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  1. O Unus, you offer such Beautiful, Horrid, and fascinating things.... Anyhow, on with the list. The terrifying ethereal menace of the Void Creeper/Strangler/Preserver (Three variants)? The "reeks of desperation" Deimos worker's "Luddite Rifle"? The horrifying randomized wormlike abomination, the Inprobocyte? The tandem wage-slave hunting unit, the Jailor and Sniffer-Proxy? As to why this order? Simple, The Void Things offer a fabulous collective of potential nightmares. The Luddite Rifle? 1. It expands on The Starborn Brigade. (which i.m.o. is one of the most Iconic things you've ever made.) And 2. I have a soft spot for makeshift weapons. As to why the Inprobocyte is so low on my list? To build antici----------pation~ And finally, the Proxies. Simply because we just got a lot of Corpus material due to Fortuna (and the Soon upcoming Jupiter rework.)
  2. I can't speak for others, but the main reason I constantly keep checking in on this is just the sheer scope of your creations, and the stories behind them. Everything you've made has a story, it has a purpose. It feels Alive! You pour your heart into everything, and it shows! P. S. For you consideration, The personal preference of your current suggestion list. Or maybe the "gun-gavel"? The "Infesto-Collection" of Corpus security equipment "gone native"? What about the old grinic anti-tank rifle? Will it be the compact multi-loader machine gun? How about the Buzzer throwing knives? The "defensively pacifist" shielding shields?
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