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  1. Thanks for the update as usual! Think I'll be making some optimizations to my builds aswell. Was making a build video for one of these Warframes mentioned, but had to scrap the idea and make a slightly different build. Hope this turns out well.
  2. Much better. Instead of AFK'ing on top of trees or buoys, we can at least kill more enemies using Rifle Amps or Set mods. Pretty good, thanks!
  3. Guess it's time for a complete change in my build! 😛
  4. Well I'm sorry that my comment made you think that way. And I'm not trying to spew hate on other platform players in any way.
  5. Understandable, but still, I really think that a change in the event duration or the date is necessary. I'm not too bothered by the delays of event launches and stuff like that, but for a part of the community who doesn't have the time to wait, it's best to just release the update for PC. Till Certs for Xbox has passed, then you know what to do. It's just like how iOS gets their application/game updates faster than Android. And also, I agree with this. ^
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