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  1. I was also in the same situation... MR26 trying to get MR27 and by checking my gears I noticed that these MK-1 weapons were also at level 0 as if I never leveled up them 😣... ... No other choice than rebuying these MK-1 weapons on the market and level them up AGAIN... 🤔 Was pretty boring to be honest...
  2. Many thanks for listing the updates. I can't wait to download the the update. I'm curious to see the new rendering for metallic textures. Nice to have such features on this generation of console.
  3. The same for me, I got the Ephemera , watched the full Tennolive and no Nekros Prime drop...😕
  4. Thanks for the all infos @(PS4)Zero_029 and @(PS4)Yazamaa 🙂 Personnally as I wrote later, the few times I crossed the Wolf, he dropped random stuffs/mods only no Sledge part so far... Hopefully, DE will improve the spawn frequency and drop rate for the parts...
  5. I can't agree more with you, well said, the event weapons like this may not depend that much on RNG... From what I had understood, I'm not totally sure that the Wolf will go away with the event... Hopefully he may spawn during missions from time to time even after the event... Maybe someone can confirm this here (or not) ?
  6. You were more than lucky because as a very regular player that plays Warframe daily (MR25 nearly 26) and Rank 30 (+11 extra ranks at Nightwave event), the Wolf spawned ONLY 6 or 7 times for me during all the weeks of the event and, on the top of that, the Wolf was beat each time and I never had any part of his Sledge... 🤔 Maybe it's just a MR fodder weapon but I would have been glad to be able to gather at least one full set during the time of this event... 😑
  7. Ah OK, it looks annoying especially for the sorties... I really hope that DE will definitely fix this with the incoming update...
  8. Yeah I understand, I already had this bug (last week) with high frame drops at the end of the interception missions then game crash... but It worked finally a couple of day later... I did not experienced this bug after that so I can't really complain now. Do you systematically have the crash now or is it from time to time ?
  9. It would be great if it was today like many other previous updates, at least for all the gameplay enhancement and bug fixes on the list... 😄
  10. So you think so... ? Full crafted Fieldrons are super easy to get thanks to the invasion no ? You can get 3 at the same time and invasions missions are available regularly... If you have the dojo blueprint you can also craft some but comparing the invasion missions it is less easier in my opinion 😉...
  11. About 1 hour left now (if I'm not wrong with time conversion !) I can't wait to finally be able to visit Fortuna !
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