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  1. Just another bump here- progress has been slow thanks to this new job I’ve landed. Money for food and tuition trumps creating weapon concepts for a video game I suppose. Hang in there guys!
  2. I have no entry myself, I just wanted to thank Murder Machine for the kind words and give him my blessing for this contest! Best of luck everyone!
  3. Definitely an interesting idea, just not sure where DE stands on actual alien wildlife- at least, natural alien wildlife. So far everything has been genetically engineered by the Orokin. I suppose it’s not out of the question for the Orokin to create spacefaring creatures. However I think Infested monsters would be far better suited as massive free space boss monsters! I can totally imagine an enormous Infested space dragon with some Grineer Galleon’s engine embedded in its throat, allowing it to breath fire!
  4. May the fourth be with everyone! Currently 3/4 of the way through my contest weapons. I’d love to show you guys progress but that would ruin the surprise!
  5. Awesome art as always, Epoch! Interesting that that chose to give him a noodlearm like Ballas- Id always wondered if that was a common thing amongst Orokin, or if it was something reserved to people of a certain class or something specific to Ballas. I suppose Infested Ancients do have the noodlearm though...
  6. That Nekros is super hot. Love the way his hood melts into his rib cage.
  7. Thanks for the kind words, and I’ll definitely check out this stuff. Im always trying to think of new ideas for Sentients, so I’ll 100% add your thoughts to my bank for later. 😄
  8. Bumping thread! Im out of exams and currently working on the weapon designs! Hang in there guys :3 In the meantime, here’s a shameless plug for my Discord server. It’s inherently a RP Discord, but if you just wanna hang out and chat, nothing is stopping you! 🙂 https://discord.gg/RXe99bt
  9. I RISE Hey, this is a pretty cool design! Although the discussion of whether or not a Warframe with physical Sentient technology could withstand Transference, I am totally down with the idea of Sentients emulating Warframe designs in order to attack us with our own tactics! Super cool work, Ember. I await more! I RETURN TO SLUMBER
  10. Surprise everyone! As of late, I've lost a lot of time and have been unable to keep doing the newsletter, and I feel very bad about it. I realize now that the newsletter isn't going to be as sustainable as I originally thought, but I refused to give up on allowing the public to be informed on what's happening in our server. SO! From here on out, we are opening the server up to EVERYONE to visit. Anyone will be allowed to drop by, read RPs, and interact with full-access members. All RPs will be available to read! Click the link below to join! The link can be shared with anyone you like as well- it's got no expiration date and unlimited uses. https://discord.gg/RXe99bt See you guys soon! NOTE: Keep in mind the application process to join RPs as a character is still the same- fill out one of the forms in the OP. EDIT: you will be required to message either myself or @Disruptis privately here on the forums or just in this thread with your Discord tag if you want to join. This is just a way to 'verify' people who join. It's easy and only takes 5 seconds!
  11. We'll probably be accepting our next batch in 1-3 months, can't say for sure right now. But don't worry, your application is now automatically in the pool for when we make that decision!
  12. Sorry for delays, thought I'd be done by now, but foolishly I started this endeavor during the exam season. I'll work on the stuff when I can, but otherwise you can expect more stuff to be done in a few weeks.
  13. I'm lazy and busy, but not dead. And the community is far from deceased as well. Again, sorry for no newsletter, but if you're interested, applications are still open!
  14. Here’s some more details on the competition: -there will be 4 pieces of weapon art that I will be creating. It is the contestants’ job to name and come up with gameplay stats/mechanics for any one of them. There will be one primary, secondary, melee, and a fourth unknown type. -one winner will be picked per weapon, based on creativity, usefulness and overall cool factor -winners will receive their choice of a Forma, Catalyst or Reactor in game! Additionally, their name will be added to the Legion of Tau’s contributor list. NOTE: As I am a PC player, I’m still not 100% sure how I can get prizes out to potential winners on other platforms. If anyone has any ideas how to solve this, let me know. -the contest will actually not be taking place in this thread, but on a separate thread that will be posted in Fan Zone. I will be sure to link to that thread from here when it goes up. This is in order to increase the size of the participant pool so that all of you regulars don’t just win like that 😜
  15. I’m planning on having a little community competition soon, featuring real in-game prizes! The premise will be to name and come up with stats/gameplay mechanics of several upcoming weapon designs. Stay tuned for more details!
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