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  1. So fixes to make it more accessable to get a sister lich that doesn't rely on people taking the stealing other zenith tokens to get one in rando squads. Sure going solo is a workaround but some want to farm the tokens easier
  2. it seems interesting, shame it keeps his globe which is the part that could easily be made into some other utility as currently its just an ability for trolling
  3. Its mainly because instead of buffing primaries and secondaries to put it in line with melee while only nerfing the dispo of stat sticks, they instead nerf a handful of the mods, with impact status and try to push people to do their "we can't make endgame" content. Melee might still be overpowered but its a case of DE not touching the right things, which is normal for them(looking at the time pre-ember rework when they nerfed her & banshee but left equinox & Gara)
  4. Almost thought this was gonna talk about the Cadus & Prisma Machete, which is still the only weapons that is chinaframe exclusive. Plaguestar comes every few months and honestly its a good thing if we have weapons, mods and cosmetics that only come around in recurring events. I do agree on snipetron, as that just cycled between different events.
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