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  1. Again, another sorry excuse from myself for inactivity to bump the thread. It's midterm season atm and I'm using most of my spare time to study (microbiological nanoscience, fun!), so I haven't had the time to finish off the weapon contest winners' equipment yet. Man. Life only gets busier as you get older, huh?
  2. Hey guys, just a quick status update on what's popping. Lately I've been a bit busy with the start up of University again, and on top of that I did burn myself out a bit with the Legion of Tau. I took a break and did some art for Remnant: From the Ashes to help burn off the burn out! As the contest I held has come to an end, you can expect 4 new weapons coming to join the Legion of Tau update very soon. When I can't say for sure, but definitely soon (once I find the time). EDIT: There is DEFINITELY more stuff on the way besides just the weapons. Visual updates, new mods, Varakira expansion, and tons more are all planned- it's just a matter of time that bottlenecks what I can get out and how fast.
  3. Welcome to the Warframe RP community! I’ll do my best to answer some of your questions here, but of course if you want more in depth, real time answers I suggest joining the discord as Blade suggested! The roleplay is “semi-Open”, meaning that you have to complete an application form in order to join as a full member. We do have a “practice” RP in our server for everyone to try out so they can get a sense for our style. There is a bit of a character limit. Basically, we like you to apply with a primary character we like to call your Main Character. This is the character that we like you to use the most, so that relationships and character dynamics can be formed. However we realize sometimes you need a break, so we allow people to RP as Side Characters. These are characters that you can use to break up the monotony of RPing as a single character, but they shouldn’t be used more than your Main Character. Lastly there are characters called NPCs which people can use in RPs that they host. This is pretty self explanatory. The tldr: you only need to apply with 1 character. As for your bio, we like the points that I outlined in the original post (name, school, etc), but additional details pertaining to your OC’s personality, quirks, flaws, and other intricacies will help your application stand out from others who may not put in the same amount of effort. Again, if you join our discord we can help you workshop your bio even after you have submitted your application! Hope this helped. Cheers!
  4. ANNOUNCEMENT TIME!! Ooh, how exciting! It appears that applications are now open! Hoorayy!! As per usual, use the Google form provided in the original post to complete your application. Acceptances will likely occur sometime in mid to late December. Feel free to join our Discord so you can get help workshopping your bio! Just remember to send me or @Disruptis a DM so we can verify you when you join. Best of luck everyone! Here's another meme featuring Isa T-posing on Kapak. Cheers!
  5. Interesting read so far. Keep up the good work folks. @DaMadReaper well done organizing this!
  6. Stay tuned for some important info regarding applications! In the meantime, enjoy a Warframe meme featuring some of our OCs. @Lekalis the Strider: "Oh? You want to fight. Instead of running, you're coming closer. How ungrateful. After your allies gave their lives to tell you about my insurgency. They were desperate. Like a Tenno taking a Mastery Rank test with only seconds on the clock..." @Vuko Drakkainen: "I can’t beat the S#&$ out of you without getting closer." @Lekalis the Strider: "Oho! Then get as close as you'd like!"
  7. Alright folks! Let's keep this short and sweet... there's winners to be announced! Once again, thank you to everyone who participated and for waiting patiently. I'd also like to take a moment to introduce and thank my impartial judges, @Vosenedich, @Rozencratz and @TheFafalStudios! Without them I wouldn't have been able to fairly judge all the entries! Now, for the winners! In fourth place we have @DrMegavolt with their entry for the Corpus melee weapon- the Indominex Heavy Blade! In third place is @Loza03's entry for the Tenno Primary- the Vikasati Semi-Automatic Rifle! In second place is @DarkRuler2500 and the Blastoma Burst Pistol! And last but not least, the first place entry and grand prize winner... @RevanGarcia with their entry for the Sentient Melee weapon- the Wudian Machete! Thank you once again everyone for participation- and don't feel bad if you didn't win. There were a lot of great entries from many creative minds. It wasn't easy for the judges to make up their minds! Note to all contest winners: your original designs may be altered slightly when incorporated into the main Legion of Tau thread. You will still be credited properly despite some variation to your submission.
  8. You wont be able to see much, but yes you can join. It only takes 2 seconds to DM me your discord tag and then we can grant you access to the primary channels.
  9. Exam time for him, so his free time is stretched thin. So not really them being lazy, more them being busy.
  10. Sorry again about the wait, fellas. Just posting another update here. Waiting for the very last judge to input their thoughts, and with that we will have a grand prize winner! Once more, thanks everyone for the patience and participation.
  11. We’re almost done! Victors from each category have been selected, now we decide on an overall GRAND PRIZE winner! Soon™️ 👀
  12. Sorry about the late response! We’re still waiting on a few of our straggling members to polish up their bios, so we’re not quite ready yet- but we should be soon! Thanks for the patience 🙂
  13. Sorry for continued lack of new stuff! If you’ve been following my competition’s thread, you’ll know that I’m currently waiting on my judges for selecting a winner. Hold onto your Sentient Cores!
  14. How’s everyone doing? I hope well. Anyone still waiting to get their Umbra Statue? I know I am. Been waiting for months! Believe me I know what it’s like to wait! So keep on waiting my dudes, we’ll get those winners picked and published soon!
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