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  1. Furthermore, Capture and Extermination missions are generally faster. Do them if you can.
  2. do missions without a relic. You'll get more traces.
  3. The main issue people have with Vauban is that CC is all he does. Even with older content that is still the issue because it makes his kit redundant. Being able to do a 2 hour survival is something many frames can do. The difference is that they can also do more than just CC. In fact, you could use Khora, who has two abilities similar to Vauban's Bastille and Vortex, so the cases where Vauban could be used, you could use her and get better results. The problem is not the new content. If it was, then every frame made before him that hasn't gone through a major change would have the same problems, which they don't.
  4. First off, wow. That run-on sentence makes it hard to fully break down what you want to say. Try adding a few periods or at least some commas. Second, you might need a little clarity on the ships. The orbiter (the ship we all walk around in) is the thing we install stuff in. The landing crafts (Liset, Mantis, Xiphos, and Scimitar) are the things that use the air support charges. Third, what exactly is it that you want? You suggest adding more things to install to improve the ship, but to improve it how and for what purpose? It's not very clear what you want to come from all of this. If you could make it more clear that could be helpful.
  5. Well, if the mod cap stays the same, then I don't see the harm in this.
  6. They've talked about this a few times before. Linking PC and Console accounts is something they would like to look into doing at some point, but right now it's not on their "to do list".
  7. Even if you had those nodes completed beforehand, you would still need to complete the new ones now.
  8. If you go down a rank you don't have to pay anything to go back up to the rank you were at.
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