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  1. It sounds like the obvious idea until you think about blast damage usually coming from already explosive weapons. This means that getting hit by explosions would make you explode, which would be a bit strange.
  2. It's there to slow the mission down on purpose. Without the datamass, a meta mobile defense run consists of one or zero players defending the first terminal while the rest starts hunting down the next mobile defense terminal, ready to activate it the second it's possible. Since that's not really possible without a whole lot of work (switch teleport chains or similar), people generally have no reason to not stick together and play the mission as intended. First thing to happen after removing the datamass would be people asking why they can't hack all three terminals at once like in spy. For clarity, I would like to be able to hack all three terminals at once, but I suspect it is not something DE wants us to do.
  3. Yeah this quest drags on. I still think the mutalist alad v quest with five hives in a row got more stale faster, but this is a close second. At least you get to do the spy mission intermission. At least it earned me a million credits because I had a booster when I did it, and that really helped at the time.
  4. Yeah that'd be nice, actually. Should be simple enough to work out a level of multishot that'd make it worth using a 10% crit weapon, but would be a bad idea to use on a 20% crit weapon.
  5. Buffing Archguns to be powerful would be cool except for the part where maintaining it forever is trivial. Realistically I think we could get some small stat/mod buffs and speeding the deployment animation by quite a lot so that we have a viable backup weapon.
  6. Yeah this one sucks. I dunno if they'll ever fix it, but if you get it in mission there's a couple of things you can do: - If possible, enter your k-drive and leave it. Usually fixes it. - If possible, and k-drive didn't fix it, enter your archwing and leave it. Usually fixes it if K-drive caused the bug in the first place. - Still doesn't work (or you're not in open world), only fix I've found is to die and manually revive. Getting revived by other players won't help. Dying is surprisingly hard in this game, you might need a few minutes. Enemies will also take their aggro elsewhere since you can't attack them.
  7. It's a weird test! As I understand, there's another one like it later with more parkour elements thrown in. I used limbo, speed mods, and the big map to predict where to go which is similar to how I approach sabotage caches, so in a way it uses that kind of skillset? I consider Limbo a mandatory warframe everyone should have in their arsenal. You don't need any forma or reactors or anything, it just has to be a limbo, just in case a limbo situation shows up.
  8. Yes, but actually no. In 5 minutes of survival you fight a bajillion dudes. 5 rounds of defense sees less action than 3 minutes of exterminate, so the complaint isn't only that the mission is long. The accusations leveled (by at least me): Too long. Too little rewards compared to time. Not enough happening. Too much AI breakage. If you get this hecking mode in a sortie I just skip it because you can go 9 waves only to have the guy clip through the floor and fail you. No seriously, why is that a thing. Like I get the clipping is hard to fix, but they could simply respawn the dude? Jesus christ. That freaking one shield drone that just waits 500m down a corridor to waste your time. One time I tried this game on Switch and you had to do a Defense node on Earth. It took me 20 minutes to do 5 waves because the game doesn't have an enemy radar by default and the enemy kept being stuck in some random bit of scenery. I have not since tried playing this game on Switch. I agree it's not the end of the world. We can simply never play Defense the way we don't interact with all the other dead content this game has.
  9. I don't really mind Defense being this static mode where I hold the fort and shoot guys. That's how I like to play! Frost is somewhere in my top 5 most frames, with two of the other top 5 being Vauban. Camping in one place shooting dudes coming through the door is how you play survival. Defense's problem is that it's too sparse, and too slow. The only danger to my defense objective is me getting impatient and hunting nooks and crannies for enemies that just refuse to come out. My favourite action game of all time works a lot like Defense missions, so there shouldn't be any reason for me to dislike it. Here's some cool things that game did that could help: - Increase enemy spawns a ton. It needs to at least match survival spawn rates at any given time. - Cycle is currently 5 waves, reducing to 4 would go a long way to make the mode feel snappier. - Give a dozen or so npc squads to the Tenno side, refreshed between each cycle (the reinforcements lotus mentions). These help deal with stragglers so you don't have to shoot every single one. Usually they might be Tenno operatives or locals, but during syndicate missions they could be (more than usual) syndicate operatives. Keeping these npcs alive as distractions and bullet sponges presents tactics for buff frames, which is nice. - Next wave spawns when you're about 75% through the current one, with complete annihilation only required every complete cycle.
  10. I really thought the simulacrum decoration would let you do this, but it will not.
  11. I set a different post in the first place! Didn't make any secret about it.
  12. That's intended! You "stack" their health pools together and refresh the invulnerability period. If you'd like overlapping snow globes like a venn diagram, you can cast them just outside the globe's radius to get that effect instead. I pull that sometimes defending coil drives to cover more area.
  13. I should certainly hope 9 different frames with 9 potatoes can do 9 different jobs better than one frame with one potato, but Frost is still not bad at any of them. Also, as a Vauban main, i contest that vauban is better for excavation. Maybe if you're entirely solo and you're specifically doing Hieracon but it's not a fissure so there's no ranged enemies. Frost is just a lot less effort for more consistently defending every excavator.
  14. Every day as I use Frost to do Profit-Taker, Disruption, Defection, Synthesis, Exterminate, Excavation, Defense, Mobile Defense, Spy, etc etc I always ponder the inverse. "Everyone says Frost is bad. What is he supposed to be bad at?"
  15. There was a guy on reddit who reached rank 5 with every syndicate. It's not practical for acquiring rewards, and was just a completionist thing, but it is possible. Keep in mind new syndicate rewards are coming, so I wouldn't start a project like this yet.
  16. It's hard to get started with railjack, but eventually it becomes as easy as anything else. Here's what helps: In your clan dojo you can research MkIII parts for your ship. These are incredibly cheap although roughly equivalent in power to MkII parts you find in the wild. Good starting point. Reaching rank 4/5 in every intrinsics helps a lot, and doesn't cost a lot of points. You want Engineering and Command especially early, as railjack crew are very useful. Just check in with Ticker every day for crew until you have three members with 10 points total in 3 attributes: Engineer: Combat, Endurance, Repair (in this priority. My engineer has 3 repair). This is your on-call crew, give them your good gun. Gunner: Gunnery, Combat, Repair Second gunner / Pilot: Gunnery, Pilot, Repair. I personally like having a pilot, you may feel different. They're pretty handy now that they blow up radiators. Unlock tactical 5 so you can use a mech. Mechs are immune to CC and statuses, have infinite ammo, big health pools, jump high, possibly have a radar not tied to a companion if you can get ahold of that mod. Voidrig is especially good for the defense maps, Bonewidow is a bit more convenient for exterminate since she's faster. Either mech makes Volatile a lot less stressful, and are basically mandatory to get through Orphix. If you're low on railjack resource, either use Plasma Ram or Shatterburst and blow through dense rocky areas. With that and pilot 5 you should be able to rack up thousands of titanium and whatever very quickly. I have so much titanium from doing roughly one railjack per day as first win that it's my go-to helminth food. Shatterburst will destroy all the security nodes on crewships and the bigger ships. You also want the avionic that disables crewships so you can set them up for forward artillery. Get yourself a dispenser in helminth if you don't have it. Not just for Railjack. The biggest reward from railjack is Command 9, in my opinion. In most missions you can simply throw down an NPC with your modded, 5-forma Acceltra, infinite ammo, several times your damage, and a perfect aimbot and just have them go to town. Sometimes it helps, but most of the time it just lets you do menial tasks like exterminate and defense missions with less effort. I appreciate that I can run 3 crappy weapons I'm ranking on a crappy frame I'm heating, and should I get invaded or something I can just summon my on-call to take care of it.
  17. 50 is quite a lot, you currently need an augment for a 75 energy skill to get those kinds of numbers, but I could certainly see anywhere in the 10-25 area working.
  18. What: Magnetized enemies get a 1% chance per stack (capping at 10%) of dropping an extra energy orb on death and on shield break. Why: - Magnetic status zaps Tenno energy, which can't really be done in return against enemies. Instead, reversing it to refill energy fits thematically. - Gives purpose to magnetic against all factions, but still most useful vs shields. - Many ways exist to maintain energy, so would be a useful status without being mandatory. - Very helpful for new players' struggling energy economy. - Fueling abilities with your weapons feels good.
  19. There's a man on high with the Devil in his eye, and a golden hand, I'm told. It can hurt you, it can hold you, he can kick you or console you, when we're all sleeping in the cold below.
  20. I recall a ton of screenshots back when there was a GoTL that gave a roomba of people who had their lich steal it. Don't think there's anything preventing them from taking these rewards. Riling you up to go fight them is kind of the point.
  21. I don't know if new mods are even needed, there's existing mods with good concepts that just need number buffs. The mod that makes enemies explode when you kill them is exactly the kind of thing guns need, it just needs to be scalable rather than a flat number. For new mods I'd absolutely start with exploding rounds, then look at Shattering Impact for guns since the balance problem lies entirely in steel path armor values.
  22. I agree, but my exilus would still be taken up by Motus Jump.
  23. May i interest you in hunting sabotage caches and its whooping 0.5% chance of giving a built forma?
  24. I found it nice. Sometimes I'm unsure if I did, in fact, do millions of damage with that mausolon altfire. Double commas says hell yeah I did.
  25. If ticker had a selection of 10 liches every day as an alternative to spamming Cassini, would you use it? I would. For me it's the route in this suggestion I'd never bother using.
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