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  1. I watched the panel with one twitch account then switched accounts for the tennolive stream. I haven't received drops on either twitch account yet. I am not sure which one is linked to my Warframe account as they both show as connected to Warframe on twitch (I only have one WF account) and when I go on the Warframe site and click connect to twitch it just says I'm already connected (which account is the primary?) I put in a support ticket with DE just now so hopefully they can make sure both drops are credited to my same account even if they don't come up on twitch. Fingers crossed the twitch bot will figure it out by itself when it eventually processes all the data involved with so many viewers and if one twitch account isn't properly linked then worst case I can disconnect from Warframe then reconnect to claim the drop.
  2. Sounds cool but I went to the site and was going to buy a mousepad and after the shipping and applying the discount code it comes out $3 cheaper than buying Mesa Prime access. If it was guaranteed to get Mesa Prime Access for buying fan gear i'd jump on it but you are better off just buying Mesa Prime directly as we don't even know if it's like an 80% chance you will get it or only a low chance like 10%.
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