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  1. KurzedMetal

    Massive Framerate Stutter in the Plains post-22.17.0-1

    I have exactly the same issue. I actually had this problem like a year ago and they fixed it, it came back a month ago, and they fixed it again, and now it came again. It's really annoying, basically unplayable. It lags control, no FPS drop for me, it just make the last key pressed stuck / unresponsive every several seconds for 1-2 secs.And happens everywhere... Now that I think about it, could be a completely unrelated bug.
  2. KurzedMetal

    Keyboard + Mouse issue (stuck keys)

    Same problem here, I had this problem with Warframe 6+ months ago, DE fixed it and now it came back a few weeks ago. I'm pretty sure it's a peformance issue. The last time was some kind of bug using DirectX I remember, and deactivating DX11 fixed it for me. But this time the DX trick didn't work. It's really annoying, keys get "stuck" for a second (keeps moving forward for example) once every 10-15secs and the game don't accept any other input while it's stuck.
  3. KurzedMetal

    Dev Workshop: Weapons, Mastery Ranks, and Stats!

    Please, don't kill Kulstar and other weapons Ammo Capacity. Those weapons already heavily struggle to stay relevant at higher levels due to armor scaling. This change would simply kill them.
  4. KurzedMetal

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    I'd like to see Zephyr getting a slight improvement in her Tail Wind animation. I feel it's a bit too slow / clunky as it is right now.
  5. KurzedMetal

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    Patch coming April 1st. Stay tuned.
  6. KurzedMetal

    Warframe Builder

    It seems "Details" popup window is not working for Nyx Prime, I tried Firefox and Chrome. You can check with this build but it doesn't work even if it's empty. http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Nyx_prime/t_30_0304020030_2-3-10-4-0-5-5-6-4-6-5-5-8-8-5-46-2-5-55-4-4-256-7-3-481-1-10_4-9-481-7-46-11-2-6-55-10-6-6-5-8-256-9-8-14-f-f_0/en/1-0-27/