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  1. Yeah, I've noticed that the clone and I are often both running around with swords.
  2. That's a really good bit of info, wish I had thought of it. Ran the test today and (as always) went in green the first time. Killed a nullifier boss (2 of them?) and a Nox, but didn't notice a need to hit a final health tower or capsule to finish. Bleck. Does it show on the map?
  3. "blocked by user's friend invite restriction" Type: in-game When trying to add friend by typing in a name from out discord, I get "blocked by user's friend invite restriction". So do the other players (tested with2 others we all get the same message. Visual: Reproduction: If I try to add a manual entry- did not try to friend a pug player but will try in a minute. Can add friends that I have teamed with recently. Expected results: Friend added to friend list, allowing easy trading / mission invite / online check. Reproduction Rate: every time so far. Edit- Pal was able to send a friend invite while I was offline.
  4. With bloom turned off I can see the smoke clouds, I'll try to remember to try turning it on later to see if it's still messed up. OK- the black box is gone with Bloom at 25%... Maybe they fixed it.
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