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  1. The big problem I see with this whole idea is that it just leads right back to the main reason that DE stated was the reason that sisters/liches would have damage attenuation applied to them: The arquebex. IF DR starts at 0% then liches would need 10s of millions of HP just to survive the first shot that doesn't have any attenuation applied to it....which just leads to everyone with a decently modded arquebex one-shotting (or near enough) instantly....meaning that damage attenuation is utterly pointless since there wouldn't be enough health left for it to be effective. And all that does is turn sisters and liches into an absolute bullet sponges with 10s of millions of HP....which is what DE is trying to avoid with their more complex and arsenal based formulas. Your idea must account for situations like the Arquebex being used and provide a solution for that in a way that doesn't make the enemy a stupid bullet sponge for anyone not using it or it will most certainly be a non-starter from DE as it would just lead to the one situation they wanted to avoid: someone hopping into void-rig and one-shotting the sister/lich.
  2. Actually affinity is standing. The amount of affinity you get directly correlates to the amount of standing you gain from killing enemies while wearing a sigil or scanning targets. Someone who is earning twice as much affinity as you is earning nearly twice as much standing as you. Sure it doesn't affect medallions, trading, or bounty rewards, but it does definitely increase overall standing gains. Except here's the thing: They have a ton more things to do then just grind the open worlds. They have other syndicates to grind, they have other planets to finish, they have weapons to collect and build, they have clan research to start going after, they have quests that they need to go through. It's not like the game comes to a dead stop at MR5 where the only thing left is open worlds. There is plenty left for players to do and spend their time on rather than just sitting on the plains or in the vallis. DE has raised the cap for lower MRs a few times and its in a fairly good spot right now. Plus there really is no need to just blow through and get to max standing in one day. It won't achieve anything aside from complete burnout.
  3. Or to put it how it would actually happen if your idea was implemented: Make survival more about finding an area that enemies can't reach you and setting up an AFK macro and walking away for 12 hours to reap infinite rewards without having to do anything at all to interact with the game! Because that is what people would do if they weren't required to go out and kill enemies. The entire purpose behind life-support is to make it so that you are forced to engage with the enemies, to make it so that there is a fail condition: not being able to kill enemies fast enough. Without life support there is nothing that stops the player from hiding away in some unreachable spot (or glitching out of the map) and collecting infinite rewards without doing anything at all. And please don't say "But players would never do that...." because we would. I mean players decided to go into capture missions and down the target then spend 2+ hours farming those missions for resources, and they did this often enough and in large enough numbers that DE had to add in a condition that killed the capture target and failed the mission if you didn't pick them up soon enough after you downed them to stop the abuse. If there wasn't something that forced you to engage with the enemies to collect your rewards and eventually push the players out of missions then I can guarantee you that most players would choose to hide away with an afk macro for as long as possible without interacting with the game in any way because they are getting their rewards regardless. I mean hek, players essentially did this with Dog Days when it came out. They would get 1 kill then hide away in an unreachable location, wait for the mission to end, and collect their rewards. That is all that would happen in survivals with the simple idea of "Just remove life support!!!!" that you want.
  4. Hobie-wan has the right idea for what to do in situations like this. IF you are crafting something like this then start looking for invasions that reward what you need so you don't need to craft as many. I mean you're going to end up waiting in the end so why not cut that time down via invasion rewards? You could also be working towards other samples and faction resources to start getting those out of the way so that you aren't waiting for Fieldron or something else to build later in the game. You could start grinding out prime parts for crafting and for ducats. Or if you're far enough in Railjack you could be running void storms to try to get some Holokeys if you need them. You should always set your eyes on your next goal and start working towards that. The worst thing you can do is sit there and stare at your foundry as you wait for it to build what you need. Thankfully unless you have done literally everything in the game you should have plenty of other things that you can be doing while the foundry does its work.
  5. Except its not "more" capacity for the tenet/kuva weapons, it just follows what every other rank does for minimum capacity up to their maximums. For every other weapon they have a max of 30 capacity (60 with potato). For Tenet/Kuva weapons they have a max of 40 capacity (80 with potato). Since youre LR1, technically MR31, what happens is that after you forma the Tenet/Kuva weapons at least once the game recognizes that their maximum level is higher than 30 and gives you the equivalent rank of capacity unlock. For example you forma a tenet weapon once. It's maximum level is now 32, meaning its maximum capacity is now 32 (64 with potato). The game sees that you are LR1/MR31 and gives you 31 levels of capacity for that weapon. For every other piece of equipment in the game it sees that their maximum level is 30 so it gives you 30 levels worth of capacity. It can't give you more capacity than the weapons maximum level. Kuva/Tenet weapons just happen to have more than 30 levels in them.
  6. Yep. If you're engaged with the sister system then its a functionally infinite resource that will never go away. You have to be purposefully avoiding the treasurer in order to run out of the Zenith crowns...which is 100% on the player for letting it get to that point. It just shows how the OP is just hear to doom and gloom and fear monger about a slippery slope....and for no real clear reason why since his reasoning changes so often in this thread.
  7. So basically you want to now change this thread into full on slippery slope fear mongering instead of actual reasoning? Seriously? You're all over the place. And you are seriously trying to throw a lot of this onto the argument of "BUT THINK OF THE NEW PLAYERS!!!!!"? I mean honestly new players don't have to even think about the "problems" you are coming up with for a long time. And once they are looking at the "problems" you are facing, guess what? They will have had time to build forma and farm resources and everything else. Its not like a "new" player is going out and farming sisters and liches and panicing over hundreds of forma. Also your comment on "how fast will you run out of tokens to open the portal?" shows how disconnected from reality you are. In reality you will never run out of the tokens. Why? Because if you run the portal on Pluto you will have the token guy spawn in the mission (100% guarantee of him spawning BTW) giving you the same token you just spent. If you spend one token to open the void and get one token later in the mission you have a net loss of zero tokens....meaning you can keep that up literally forever without worrying about running out of the tokens.....but you would only know that if you've actually sat down and tried to play through seriously instead of this fear mongering and coming up with reasons why you are being "disrespected".
  8. And? People decided, completely on their own, to sell the frames. Hek people were selling some frames back before simaris offered their BPs making them impossible to farm up again. It was their choice when there were other choices available to them. Its not like its some massively huge inconvenience. Its not like it takes you any longer than it does anyone else to complete the system. Further part of the goal of the system was to be a resource drain for vets....and that can't very well happen if they go "Yeah....lets just give everything in the system to vets for free without having to ever intact with the system in any way what-so-ever!!!!!" You're acting like it is some huge monumental effort needed to get the frames for subsumption when that simply isn't true. You're acting like it is some huge massive effort needed to make sure you have slots and everything to deal with Helminth when that simply isn't true either (Since you can just have frames sitting in the foundry waiting to be collected and immediately subsumed). Except that its not a "slap in the face" at all. Nothing in Helminth hurts or damages your prior experiences and achievements and progression. Nothing in Helminth is easier for a newer player than an established vet. Nothing in Helminth takes a shorter amount of time for a newer player than an established vet. If any of those things were the other way around then you might have a point on it being a "slap in the face" Further your "solution" just creates more problems and inequities. What about the players that are collectors and want to have both normal and prime variants? Why should they have to farm up the frame all over again to give to Helminth when people who just sold their frames get all that for free? And so on and so on and so on. None of the helminth system is a "slap in the face" to vets.
  9. Because, quite simply, you aren't supposed to build around invigorations. Invigorations exist to do two things: -Give you a reason to play with a random frame during the week with a sizable bonus so its more entertaining -Provide a fairly steady resource drain to keep Helminth fed which will, for a large number of players, decrease their reserves and lower the amount of people who don't need to farm anything in the game as they have stockpiles in the millions of resources any longer. They aren't something you are supposed to build and focus around. They are just something to play with and have some fun and laughs of "Watch this..." They are mostly just for goofing off rather than doing anything super serious with them.
  10. Not the person you are responding to but: I am LR1 And I don't really see a huge difference in the two. I actually am a collector and had to farm up a second chroma to sacrifice to helminth so that I could keep my normal and prime variants...and it wasn't bad at all. Simaris rep is an easy farm if you know how to do it quickly so it wasn't hard to do at all. And in the end it was your choice to delete chroma. And I don't mind the yareli quest that much. Boring but not too bad. In the end I don't think DE has to respect our time...but it does so anyways and not in that terrible of a manner either. Could it be better? Definitely. Is it horrible and they treat us horrible? Not at all. In the end this is a fun game to play and have fun with. If you don't then that's on you really. DE doesn't treat us horribly like some other games, and while they could do better its not like it would be a massive improvement so I don't see anything to whinge and cry about.
  11. And which sort of precedent does this set? I mean if you're going to go full slippery slope you might as well start by saying what horrible things such a minor action will cause in the future. I mean sure are we minorly inconvenienced by this change? Maybe. Is it the end of the world? No. Does it in any way prevent us from hitting rank 15? No. Does it in any way make hitting rank 15 take longer for us compared to someone starting helminth fresh? I highly doubt that. IF either of the last two points were a hard yes then maybe you might have a point that this is setting a bad precedent. As it stands this is hardly even an annoyance. You mention how we are missing credit for an action...and I just return with: That action wasn't inherently worth that much credit to begin with and doesn't really make too much of an impact.
  12. Lucky you. I spent over 16 hours this last weekend and managed to get 2 weapons and that was it. 16 solid hours of grinding away at various missions, doing fairly optimized mission times as well, and got 80 keys only. I mean sure I got plenty of sevagoth parts, a pile of utterly worthless endo, and plenty of useless reources (don't know why they even have the planet resource bundles in the rewards table...useless bloat), even got plenty of epitaph pieces from some runs at Saturn missions, but only 80 keys. The RNG to get the holokeys is utterly atrocious. Glad that you were lucky, but plenty of people aren't. There needs to be something done for the RNG. Right now it is simply far too miserly. DE presented the holokeys as a way to grind out specific weapons instead of farming liches and hoping it shows you the right one....but I honestly would have preferred the melee weapons to be on liches with how stupidly low the actual droprate for the holokeys are. I mean they presented this as a token system where you could just grind up tokens and spend them....and then they made the tokens absurdly rare. I heavily second this idea. Give us a second chance at the keys by spending a small amount of time longer in the mission. At this point I would take near anything to ease the grind for the holokey drops. Either that or make the keys drop a guaranteed amount per mission and raise the prices of the weapons to compensate so that they take roughly the same amount of time to grind out as now. That way they could be an actual token system that you can noticeably work towards every mission you run instead of some twisted half token/half RNG BS that we currently have.
  13. If you are having issues there is something that makes it pointlessly easy almost regardless of the gear you bring: -Specters -Call-In Crewmates. Either (or both) of those will do the entirety of the granuum void for you essentially so you don't need to do anything and allowing you to bring pretty much any frame and weapon you want to. Other than that you have warframes that can cheese it of every element. You have weapons that can cheese it. You can choose not to cheese it with anything and still manage to get to tier 3 very quickly if you actually play decently. There is absolutely zero reason for the void to be made easier. Its already quite easy as it is.
  14. Two things can "defeat" the damage reduction off the top of my head: -Anything that adds damage that isn't on the weapons card. For instance: Volts shield, Banshee's sonar weakpoints, and other related interactions. This does include the new arcanes BTW. Mods that have additive effects depending on circumstance (such as status effects or combo counter) seem to be able to push past some of the DR threshholds as well. -Rapid striking lower DPS weapons. IF they have a low enough damage the mitigation applied to them is pretty much non-existant...and if they hit rapidly enough they will outdo the higher damage weapons in TTK. Weapons with high pellet counts also can work well here For instance your Rubico is a horrible weapon to use against sisters. Its damage is high enough that it goes into one of the higher DR "tiers" that builds up faster than some of the other tiers. Meanwhile a dex furis build that isn't particularly strong will just murder a level 5 sister quite quickly as long as you exploit the sisters elemental weakness due to it being in a tier with next to no DR and a slow DR build up. The system largely puts your weapons into various "tiers" of DR depending on how much damage it can do per bullet. The higher this value the more DR is applied to your weapon. This is roughly a static check though of when you load into the mission. As you hit the sister depending on how quickly you are shooting her the DR applied to your weapon will creep up to a maximum value, if you stop shooting it'll go back down after a while. The biggest issue with this system is that some of the higher tiers are too wide, and a lot of snipers and other weapons were lumped into the arquebex tier and as such have a very high DR floor and it builds up really quickly. The other issue with this system is that it can't account for damage that isn't on the weapon itself. Volt shield is a great thing to have as it is a sizable damage increase against the sister because her DR doesn't account for it. Same with sonar weakpoints. Same with the new arcanes, which means if you have one of the new arcanes in your gear you can easily kill the sisters as long as you get a few stacks of the arcane going.
  15. Enemy damage and player health/armor/shields/dr/invulnerability should be the first step honestly. DE needs to: -Determine a "sane" upper and lower limit for player EHP -Reconsider things that grant invulnerability and rework them to either not be complete invulnerability or make it fairly difficult to hit complete invulnerability (this includes Hildryn Shield Gating with the dragon key among other interactions) -Reconsider how DR stacking works. DE already took a step towards this by making DR granting mods multiplicative instead of additive but more work needs to be done with this -Rebalance enemy damage around this much smaller and saner EHP range. Make is so that enemies on the high end threaten frames without one-shotting the squishier ones (outside of maybe special cases and considerations) and align the enemy damage better with their classification (grunt vs heavy vs special and so on) There is one small issue here that DE can handle two ways: Either they eventually "cap" the enemy damage (soft or hard) so that all levels are playable....or let the "extreme" ranges of enemy levels just deal insane levels of damage as that is well beyond the intended engagement level (for instance extra long survival/disruption runs) AFTER that is done then we can look into rebalancing player damage and enemy EHP and so forth..... But one thing at a time. And honestly if we get a sane EHP range for players I think that would go a long way to addressing quite a few complaints in the game....both on the "Its too easy" and on the "its no fair enemies one-shot me" side.
  16. Realistically there is only one real way to achieve this: Massive stat crunch on player EHP. The biggest problem with the entire situation is that you have frames with tens of thousands EHP compared to frames with only a few thousand EHP. How do you balance enemy damage at all so that both sides are equally threatened? And that is ignoring certain loadouts which make you basically invulnerable against the majority of enemies in the game (Hildryn shield gate abuse, or Zephyr against non-infested). You need to massively cut player EHP to a reasonable level and start from there and balance enemy damage around a sane range. It's just not possible to do when you have some frames that have hundreds time more EHP than others. Once you get to that point there would still need to be a ton more work done to balance out everything else in the game...but it would help to make enemy damage more equal across the frames so you can have enemies that are dangerous to every frame without just being one-shot to anything but the tankiest. I mean if we do this we might reach a point where an Inaros can't just sit in front of a max level sister/lich and mash melee for a few minutes and just win without taking any noticeable damage while that same enemy can one-shot half the frames in the game....
  17. I wouldn't really call it challenging. Just different. I mean its largely a bullet sponge...unless you bring a relatively weak dex furis build that due to how DE decided to handle making them bullet spongy can kill them much faster than a hard hitting slower firing weapon. The biggest "challenge" of the sisters is realizing that large spike damage weapons are useless and relatively weak rapid firing weapons are how you need to attack them. From there it's just learning how to abuse the various DR segments so that you get put into the lowest DR segment possible. Or you could skip all of that and just bring a tanky Inaros build, go Melee and just sit on them bashing away until they die with no actual damage to your health at the end of the fight and approach the problem the exact same way that you can every other problem in warframe. This isn't to disparage the sisters. DE is doing what they can in the space they have, but the space has so many issues that they can't really just make something that is "difficult" or "challenging" because of how easily we can abuse pretty much everything in the game. There are core fundamental problems that need to be addressed in this game before DE can actually create something that is "challenging" and "difficult".
  18. Wow....been a while since I've read someone not understanding how statistics and drop chances work so hard, but let me tell you something right away: You are never guaranteed a drop. Every run is 22% which means sure, you can expect a drop in roughly every 5 runs but it likely won't work out that way unless you do thousands of runs and average your drop rate over all of those runs. At that point you can be confident in how often a part drops to a certain degree of certainty. With only a dozen or two dozen runs under your belt though? You are still easily within the odds that you haven't gotten it yet, and with way too few runs to be able to determine anything about the system and how good its RNG is. As a tip you can calculate drop changes like this: (^ means to the power of) 1 - <chance of it not dropping> ^ <number of runs> That gives you the chance that the item should have dropped at least once over those runs. Lets try a few numbers, ok? You had 14 runs in the start of this thread. 1 - 0.78 ^ 14 = .9691 So a 97% chance that it should have dropped...does this mean you're unlucky? Sure. Is this "impossible" or "rigged"? Far from it. I mean you're one of the 1 in 33 people that haven't received their drop in 14 runs. This happens, and with a player base in the thousands this happens quite often statistically speaking. Even the wiki's "Nearly guaranteed" isn't necessarily the end. With 27 runs you have: 1 - 0.78 ^ 27 = .9987 Or a 0.13% chance to not have the drop by then...which is still 13 out of 10,000 people that won't have that drop by that point. Rare but still easily possible and does still happen.
  19. I've never understood the complaint about the timers. I mean there is more than enough stuff to do while something is crafting unless you happen to be at the absolute bleeding edge of content. I mean you have quest lines, you have syndicates to grind points for, you might have focus points to grind out, you have gear you need to level, you have parts to gear that you need to farm, you have railjack intrinsic points to farm, you have prime parts to grind out for ducats and crafting, and much more. There is always something to be doing...especially if you took a few year break from the game. It's not like the timer is stopping you from playing warframe or anything like old mobile games used to do.
  20. Just bad luck. it happens. Sometimes you can go a dozen missions without seeing the holokeys. Sometimes you can get them 3 missions in a row. Last night I was in the later camp and got 18 holokeys fairly quickly. Just RNG being RNG. Strings of bad luck will happen along with strings of good luck.
  21. The way I've figured this is that either solo, or in a full squad of 4 other people all stabbing their liches (me and a few friends) we found that the sisters spawned every 3-5 missions regardless as long as you stabbed all the hounds. Didn't matter if we did it solo so had no one else stabbing their liches to make ours angrier potentially. Didn't matter if we did it in a group and stabbed every sister that appeard as soon as we killed the hound they brought. it was roughly every 3-5 missions with little variation. Sure there were some that took longer and some that spawned after 1 mission but that happened only two or three times across me and my friends getting all of the sister weapons, and for a chunk of us some duplicates for valence fusion. I spent Oull on getting some of the initial set of the sister weapons just to get it done with when I new the order but didn't have the second word. Didn't take long to get through all 3 charges. I've personally killed 22 sisters. Zero Oulls, Zero ultimatums. They just aren't dropping for me. Good for you then! I've killed 22 and have gotten zero Oulls and zero ultimatums. They aren't super common. So good for you that you get them to drop commonly.
  22. This is probably the best way to "balance" it, even if I don't really like CDs. I mean they ostensibly did the energy tied to your frames energy for two reasons: First to balance it (and this is immediately shattered by Hildryn and Lavos being able to spam without concern). Second to make it so that if you go into someone elses poorly equipped/modded railjack you can still use abilities. And honestly? Just making each ability a CD ability instead of tied to frame energy would solve both concerns in one swoop. Further its not like we don't have a ton of CD abilities in RJ already (everything outside of the battle avionics, such as cloak, healing, breach pause, fire extinguish, etc) so it would just fit right in honestly.
  23. As long as you don't want to use any abilities.....sure. If you use railjack abilities while piloting then it becomes quite the hurdle for low energy frames unless you specifically gimp them so that they can't do the out of ship sections properly just to have enough energy for the piloting part. Because then we weren't shoe-horned into playing Volt Prime, Lavos, or Hildryn if we wanted to use the railjack abilities and could use -any- frame AND we can use railjack abilities frequently with super specific high energy builds or caster frames only (or frames that completely ignore the energy system)
  24. No. But I don't want to be forced into playing Volt Prime or Hildryn if I want to actually use railjack abilities in any actual capacity......
  25. Hey, lucky you! Guess what though? Not everyone is so lucky. I have gotten zero oull from the game outside of the free one sent to my inbox. That 25% chance isn't exactly "common". I have gotten zero ultimatum's (and none of my friends have either) outside of the free ones sent to our inboxes. Again not a "common" drop. Exactly! And with no easy way to get Oull! Sure you might be able to transmute it (no idea on the chances though) and its a 25% chance to drop from getting all three words...but good luck on that. I'm glad you have had luck on that...but just like some people -never- getting lich ephemera there are tons of people that simply don't have Oull or ultimatums that they can use. I'm giving one reason to avoid stabbing and just down your lich instead so it goes away. Further someone else stabbing their lich does nothing for lich anger. Its only hound/thrall stabbing. Whether you do a lich hunt solo or in a group your lich appears every 3-5 missions as long as you take out the dogs in the mission.
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