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  1. Now it's visible again, at least. My attempt to search for the old thread came up completely dry.
  2. It's been like that since the skin's release. There's an old thread that we kept bumping every once in a while, but it doesn't seem to be searchable anymore. Look at it gripping, for instance, Scourge. It's very easy to see that way. Also, try using Windows+Shift+S to snip just a portion of the screen. That'd help with displaying the issue more clearly.
  3. The weapon thrown by Contagion is supposed to be an energy version, following the primary energy color. This new polearm skin throws a default-colored copy of the skin instead, although the energy color is correct.
  4. Can confirm, all heavy blade skins I have display this same issue. It's trying to hold it as though it still has a very long hilt. One possible fix would be to swap out the long-handled axe idle animation set with the normal 2h sword idle set when equipping a sword-type skin. Just checked, the reverse also happens. Mortier axe skin applied to a sword like Galatine still grips like a sword, it just doesn't look as obviously wrong as holding a sword like an axe. So perhaps this is something that just needs to be applied to skins in general; swap animation sets to match skin if applicable.
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