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  1. My question to you, and others with similar opinions: Why don't you just, you know: down the lich 3 times to force it to leave? Further, unless the time to stab is incredibly generous this just punishes newer players who make a lich, not knowing fully what they are getting into, and literally can't down a lich "fast enough" for players like you who are in a huge rush to fight their own liches but utterly refuse to even damage another players lich in any way. I've been in plenty of online missions where lower MR players are struggling to deal enough damage to their lich to down them in order to even attempt a stab and no one else in the squad is helping them down their lich. Meanwhile all of the higher MR players are just winging and complaining "Why aren't you stabbing your lich!?!?!?" and harassing the lower MR player who is honestly trying but doesn't have the damage output to down the lich fast enough for those higher MR players. I help out where I can but part of the problem is on the rest of the group as well. So here is some advice: If you really want another players lich gone quickly then down it until it goes away or the player stabs it! Sometimes the issue is that the player can't deal enough damage to "quickly" deal with the lich.
  2. Fully in support of this option. Pigment research is just super clunky with all of the "Ok, wait 36 hours now...." BS. I mean I would take the 12 hour option as that wouldn't be nearly as terrible (finish pigment farming, come back in the morning and start the next one), but would still prefer the above. Sadly I think you hit upon the problem here: Its a coding issue. Because DE made pigments only researchable one at a time (which is likely to avoid other issues with drops as dropping too many different pigments from too many different enemies may cause some legitimate problems with the spaghetti code that DE has), and because a research isn't "finished" until the timer goes away we are stuck with this 36 hour waiting period. There might not be a "clean" way forward, though I think the cleanest way forward is just to reduce the pigment timers to a lower number, which I don't understand why it takes 36 hours for something as simple as a wall colour.
  3. I have no idea how the OP thinks that they can free the space without doing any optimization.... In case you weren't aware: The majority of warframes data is in compressed files. This means that in order to "free disc space" they have to: -Decompress the file -Remove the now un-needed contents -Recompress the file At that point doing some "optmization", by which is most likely combining of some of the contents of the files and cutting down on the number of compressed files, is an incredibly light operation that won't have any noticeable impact on the longevity of your SSD in any fashion. It's not like DE spends a ton of time actually trying to defrag your warframe files or anything silly like that.
  4. Only for consoles, PC didn't have that option because the skins were locked into an EGS promotion as a way to go "Hey get EGS and you get a free skin bundle!" Now it's no longer locked to EGS, which is very good. The bundle also comes with the 3 weapons, potatoed, and slots to go with them. For 20 dollars to get: 270 plat 7 day booster 3 weapons, with potato and slot 3 skins That's not a terrible price point for most people. Sure if you already had the weapons maxed out and don't need the plat/booster its a tad expensive....but for most people its a solid deal.
  5. The biggest problem with ledge grabs is how inconsistent they are. They just happen at complete random....and usually slow you down to a complete crawl in doing so. I haven't found a consistent way to cause ledge grabs. Sometimes they happen as I bullet jump close to a ledge, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they happen when I am trying to fall down narrow shafts in some rescue or spy areas (they have caused me to get detected in the corpus laser tower spy vault a few times) and sometimes they don't. Sometimes they save me from falling into a respawn pit when my aim glide is just barely too short and I hit the lip of a ledge, and sometimes it just doesn't trigger and I plummet into the respawn pit. It just seems to happen at complete and utter random with no rhyme or reason. If there was a consistent way to trigger ledge grabs or avoid them then I could see keeping them in the game. As it is through? I just want the ability to turn them off because they rarely trigger when I want it, often trigger when I'm just trying to move fast and don't want it, and are overall just clunky and poorly implemented.
  6. You have to define a bunch of things here. What is "garbage"? I mean for someone like me practically everything in the game is "garbage", even thousands of endo or kuva. What is "high level"? Is that level 80? Level 300? Higher? "high level" means different things to different players. Further please define "difficulty" as nothing in this game is really difficult. The most difficult thing in this game is not falling asleep during some missions. Mechanically the difficulty is rather flat and doesn't change at all. TBF most of the endless rewards in kuva fortress are relics which are somewhat useful (albeit only temporarily, and even those start to become garbage after a while). And for the mods they are generally the more useful mods (Vit and Redirection aren't in the reward pool for endless missions in the kuva fortress BTW) that if you're just reaching that place are something you might still be missing. But even then the Kuva Fortress isn't really "high level". It's just the end of the starchart....which is basically still "tutorial" level. And sure after you've gotten the mods then they become junk....but at least they can still be turned into more Endo.
  7. DE has been pretty strict on their "No trading" policy, especially since there have been a few highish profile cases of people using alternate accounts to store rivens and get tons of cheap plat. If you're 100% sure that the account would be deleted then I would check with DE. They might be able to 'migrate' some data over...but that will of course only be known later when crossplay and the like starts actually being fleshed out. Again you would need to check with DE as that could easily trip some flags and seem very suspicious. Without knowing the context that would look like someone had their account hijacked and their stuff was being siphoned off to another account. Situations like that usually result in a ban for the second account, rollback and freeze for the first one until the original account owner gets in contact with DE and unfreezes the account. Depending on your exact circumstances I would see about contacting support and explaining your exact issues. Depending on the exact circumstances DE might allow it or provide some service, though its impossible to predict what their answer would be. All I know is that if you did what you are saying it might trip an account alert and cause some problems.
  8. You can have multiple accounts as long as they never interact with each other. This means no trading, no being in the same clan, etc. They should be completely separate for all intents and purposes. This will get your accounts banned. DE does not allow accounts that exist to try to farm plat discounts and have banned people in the past for that reason. And even if that's not what you're planning on using it for, it is too much of a possibility. If you do make 2 accounts they can't trade with each other at all. As long as there is zero interaction between the accounts? Perfectly fine. It only becomes a problem if you use one account for riven storage to get around the riven cap, or to farm for plat discounts and trade plat back and forth between your two accounts, or use your alternate accounts to artificially boost your clan score in clan events (which is why its not a good idea to have your multiple accounts in the same clan). Basically as long as your two accounts are completely separate there is not a problem. I've created a few new accounts to test things but have never had them interact with my main account.
  9. And DE would never go for this. Reason? DE wants polarizing a weapon to fit stronger mods to have a -cost-. That cost is: -Some build limitations -Time spent building forma -Time spent releveling weapon/frame This is one of the things that DE brought up when they added forma into the game and its something that has never changed. They were originally against adding forma to the game until they thought of a way to make the extra power you buy with it cost something that you can't really just work around. And even then its not like its hard to level gear from 0 to 30. I mean it can be done in 10 to 20 minutes tops so I don't see how you're really wasting that much time.
  10. And the worst part about the slam kills? They were inconsistent. Some kills would count, others wouldn't. Meanwhile it did such piddling amounts of damage and had such an awkward hitbox where slamming directly on the enemy somehow missed them half the time..... DE needs to make the slam attack actually work and be consistent. And make it do more than 20 damage. I honestly had no idea the k-drives could slam into enemies to hurt them, and I'll never use that again considering how many times I slammed through enemies without damaging them at all. Except that not all of the prompts are correct. There were some prompts where it told me one button combination that just wouldn't work...and it was actually a different combination to get the trick they wanted. Further according to some of my friends if you changed some of the buttons around the prompts were completely useless as they would show you what the original buttons to use were, not the remapped controls (and TBH no one in my friends list is eager enough to restart the quest to check if they've fixed that particular bug, but it was very aggravating) which means that the quest fails at being a tutorial.
  11. They haven't had an "official" statement but its not something that is hard to understand if you put a few other things together. The biggest one is the focus on "bite-sized" content and gameplay that "you can do during lunch". The reason? Because the biggest market (by far) is the "casual" market that players games maybe an hour or two a day. That's it. That's where games like this make the majority of their population and the majority of their profits. IF DE started to go "Yeah, if you play this mode for 1.5+ hours at a time then you can get some serious rewards!" it starts telling the "casual" audience "Hey, you're not really welcome here since you can't spend 1.5 hours per mission, so don't try as you simply can't catch up with the people who can!" DE is simply targeting what makes them the most money and the largest player counts: The people who can't spend 3+ hours a day on "endurance" runs. They don't want to alienate those players by going "Yeah, you're not really getting rewards if you can't do endurance runs...." And you might say "But we aren't taking rewards away from them, why would they feel alienated?" and its simply the fact that they are told "If you go X hours you get massively more rewards....any time less than that is essentially wasted!" It could actually drive away a decent number of the more "casual" playerbase as they know that they wouldn't be able to sit down and do the multi-hour grindfest on a regular basis needed to actually take advantage of the endurance runs. And honestly? I'm perfectly OK with that. Sure, I may have more time than the average person to sit down and play games...but I actually enjoy games that don't go "Yeah, you're going to be forced to do an endurance run if you want a shot at the se rewards....any less time spent than a full endurance run is essentially time wasted!" Having a game that I can log in, play for an hour and burn through dailies/weeklies and do some light grinding is great, and I don't feel punished by the fact that I can't set aside multi hour grind fests to do one mission. And I know that I am far from alone in that.
  12. A small number of things. And not counting research costs, a few items cost around just as much as, or more than, the archwing segment launcher: -Octavia neuroptics take 1K -Tyli Gyro for the moas take 1.2K -The Okina melee takes 1.8K -Mantis fuselage takes 1.8K -Grattler takes 3.5K -Vauban Prime Chassis take 7K And there are a decent number of items that take more than 600 to craft, and one of them is Auroxium Alloy which takes 600 to craft 20, and you'll be needing a far amount of it since some is used in zaw components, or outside of zaw components we have the Tatsu which takes 100 auroxium or 3,000 oxium. Looking at the resource table and the cost of the archwing launcher isn't too lout of line with other items that require oxium.
  13. Account roll backs are a thing, sure.....but how exactly do you do that when the accounts impact clans or other accounts? Take the example of the clan research. Say you bought a double drop rate booster (not double resource booster) which affects the squad you are in not just you. You went grinding for mutagen samples or whatever and played in multiple squads with people both in your clan and not in your clan. How many of those accounts get rolled back when they roll back the booster that was used? Or do they just get a "free" benefit even though the booster was rolled back. What happens if you managed to say finish the hema research and a few people copy the BP....what gets rolled back, just your account or the clans research? What about the people who used the hema that they got from the clan research that is potentially rolled back? Or for example you buy multiple forma using the "bad plat" and use those forma in building rooms in the dojo. What happens when your account is rolled back? I mean the forma was still bought and used, and DE should get compensation for the used items....unless you're saying that the clan should just get a freebie "just cause". That is why DE removes what they can (cosmetics) and asks you to pay for what you used: Things start to spiral and start to impact a large number of other accounts, clans, and who knows what else. Some things aren't so easy to just "roll back" with how it impacts other people and clans. And with how sticky it can get and how people can argue or fight one way or the other which is "Fair" or "right" for DE to do they decided to just go "We will work with you to refund cosmetics and similar items bought with 'bad plat' for boosters forma relics and everything else you are on the hook for in order to not impact tertiary accounts/clans that had interactions with you" Its the same reaon why when DE offered limited time account resets when CBT was ending they added the caveat "Only if you haven't donated anything to any clan related project/room" because they can't cleanly roll back those transactions without affecting a large number of players. Most of my friends are not founders. Most of them have spent very little (if any) of their own money on this game, instead using trading to get their plat which is why they've been involved in situations with "bad plat". They found that if they actually contacted support about the negative balance then support will work with them to get the issue resolved. Meanwhile a lot of the rants/complaints/crying you see is from someone who never tried working with support: they saw the message and threw a fit and yelled on social media platforms about it instead of contacting support to see what could be done about it. Basically the people who yell rant and complain about being banned due to negative plat are not likely to be the people that message support and see what parts can be reworked to get their plat balance back out of the negatives (at least as far as they can) How much money I've spent is completely besides the point. You don't know what (if any) purchases I've made outside of founders. And I know from previous posts and topics by you that you don't like the game anymore...so why stick around? Only to give advice to people of "Just leave this game..." and doom and gloom?
  14. Please tell me: How can DE roll back forma, especially for lich/sister weapon? How can DE roll back a booster? (especially since some boosters can affect squads, or for example you got a double drop rate booster and used it to get rare mats for a weapon and built/started research for it, they can't just take away the resources since they were used already) How can DE roll back used relics from relic packs? (especially since this affects everyone you are running a mission with) Simple fact is this: If you contact support they can and will work with you to revert what they can (syandana, skins, other cosmetics, etc.) but they can't revert some things once they are used. And its mostly those "used" things that can keep your account in the negative and you have to pay back to zero. Basically its: "You bought X boosters and Relic Packs and forma and used all of them....we can't 'Take it back' and now you owe us Y for all those boosters and relic packs and forma you used, we just want you to pay us for what you used." Except that that is not the case. DE will happily work with you to revert what they can. In fact if you trade a riven for bad plat DE will commonly give you the riven back if you contact support. They will also help you out of the negative plat by removing -what they can- from your account that you purchased with the bad plat. They can't remove everything (mainly just the stuff you can 'use' up) but I do have friends who were caught with negative plat and DE was able to revert the skin purchases that they had made and they were back in the positive plat, further they got the prime parts they traded away back. They can, have, and should continue to reimburse you for what you traded to the account for the bad plat. You trade an expensive riven for bad plat? DE will give you the riven back if you contact support. It has happened before, and I haven't seen anything that indicates a change from that. Further if you are in negative plat due to cosmetics and the like being bought DE can work with you to remove those cosmetics and get you back in the positives....as long as those cosmetics were bought with the "bad plat".
  15. So please tell me: Why are you bringing a frame with zero object defense options into a mission that is object defense? Steel path is meant for people that have experience in the game and the tools needed to solve various problems that they encounter, not for bringing "lulz random" and succeeding without any thought what-so-ever. I mean you're basically complaining "Why can't Loki defend objectives just as well as Frost/Limbo/Other frames can?" ((EDIT: and even then there are ways through smart subsuming of abilities to make some frames like Loki able to more easily handle those situations even if it would require more upkeep and attention than some other options....)) You're trying to put a square peg into a round hole and then complaining that they don't fit right when you do that. Maybe you should actually use your tools, use tactics, bring along stuff to make it easier/doable, espeically if you're doing it solo. You have 47 frames to choose from, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and use cases. When you're on steel path you should both have the tools and knowledge to go "I'm doing a mission that requires protecting an objective....what frames are good at protecting objectives?" and succeed in the mission. Instead you're going "But I want to bring random frame X for the lulz random, why can't I succeed when doing this solo?!? Game must be broken!" And here's the thing: It's not. But it is built around bringing the right tool for the right job. In the case of "defend an objective" that is "bring a frame that has defensive abilities to defend the objective". I don't use map-wide CC frames or nuke frames in Steel Path, find it boring to do so. Yet I managed to fully complete the steel path because I actually went "What frame has the abilities needed to succeed in this mission?" and then I brought the right frame for the right job.
  16. Hek I didn't even do that. I just bought the weapons and am planning on not using them or fusing them up. Sure I might pull out the heavy blade every once in a while because of its slam attacks, but hek no am I going to spend -any- time at all trying to make the weapon better. Especially since it has taken me 8ish hours per weapon (and yes I actually timed myself going through fairly efficient missions in a squad and to earn the last weapon I needed for mastery it took me 8 hours to get 40 holokeys) to earn the holokeys needed to just buy them so I can have the mastery. And it's not like I hate RJ, I actually have a little fun in that mode. Its the time vs reward (or lack there-of) of holokeys that is utterly atrocious. If every void storm guaranteed holokeys upon completion, with a chance to earn some extra if you were lucky, maybe grinding out the melees wouldn't be so bad....but that's just not the case. DE wanted some BS combination of RNG and token system. DE's own words on the reason was that: "We don't want players maxing out their melee weapons in one week" That's the entire reason. And its just not a very good one.
  17. Doesn't matter. Rewards are save upon every bounty stage. Doesn't matter if you're the host or not. As long as you completed a bounty stage then what you earned was saved. I've had this happen both as a host and as a client. I've been through a fair number of host migrations as a client in the open world. The saving does work, the only thing that is buggy is that it doesn't show you those rewards in the end mission screen. This works for all of the open worlds.
  18. Except that you didn't lose anything. Even if the end of mission screen didn't show all of the rewards I can say that you likely got everything in your inventory that you picked up. The reason? Open Worlds save rewards you have picked up and earned when bounty stages are completed. You cancelled the vote on the next bounty which kicked you out of the squad. Good news: You kept everything that you had earned up to that point! It just commonly doesn't look like it (commonly the end of mission screen will be empty) but if you actually had gone through your inventory everything would have been there.
  19. To the main Idea/starter of this thread: This idea has a ton of issues that need to be solved first before it an be implemented. For example: how do these lists work in groups? Is it the hosts list that matters (in which case other members could be disappointed) or do they all get added together (which brings its own slew of issues)? I mean there just isn't a "good" solution here. Say you add the lists together: There are high chances that someone is blocking a frame you want, meaning it wont have a chance to appear. Further what happens if two players meet up, one is blocking most of the non-nuke frames (he wants the mission to go super quick) and one is blocking most of the nuke frames (they don't want it to go fast and kill enemies on their own), between them say 90% of the frames are now blocked.....so what happens to matchmaking? Is it now practically impossible for any other player to join that squad of two simply because their lists added together cover almost everything? Or does only one list take precedence meaning that one player is going to be severely disappointed in a "broken" feature? After all you're trapped between "Matchmaking is broken and useless...." and "Filter lists are useless and broken..." As other have stated this is just a bad idea to ban frames, and comes from a really toxic mindset. Blacklisting players is much better and solves the problem of being stuck with "troll frames" since its the player, not the frame, that decides how trollish it is. While IDGAF about being temporary, the biggest thing to prevent trolling and abuse of a blacklist would just be "You can only blacklist players that you have actually played with" This way you can't start up witch hunts of "Hey, blacklist So-and-So, I heard they are a troll and rage and try to dox you....." that ends up getting an innocent person blacklisted by major parts of the player base simply because someone wanted to ruin their time.
  20. Please tell me how the relic tables are getting diluted? They are staying rather consistent in size since as a frame and its weapons gets vaulted that removes relics at about the same rate that new relics are added in. Further please tell me your definition of "reasonable"? I've managed to farm up Nidus Prime in only a few days an no longer than 1-2 hours per day that I could spare actually playing warframe. I would call that rather reasonable, but what is reasonable to one person is commonly unreasonable to another. Plenty of friends have managed to do the same. And even in cases where it takes longer it rarely takes more than 2 weeks to have everything from the newest PA or unvaulting. Finally I much rather prefer having to grind out relics every so often as opposed to going "Whelp I have a 5% chance of the item appearing in RotC in a T4D.....hope I don't fall asleep/host migrate part way through that......especially since I'll likely need to go 100+ waves to see the item I'm after....." I mean take a look at how players are reacting to the Ambassador or Ash parts which are locked behind RotC of specific survival and defense missions, and that is quite literally what we had with void keys. Relics are a much better farm than the old keys, even with the caveat that you have to farm new relics when a new item drops.
  21. And the only thing this would leave to is: "What relics does everyone have?" And then if they don't get an answer they are happy with they leave the group and repeat doing that until they get the group that has relics that they are after.....and all the while getting a free pass to dig at people like "Yeah, I'm not going to waste Neo N16 Rad in this group..." with absolutely no way of knowing whether its true or not. Ultimately this will do nothing to solve your problem...it just adds an extra step and doesn't fix the issue in any way.
  22. Sorry but I have to vote no. It would just be annoying to go into a mission and go "Is that Saryn really a Saryn? Or is it a Limbo that just happens to look like a Saryn?" Then that leads to lots of toxicity of frame abilities and what the frame "should be doing" only to find out "Oh that's not the frame that does what we thought...." In the end it just makes things too confusing and games are generally better if you can tell at a quick glance "Ok that is character A I can expect it to do X, Y and Z...."
  23. The biggest problem with this: Having the abilities as mods is actually fairly important because it is the only control point we have over our pets and what they do. Even with your suggestion of a control wheel removing the ability to shift the mods would be a far more annoying than how it is currently set up. For example take Wyrm Prime with just Assault Mode, Crowd Dispersion and Negate. With the current system if you put it in the order of: Assault Mode -> Negate -> Crowd Dispersion This tells the AI: Fight all enemies within 30 meters; if no enemies are within 30 meters or wyrm prime is reloading remove status effects from owner; if no enemies/reloading and negate is on CD/not needed then stun enemies that are nearby. If you change it to: Negate -> Crowd Dispersion -> Assault Mode This tell the AI: Remove status effects, if that is on CD stun nearby enemies, if Negate is on CD and crowd dispersion is on CD or there are no enemies close enough attack with the weapon, and at any point that it is attacking with its weapon and any of the other 2 abilities conditions are met they will interrupt it attacking to do something that is actually useful. Even with your idea we would lose the ability to make important changes to the order of operations like we currently can. For that reason we need to keep the ability mods as is so that we can actually have a say in what our pets do and how often. Beyond that though being able to remove the mods is also very important. Say I don't want my sentinel to attack, but I want to level the weapon it has equipped? Remove the attack precept and it wont attack. Or another example take Pharoah Predasites, Say that the Anabolic Pollination is useless in a build, I can remove it and then the AI will never spend time trying to use it and effectively doing nothing when it could either be attacking or using Endoparasitic Vector instead. Or another example: Adarza Kavats. Reflect is fairly pointless and I would rather not it spend time uselessly casting Reflect when it could instead be using Cat's Eye and actually being useful. That is an important thing to have, and unless we are somehow given complete control over what a pet does at any given moment it is something that needs to be kept. Beyond that we would lose 2 mod slots from the pets, similar to when warframes went from having ability mods to having the powers built in, meaning that you would be gaining far less, and likely losing a bit, if this were ever to become a thing.
  24. So now the posts move to the completely irrelevant cosmetic side of things? That are not part of the core loop and farm? Simple solution there: Trade with someone who has the ephemera that you want. And because you get the ephemera whether you kill them or spare them you can potentially trade in ephemeras that you've gotten for plat or for ephemeras that you don't have yet. Further they aren't too expensive from other players at this time. Further if you're at the part of hunting down sisters/liches for ephemera then the hunt shouldn't take much longer than an hour. Besides that when DE was talking about the ability to skip liches before they scrapped it they were talking about at most once a week or so so it wouldn't really have helped in the ephemera farm. I'm sorry but if you hold down the interact button for the three or so seconds needed to stab a larva and make a lich that goes a bit beyond a "heat of the moment" type thing. Its actually quite hard to stab a larva "accidentally" Further new players are largely protected from their mistake of making a lich as it will only be on Earth at first, which is 100% avoidable until they figure out what they need to do and how to handle it. It won't bother them or take their resources so they are safe to ignore it until they are ready to take it down.
  25. You have a few solutions to Malice: -Pay attention and roll when he casts his ability on you then nuke him -Use melee which can't be reflected back into you and kill him that way -Use an ability which 'interrupts' them (quite a few abilities can do this), or float them with melee weapons that can float enemies, that renders them helpless as you kill them regardless of level or what abilities they may have (Xata's gaze ability works well against accolytes: Cast it on them , wail on them while they can't do anything, watch ability expire and them die at the same time) It's not really that hard. The only "difficult" pieces are some glitches/bugs that come with the magnetize bubble, where some alternate fire modes from allies can damage you, even though main fire modes can't seem to hurt you. Overall though the game is pretty clear when you've been tagged with it
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