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  1. VIKASATI (by @Loza03) BLASTOMA (By @DarkRuler2500) It's about time I got these out, right? Sorry about the delay all- life got a bit busy, and I tried to juggle too much at once. With these weapons down, I'll be moving on to more, newer content. There IS one last weapon contest entry that isn't up yet, but I'll be sitting on it for a while purely because melee 3.0 is a pain and I need time to also update older melee weapon entries to the Legion of Tau. New Warframe augments and a BIG addition coming soon. Thanks for patience everyone, enjoy, and leave comments!
  2. Same boat here as Vox, I've managed to get it to suspend enemies once or twice but not consistently. Kind of frustrating since this whole gimmick was what made the Orvius fun to use.
  3. Note: There are now 2 new posts below the OP that contain some of the content from the OP. Please let me know if you spot any broken links or anything. I'll remove the redundant content from the OP in a week probably, just in case something gets screwed up.
  4. Legacy Ferrolyst post! You're likely seeing this because the "renovations" for my thread have begun, and this poor guy was displaced! I couldn't just delete this OG content, so it'll be immortalized safe and sound right here. Stay tuned for actual new stuff.
  5. Yeo yeo it’s ya boi someone here invoked the Sentient and will pay the price 😂😂👌🔥💯
  6. I appreciate it, thanks! In all seriousness, only one of the posts is really important (which is the legacy Ferrolyst post). The other one is essentially a bump post which could dissected a bit and absorbed into the main post(s). I could also quote the legacy Ferrolyst post and repost it in order to maintain it. Think of it kind of like a relocation of an ancient artifact to a new location- in a museum! Anyways, we'll see. The workload to update the Legion of Tau shouldn't be too much more difficult if I just divide the different sections up among the three posts. There's 9-ish sections: Intro, Systems & Economy, Bounties, The Shadow of Erebos Quest, Enemies, Varakira Content, Weapons, Mods & Arcanes, and the "Hall of Fame". If I put 3 sections per post, that would be neat and tidy, and people still wouldn't have to scroll very far to access things.
  7. A small price to pay for salvation. But yeah, I will admit the text editor is a real piece of work. I figured it would be worth it since the OP looks very nice, if I do say so myself. Anyways, I was thinking of probably splitting the content up among the three first posts that I've made in the thread, since that way I can keep most of the current "infrastructure" while effectively tripling the "memory capacity". If it doesn't turn out to work so well, I'll probably save and do the table of contents style thing. Thanks for y'alls suggestions
  8. It's super bizarre tbh. Basically, after clicking the Edit Post button, it loads for roughly 10 to 15 seconds before redirecting me to a blank white page that says something along the lines of "The server could not complete the operation". This is exclusive to editing my OP, so that's how I can tell it's not an issue with my internet or anything. But yes, your style is definitely a good possibility. It's just a shame because I like having everything up front without having to click through links. Ah well, might have to do it for the greater good. EDIT: I just realized I also have 2 posts at the beginning of the thread before any comments begin that I could theoretically use for space as well.
  9. The Wudian is out! This was the grand prize winning submission from my weapon contest, created by @RevanGarcia! There's been some statistical changes from the original submission, mainly buffs in line with the melee 3.0 changes that are soon to come upon us. I suspect once the update finally comes out I'll have to revisit all the melee weapons here. Speaking of future updates, it appears that the Legion of Tau is becoming TOO BIG for the forums. Everytime I add new content, it's gotten more and more slower, and this last update it failed to properly apply my additions to the OP several times. I had to actually delete some things in order for it to go through. It appears there's a memory limit for posts before the Warframe forum servers reject a post. Considering there's still 3 more submissions to be put in, 4 new Augments, 2 new weapons and 6 new Warframe Arcanes that all have finished art and are ready to be released, I'm honestly not sure if the post can handle much more. I suspect all the extremely high-res images I also keep uploading have something to do with it. So, what does that mean? Well, an easy fix may be to just reduce all the images to links, or just link to update posts in the thread from the OP, but that would be a bit of a pain in the rear, wouldn't it? A second (and very over the top solution in my opinion) is to make a second thread to continue on with more additions. I am pretty hesitant right now to continue adding stuff to the thread until I figure out what to do. If anyone has any ideas, let me know, because I'm more than open. Cheers!
  10. Again, another sorry excuse from myself for inactivity to bump the thread. It's midterm season atm and I'm using most of my spare time to study (microbiological nanoscience, fun!), so I haven't had the time to finish off the weapon contest winners' equipment yet. Man. Life only gets busier as you get older, huh?
  11. Hey guys, just a quick status update on what's popping. Lately I've been a bit busy with the start up of University again, and on top of that I did burn myself out a bit with the Legion of Tau. I took a break and did some art for Remnant: From the Ashes to help burn off the burn out! As the contest I held has come to an end, you can expect 4 new weapons coming to join the Legion of Tau update very soon. When I can't say for sure, but definitely soon (once I find the time). EDIT: There is DEFINITELY more stuff on the way besides just the weapons. Visual updates, new mods, Varakira expansion, and tons more are all planned- it's just a matter of time that bottlenecks what I can get out and how fast.
  12. Welcome to the Warframe RP community! I’ll do my best to answer some of your questions here, but of course if you want more in depth, real time answers I suggest joining the discord as Blade suggested! The roleplay is “semi-Open”, meaning that you have to complete an application form in order to join as a full member. We do have a “practice” RP in our server for everyone to try out so they can get a sense for our style. There is a bit of a character limit. Basically, we like you to apply with a primary character we like to call your Main Character. This is the character that we like you to use the most, so that relationships and character dynamics can be formed. However we realize sometimes you need a break, so we allow people to RP as Side Characters. These are characters that you can use to break up the monotony of RPing as a single character, but they shouldn’t be used more than your Main Character. Lastly there are characters called NPCs which people can use in RPs that they host. This is pretty self explanatory. The tldr: you only need to apply with 1 character. As for your bio, we like the points that I outlined in the original post (name, school, etc), but additional details pertaining to your OC’s personality, quirks, flaws, and other intricacies will help your application stand out from others who may not put in the same amount of effort. Again, if you join our discord we can help you workshop your bio even after you have submitted your application! Hope this helped. Cheers!
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