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  1. I can't speak for others, but the main reason I constantly keep checking in on this is just the sheer scope of your creations, and the stories behind them. Everything you've made has a story, it has a purpose. It feels Alive! You pour your heart into everything, and it shows! P. S. For you consideration, The personal preference of your current suggestion list. Or maybe the "gun-gavel"? The "Infesto-Collection" of Corpus security equipment "gone native"? What about the old grinic anti-tank rifle? Will it be the compact multi-loader machine gun? How about the Buzzer throwing knives? The "defensively pacifist" shielding shields?
  2. KiTeer

    Tennobaum gifting center

    Happy Holidays Tenno My wishlist is: Gara collection Artisan Pack Ostron Rug collection Reclamator Pack Nidus collection Color Pack: Beta Iliac armor Bundle Mucusk Syandana Warframe slot Weapon slots Moth Syandana Pack Embolist Collection Display Pack Apoxys Syandana Pox Provvok Shoulder Guard Nano spores decoration Nanospore Culture Decoration Neurode Decoration Neuroptic Mass Decoration Scimitar Scimitar Squadron Bundle Any unpowered Ayatan Sculpture you don't need. Have a blessed Tennobaum.