can move around and kill them. I just used a Tipedo Prime (without Riven) and just easily wiped the floor with everything, only using one little "t
  9. It is very easy to stop the emails. In the upper right hand corner of the forums click your username. Click on account settings. On the right hand side under "other settings" click on "Notification Settings" From there you can configure what notifies you and how it does so. Maybe you should look into the settings before you complain...
  10. OP isn't close to rank 30 and since rank 30 is getting a few things its utterly horrible because they won't have access to it immediately. That seems to be the entirety of the issue. Some players get a few things that OP won't have access to. And we have no idea how significant the buff will be...I doubt it'll be that large, otherwise it hurts booster sales. And I am willing to be that it'll be some form of a resource sink...I don't see the booster being completely free either. So OP is making a mountain out of a mole-hill; and one that we barely know anything about; because he
  11. So instead of just one-shoting the boss we instead shoot the boss for under a second with an automatic weapon, run up to them, do a 15 second unskippable animation (and hope that it doesn't break anything and that the enemy doesn't end up somewhere where you can't do the parazon finisher....or that it doesn't shunt you into a wall or the floor), shoot them for another single second and repeat another 15 second animation, and then shoot them for a third actual second for another 15 second animation and then shoot them again and see if they just die or give you another parazon animation. He
  12. So instead of an actual mission just turn it into a map where you just hide in some of the various areas where AI simply can never get to you and camp out with a Macro to avoid AFK detection for 8+ hours as you sleep IRL and collect rewards every 5 minutes without ever having to do anything? The life support exists for one reason: To make you actually have to engage with the enemies. If life support didn't exist then why even have enemies? After all you can just sit in a corner safe from the enemies and AFK infinite rewards. And every tileset in the game has an option to do that.
  13. While this is a situation to look at I don't think its all that common to be in the situation of: "I get the daily resets in the middle of the night, close to when I'm going to bed and I'm also playing at that time" Even with shifted schedules. Plus the longer you sign in the longer the boosters are...I mean I'm getting 51 hour boosters at this point whenever they come up in the sign in reward. For the majority of players (the ones that DE are targeting with this measure) it works. They sign in and go "I'm going to play a few missions and log out". They get a booster for 4+ h
  14. I'm certainty not against improvements in scanning, and that would help a decent amount in figuring out what is still left to be scanned. I actually like the nameplate idea better, and they could use the status indicators that are already in the game and add a special one to either mark "Fully Scanned" or "Unscanned", whichever way they want to go. All it would take is putting a simaris symbol into their status-effect bar and have it appear appropriately based on scan condition and its done.
  15. If you don't want to use Helios you can also just use the Synoid Heliocor which does scans when you kill enemies with it...and if you have the sol battery widget already you can just do a survival mission against the faction you want to scan and use melee for it and have most of your scans done in a very short amount of time without ever having to pull out your scanner. And with how the vast majority of players use near exclusive melee in survival missions its not like its something out of the ordinary to do at all. And hey if you do have enemies fully scanned heavy attacks creates spec
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