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  1. That was my initial thought as well, but I struggle to find anything I'd rather have, since the rest of her kit basically does everything. Even short-range portals can be used to bypass forcefields and laser gates in spy vaults and such, and I enjoy using such shortcuts.
  2. It's great fun to just play the four missions, but it suffers the same problem as most WF content: If you want all the rewards, you're going to be absolutely sick of it by the end of the grind. Even with increased pearl drops and reduced prices. Like everything else in WF, it severely overstays its welcome.
  3. Looks great, but would be much better still if it didn't spaz out every time the frame changes direction.
  4. I never thought I'd see the "she's really 700 years old" argument being made unironically, but 2020 just keeps piling it on.
  5. That's just your estimation that directly contradicts what we're explicitly told in-game. If that's the best argument you can muster, I'd say the discussion is over by this point.
  6. When the pixels in question are boobs on a child, yes, that is sexualization. Plus I was referring more to the external pads than the underlying body shape. It's boob armor. Boob armor has nothing to do with protecting the wearer and everything to do with titillating a male audience. I'm not comfortable with a child character being used for that purpose.
  7. Because... they're part of the suit? I'm not sure what that needs to be spelled out.
  8. That. Exactly that. Only in the mind of a deranged lunatic does putting fake boobs on a minor make her technically an adult.
  9. Excuse me, what the hell is this? The operator is supposed to be a child! Who thought it a good idea to put giant breast pads on the female version of the suit?! Why not put a giant codpiece on the male one while you're at it? This is typical videogame boob armor, and boob armor has nothing to do with practical armor design and everything to do with titillating a male audience. Which I'm not okay with when the character used for that is a minor. "Yeah, let's just sexualize a minor, nothing wrong with that!"
  10. This really should've been there from the beginning, but it's good that it's been added.
  11. Yes, but the real question is how you interpret that data. Say for instance that a weapon is being used by a disproportionate percentage of the player base. This time it's the Xoris, before that it was the Catchmoon. What does a high usage % mean, though? DE seems to think it means the weapon is too powerful and needs to be nerfed in order to drive players away from it. Buuuuut... it's a videogame. Everything people do in it, they do because it's fun. If people choose one gun over another, it's because they find it more fun. Now yes, power is part of that, a strong gun is more fun than a weak one, but it's not the only factor. I'd argue that both in the case of the Catchmoon and even more clearly with the Xoris, the real reason for the high usage is the convenience (which is why I still use the Catchmoon, because that got nerfed in power, whereas the Xoris is having that convenience removed). Regardless of which factor is the main one, at the end of the day, nerfing things because they're used too much is nerfing them because they're too fun. That's to say nothing of the fact that the entire logic underpinning DE's balancing decisions is founded on the premise that having a clear "best in slot" item is a bad thing, and I'm not convinced of that in the first place.
  12. By that logic, they're already obsolete. As many others have pointed out, the Xoris isn't even the most powerful option for those frames, it's simply the most convenient. Those other, more powerful weapons simply require you to deactivate your exalted weapon once every 30 seconds and poke someone with the regular melee to maintain the combo. Now I'm not a professional game designer, but even I know inconvenience isn't a valid game balancing mechanism.
  13. I have a better solution: Rather than changing the Xoris, change all other melee weapons so that their combo only decays when they're being held. That way all melee weapons will become as convenient as the Xoris, ending its dominance in your precious usage charts.
  14. That is an excellent change! Now please generalize it to all attacks of all enemies, because companions being able to die does nothing to make the game more interesting or fun, all it does is make it more annoying.
  15. If the mission objective is not supposed to progress in the Granum Void, pause Survival life support decay.
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