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  1. Rebuying Quest Items (for example: Ether Daggers)

    BTW, more Salt... Some players get stuff back, other don't, and support is not clear about these rules, there are countless thread about this "unfairness". I'll just post a recent one: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/6y577a/i_just_wanna_thank_de_for_restoring_something_i/ This guy got a Lato Vandal back after "years" of selling it. Seems like the results depends on the Support that picks up the ticket. I'm glad about him, I just want the same response from DE Support for me and other players in the same situation. But hey, I guess I can't even ask if they clarified or changed their policy about item restore because they forbid me to open a ticket about it again (they gave me a warning on the second ticket after retrying a several months later after the first try). I can't wait to get the normal Snipetron (which I bet it's coming soon) just to take some screenshots and say "look this freaking Ether Daggers is all I'm missing from my 400+ items inventory"
  2. Rebuying Quest Items (for example: Ether Daggers)

    I wish you told me that ~2 years ago (way before junctions) when I was MR3, knew nothing about the game and started doing Stolen Dreams quest... Now I'm MR24 with 1.45mill mastery points, I have 400 out of 403 items maxed(1) in my profile and Ether Daggers(2) is one of the few weapons I don't have in my inventory(3), together with other currently impossible to get weapons like Lato/Braton Vandal, Founder stuff, and Snipetron (normal version). 1. Those missing 3 are the Hydroid Prime stuff recently released. 2. Yes, that S#&$ty MR3 quest reward weapon. 3. Yes, I bought slot for every frame and weapon now.
  3. Rebuying Quest Items (for example: Ether Daggers)

    So, is this subject dead? I'd like to point out to my previous discussion in this thread Is there any plan to let players recover sold quest items back? I'm probably willing to spend a few thousand plat just to get those stupid Ether Daggers back. Complaining here since WF Support already said "can't do nothing, go give feedback to forums" and that's what I'm doing until I get my Ether Daggers back. See you next month.
  4. I Just tried to trade it with someone and the Scene didn't even get listed.
  5. Rebuying Quest Items (for example: Ether Daggers)

    Seems like some mod merged multiple posts about this in a single thread... Anyways, I'd kill to hear an official response about the subject.
  6. Rebuying Quest Items (for example: Ether Daggers)

    TL;DR: So DE, can you please review your Support limitations/policies for giving back Quest Items or add some way for players to get their sold Quest items back (even buy with Plat from Market)? I opened a Ticket to get my sold Ether Daggers back and got a unfavorable reply about it Even after I've read around that many players got them back even after years of selling them. So I asked why my case was special and couldn't get it, and I got this reply: This means you can reach support to get it back only if you never built it or maxed it (IF THAT'S YOUR CASE JUST GO AND OPEN A TICKET ASAP) Which wasn't my case, I sold them at max rank and getting them back wouldn't "improve my progress". (I don't care I got the Mastery points, I actually want the weapon, so yeah, they do "block" my desired progression) Now, why this thread? Well, Support pointed me this way for "feedback". And I think this is a stupid limitation, I definitely don't understand why they can give it back if you sold it at rank 28-29 but not 30, Does that make that much difference?. I don't even understand why they don't let us buy back from the Market all the Quest rewards that we are entitled to enjoy, I wouldn't mind paying Plat for it, but I'm not even allowed. So DE, can you please review your Support limitations/policies for giving back Quest Items or add some way for players to get their sold Quest items back (even buy with Plat from Market)? Please notice I'm talking only about Quest Items, not Event rewards. I think it's really unfair and flawed that players can't get them back after they sell it, why? (let me give you some points specifically having Ether Daggers in mind) Ether Daggers are obtainable early in the game (just MR3), exactly when the player don't know about the uniqueness of the Quest Items At no point the player is warned about the uniqueness of this item or the irreversible nature of this action (which not even Support can roll back), any UX/UI expert will tell you that's a bad design. The player will never see the Item again, because it's not sold in Market not for Credits or Platinum, not rewarded in Alert or any other timed event. Which in my opinion, is a bit excessive uniqueness for a MR3 quest reward. Easily mistakable with Dual Ethers in the Market (which shares pretty much the same image and similar name). Actually this one in particular hit me. I remember skimming through the market checking if it was there before selling them and I totally confused them with Dual Ethers, and I thought it would be Ok to sell them because they were there. I'm really sad at this point, I don't even know why I bother typing / formatting all this knowing it won't get any change at all, it will just die like the other endless threads about this subject. :( I created a Reddit post too, maybe you can find more feedback there
  7. Rebuying Quest Items (for example: Ether Daggers)

    It seems that for some reason, Support will give you back your Ether Dagger BP if you never built it. But they won't give you *anything* if you ever built it. :(
  8. Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    Patch coming April 1st. Stay tuned.
  9. Warframe Builder

    It seems "Details" popup window is not working for Nyx Prime, I tried Firefox and Chrome. You can check with this build but it doesn't work even if it's empty. http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Nyx_prime/t_30_0304020030_2-3-10-4-0-5-5-6-4-6-5-5-8-8-5-46-2-5-55-4-4-256-7-3-481-1-10_4-9-481-7-46-11-2-6-55-10-6-6-5-8-256-9-8-14-f-f_0/en/1-0-27/