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  1. There are 2 things that in my opinion must be done ASAP: 1. Make AI pilot face with Railjack towards Crewships while a player is inside artillery station 2. Make AI focus on destroying radiators while a player is inside ship/ asteroid base/ hangar. It's pretty annoying that u have to go in and out each single time to progress during Grinner mission while ur crew is just circling around nowhere and watch. Those 2 changes would make solo play with Railjack and crew way more entertaining at least for me and I believe much of other players.
  2. Or at least we need new tileset cause the one Railjack missions are currently using is so big that it's taking ages to clear one wave.
  3. Hello! Gonna keep it short. Some things I'd love to see: - allow Murex in Veil to spawn fighters and abordage capsules when you get to close to it to make this part of mission more dynamic( also it would give option to complete some codex scans as well) - exterminate, volatile, defense, Orphix enemies( Grinner in galeons during skirmish as well) drop resources matching planet that we are nearby( ex. plastids in Pluto Proxima) - during volatile add rare caches which works same way as caches in normal sabotage missions and with same rewards and tiers depending on proxima - last but not least give us an option to go into Granum Void while infiltrating corpus ships- golden hands are already there, waving to everyone 🖐️
  4. I got 2 ideas: First- make forward artillery 360 deegres just like side guns Second- code AI to follow your aim while being in forward artillery- it would give some sort of command what pilot must do, kinda similar to how you can control Zephry's Tornados
  5. Although I know there are some flaws like energy economy now in Railjack but still people demands nowadays are just unbearable xD Sometimes I think this whole forum is just bunch of whinning kids while normal people are having fun playing the game.
  6. At first I expected it will take much more time to see Call of Tempestarii update live, but considering that " in development" topic showed today for consoles it might be shiped sooner than I think. Which of course is very very good thing, cause I can't wait to crack some relics during Railjack missions.
  7. Actually both of them should just quit that pointless discussion :)
  8. It's 10 am in Canada so we have to stay patient.
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