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  1. Considering dungeons and raids, in my opinion, they need first to create new sort of rewards for completing some stuff that isn't mods, and relics. It's a pain that every single gamemode in this game gives you relics which most of us have hundreds in inventory already.
  2. Just f**k dudee, I am always amazed with things like that.
  3. Nah, Plain of Eidolon got Ghouls, Fortuna got Thermia Fractures and it looks like now Deimos is getting some reccuring events as well with Lavos :)
  4. Yep, he doesn't need just some tweeks, he needs complete new abilities set imo.
  5. Considering they gave GOTL alerts with new weapons now I suppose this might be a place where they were supposed to drop. But as always- something didn't worked properly with that.
  6. I suppose it's RNG and I was just not lucky. Nevermind then. But still, is there anything new lore related or is this update just Tenno Reinforcement with some Vaults revisit? 😅
  7. Hello! Didn't find answers anywhere so gonna ask here. Is there any new lore that was added with Deimos Arcana? I remember Rebbeca showing some new encounters in Isolation Vaults as well but didn't find anything new out there myself during my runs.
  8. Regarding Steel Path and Steel Essence, I think that daily missions and Acolytes encounters with drops are very nice addition but on the other hand they should leave endless missions as they are now- so if some1 wants to farm Steel Essence he/she would still do that on survival, defence etc.
  9. Any chance for adding open world resources ( ores, fish parts) to the Helminth segment? Any chance to make us able to exchange normal Eidolon shards for focus? ( ex. 1 shard=100 focus points) Right now I have hundreds of them lying in my inventory without a purpose.
  10. Hello! I'm not sure if that's a bug or is it just supposed to be like that. During mission once we obtain void key for our railjack's drive and put it inside, we got a cutscene in which we see Aboroflora coming out and connecting with a drive. After that, once I enter my railjack and head to the reliquary drive I can't see Aboroflora and Void key anymore. Here are some screenshots of what we saw and what we have right now: https://imgur.com/bY15LCj https://imgur.com/SBXltdc
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