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  1. Sure but super fast storage is not the only feature of the next gen of consoles. Even if the PC may be always the best platform thanks to all the evolution possibilties, the overal specs of the next gen consoles are signifantly higher that many current (average gaming) PC at the moment. You may look at this Digital Foundry video that just release that is very informative imo.
  2. I can't wait to see how the PS5 version of Warframe will run. No doubt that I will get the PS5 day one and I hope that Warframe will be available on the PS Store immediately. If a specific PS5 version is not ready at launch, I hope that at least the PS4 version will run better on PS5 with the backward compatibility. PS4 and PS5 players may play on the same servers so yes the loading time to join/load missions may not be so much changed and will depend on internet connection and PS4 longer loading time. However I hope some big improvments at least in the game menus with a lot smoother and faster transitions like displaying weapons or mods, Of course also when we we launch mission in solo mode... To be honnest waiting so much time to load the Plains or Orbis valley makes me avoid them as much as possible... The PS5 SSD (and also XBSX) may helps a lot of loading assets faster... Anyway, I hope that DE will tell us more about the new gen versions (PS5 and XBSX) during the Tennocon 2020.
  3. Many thanks @[DE]George for looking at this. Yeah that would be so nice! 😀😀😀
  4. Thanks @[DE]George for the reply. Yeah I know that it is totally possible to mute the Warframe game music once and for all by setting the options but it is not exactly what I meaned. In the vast majority PS4 games I played, switching to ingame music to spotify is instantaneous via the PS menu. When I enable Spotify the ingame music is automartically mute and when I disable Spotify the ingame music come back without touching any options and that not works like that in Warframe. Maybe I should not have posted in the "bug" forum because it's not really a bug but surely more a QoL feature because sometimes I like listening to my music on Spotify but I also like Warframe soundtrack ! 😉
  5. Any other Spotify users here that are disturbed by this issue ? 🤔
  6. Hi DE staff, I would be very glad if some DE staff people could read this message. (I previousely wrote in march but it remained unanswered) As I said in this previous post, when I activate Spotif while playing Warframe, the ingame volume music is not muting at all and the the ingame music plays at the same time. That is very unpleasent to have to go in the audio option EACH time to change the ingame music settings to zero... I would be very glad, if like many other PS4 games when Spotify is enabled/disabled, the ingame music would be automatically muted/unmuted without to have to change it manually in the settings... Thanks you so much DE staff for reading this message and eventually patch it in a future uptate. I know thtat it is not really a bug and more a QOL question but that would be highly appreciated if you could do something ! 😉
  7. We can log in and play now so that's fine ! 🙂 I don't have purchased anything during this time and but I hope that everyone will recover their purchase(s) asap...
  8. Hi, have you a screenshot of the error ? Same problem for me and for many other PS4 players apparently. Some PSN server look to be down atm...
  9. Same problem here, PSN fully fonctionnal with normal internet collection. I hope that it will be fixed soon. I tried last night and about one hour ago and I still have the same login error :
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