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  1. 1. Wukong rework when? 2. Chroma rework when? 3. What happened to Hexis and Steel frame quests why no love for them?
  2. 1. Chroma and Wukong rework when? 2. Hexis and Steel frame quest when?
  3. Question 1. Chroma and Wukong rework when? Question 2. Hexis and Steel has yet to have a frame quest when will they get their quest? Where is the love for Hexis and Steel?
  4. 1. chroma and wukong rework when? 2. what ever happened to Hexis and Steel's frame quest? Why no love for Hexis and Steel?
  5. Question: Why was Hexis and Steel skipped? What happened to their Warframe Synd missions why do the other synds get some love but not Hexis and Steel?
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