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  1. Still no fix for https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1045473-missing-mastery-profile-ui-for-k-drives/
  2. I normaly cap my fps to 60. Today I did 3 orb mother fights without going back to orbiter and I only gor 45 fps on fortuna. There realy seems to be a problem with going back and forth between fortuna and orb vallis.
  3. this is for the support team not for the bug forms
  4. same for me. I crafted al the K-drives, they are all leveled and on profile it still only shows 1 out of 3 and sais that it isn't leveled.
  5. Blood Rush lowers the stats on the paracesis. With blood rush. Without blood rush
  6. Please fix the 3 missing rotations in Bounties. The 3 highest bounties each have 1 rotation that are missing. On of them is the one with furax wraith right gauntlet
  7. Not being able to place extractor on earth while having all notes not fixed.
  8. why are there 0 alarts atm. Is this a new server bug of some sort?
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