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  1. LeighPouse

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    Thanks DE ❤️
  2. LeighPouse

    Hotfix 18.0.8 [Spoilers!]

    Thanks DE *btw* Typo, "Credit only itme" instead of item
  3. LeighPouse

    Update 18: The Second Dream

    Thanks to all at DE for their hard work <3
  4. LeighPouse

    General Thread: 'catbrow' Naming Brainstorm.

    Felynx? ok i'm not the first to suggest it but still
  5. I'm sorry but as much as this cheers me up I'm still worried. Telling me the game will remain a labour of love is a great thing, but this doesn't address the concern that PWE will turn this game into a Pay 2 Win cash cow. You can still love the thing you make even if it turns terrible.