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  1. There's a bigger update coming soon, but I decided to release some new content in the form of new Operator and Amp arcanes! There are all available fully-built from Quill Rhett, and should be quite fun for players to try out. MAGUS ASCENSION (12,500)[Requires Architect] On Void Mode: Gain 10/20/30/40% damage reduction per second while in Void Mode, lasting for 3/4/5/6 seconds once exiting Void Mode. Max 90% damage reduction. MAGUS FOUNTAIN (12,500)[Requires Architect] On Void Blast: Mark nearest enemy hit for 10 seconds. If killed, the enemy will generate an energy fountain that releases beams at all allies within 5/8/11/14 meters, healing 50/100/150/200 health per second MAGUS BASTION (12,500)[Requires Architect] On Void Dash: Reduces Void Dash range by 10%, but leave behind a force field wall that lingers for 10/20/30/40 seconds. Force field blocks enemies and enemy projectiles, and has 4000/4800/5600/6400 health. Only 3 force field walls may be active at once. MAGUS ORBIT (12,500)[Requires Architect] On Void Dash: Become suspended in the air for 5/7/9/11 seconds. Cancel early by sliding. MAGUS SINGULARITY (12,500)[Requires Architect] On Operator Death: Release an explosion dealing 600/1600/2600/3600 Finisher Damage to all enemies within 10/15/20/25 meters. VIRTUOS CHERUB (12,500)[Requires Architect] On Hit: 5/10/15/20% chance to call down a beam of energy at target's location, dealing 30/50/70/90% damage per second to all enemies within 5/6/7/8 meters. VIRTUOS DYNAMIS (12,500)[Requires Architect] On Hit While at Maximum Ammo: Gain 40/60/80/100% Critical Chance and 40/60/80/100% Critical Damage. VIRTUOS EXOUSIAI (12,500)[Requires Architect] On Ammo Depleted: 10/25/40/55% chance to restore ammo to maximum. VIRTUOUS SERAPH (12,500)[Requires Architect] On Hit: 2/4/6/8% chance to instantly kill enemies under 20/30/40/50% health (does not apply to bosses). VIRTUOUS SHEDIM (12,500)[Requires Architect] On Headshot: 12/14/16/18% chance to summon an ethereal, smoke-like Void Spirit for 5/8/11/14 seconds. Void Spirits attack every second, dealing 50% amp damage with every shot. Prioritizes enemies inflicted with Void. I've got Pax and Exodia arcanes coming soon as well- 3 of each. All 6 of these modular weapon Arcanes will be available as rewards from Bounties. More info when it comes! If you've got any feedback on these arcanes, let me know, and I'd be happy to figure out how to balance them accordingly.
  2. All notifications should be out! Unfortunately I was unable to message the following individuals, so apologies for the publicity but I could not send you all DMs because your username doesn't exist! Grindor32 aka "Kio Pekoi" (XB1)AeonianWrath aka "Jay'lin" HKStaAln aka "Leithon" Send me a PM if you're still interested in things.
  3. I mean, the Quills appear to be the anti-sentient faction, but they fight by supplying others with information and equipment as opposed to direct confrontation. Other than that though, I want to avoid a clear-cut anti-Sentient militia in favour of uniting the existing factions and syndicates under one banner. I think it’s a neat way to tie together all the friends your Tenno makes throughout the course of your Warframe career!
  4. Almighty_Jado

    Make-your-own Peculiar Mods!

    Peculiar Pro Casting abilities causes airhorns and voice clips of DE staff yelling “WOMBO COMBO” and other ‘MLG’ sfx to play. Peculiar Timeout Killed enemies stop attacking and turn around, slowly walking away back towards their spawn (as if they’re playing paintball and they’re out).
  5. Almighty_Jado

    New Open World?

  6. Almighty_Jado

    Azima, A.... well its just bad. worse now.

    I definitely think adding a guaranteed explosion effect to the alt fire once the magazine has been depleted would make it incredibly more useful (assuming the explosion is of decent damage). Additionally, I think the bullets firedby the disk should be targeted horizontally on the nearest enemy within range.
  7. I believe he means beam range, similar to the effect of Sinister Reach.
  8. Almighty_Jado

    Sensor - Neural Sentry based sentinel

    @(XB1)Kawaii Asa I think they changed the way Neural Sentries work since the Ghouls Warframe comic. Iirc there’s now physical components that are fixed onto the faces of intruders to turn them into corrupted.
  9. Also as a general announcement to everyone; I hope to get all the messages out to everyone this weekend. Remember that if you want feedback, you will need to reply to the DM I send you directly and request it. I'm hoping that by next weekend, our application form will be back up again for people to reapply and new people to apply!
  10. Added @(XB1)Kawaii Asa's suggestion to the Forward Base Defense bounty stage, with some minor changes. Thanks!
  11. Almighty_Jado

    We need PvP Gambling

    Agreed. Poor idea.
  12. Not going to bother retyping everything again, but this is still an issue that make the Rakta Ballistica difficult to use in high-intensity combat. I would love a fix for this as soon as possible!
  13. Still working away behind the scenes in new stuff. I’ll admit I’ve had to scrap and restart what I’m working on several times. Makes me sad, but I’ll be back soon.
  14. Almighty_Jado

    Damage Concept: Force Damage

    I agree with Uxx0, this would be a welcome change to Impact Damage. Doesn’t seem like it would do good to be it’s own new Damage type though.