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  1. SordidDreams

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9 +

    Still no option to use the 24.0.4 skywing control scheme where pressing the key to move back along with the key to move quickly doesn't result in moving forward slowly. Disappointing...
  2. SordidDreams

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    As usual the new augments fall into the "not quite worth a mod slot" category. The "this is a good improvement to the ability, now let's make it a mod so nobody uses it" mentality is a perennial problem that would easily be solved by the addition of a special augment slot similar to the exilus slot. That way you get one augment for free, and if you want more, you have to actually sacrifice a real slot. Too bad there's no room for it in the build.
  3. SordidDreams

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    That is the most distracting thing in the universe. Why not just have them stick to the edge of the map like the little -N- marker that shows the direction to the north?
  4. SordidDreams

    I'm disgusted with the Orb vallis Corpus.

    That would be why I didn't say that Warframe shouls be more like Dark Souls. Fun fact, the Fluctus can shoot through the Orb pylon bubbles as well as nullifier bubbles. Hotfix in 3, 2, 1...
  5. SordidDreams

    I'm disgusted with the Orb vallis Corpus.

    The more I play WF, the more I think the guys at DE are simply incapable of, or unwilling to, design challenging gameplay. All difficulty in the game comes from stats. If your numbers are big enough, game's easy, if not, it's tough. Their attempts at making the game difficult consist of lowering or negating numbers by turning off abilities, making you unable to move or shoot or reload (i.e. knockdowns), making powerful weapons ineffective and forcing you to use crappy ones (Eidolons), or just periodically making the boss invincible (a lot of older bosses). Having enemies telegraph their attacks, clearly visible enemy projectiles (looking at you, bombards, and also every single enemy while you're in skywing), the ability to avoid damage by skillful play, those are just some game design principles DE seems to have only a very tenuous grasp of. I really want to see DE try to make a knock-off of Dark Souls. I doubt I'd enjoy playing such a game, but I think it would be very educational for everyone involved.
  6. SordidDreams

    Fastest K-Drive standing

    Oh, right. Derp.
  7. SordidDreams

    Fastest K-Drive standing

    Wait, this works again? They patched that out some time ago.
  8. SordidDreams

    Just a silly cosmetic request

    So what? You can already make absolutely hideous frames with garish colors, and in regular gameplay you're never even going to notice someone's sword floating a little off their back anyway.
  9. Some of that is done on purpose. Choosing your equipment is an important part of the game, and if everything was good, you could never go wrong. That would make that choice a lot less interesting. Some guns/frames/focus abilities/arcanes have to be bad purely so they can be passed over in favor of better ones, thereby producing the satisfaction of making the right choice that we play the game for. That said, I do agree that the numbers on a lot of stuff do seem pretty random and poorly thought out, though some of that I think is because the numbers aren't really the point of the thing in question. The k-drive damage mods are basically just fashion, you put them on not to use the k-drive to kill enemies but to get cool pyrotechnics when you do tricks. My 'favorite' example of this kind of design is Nova's 1, which deals ~200 damage to an enemy per particle. The point of that is obviously not to deal damage, rather it's to limit the usefulness of the damage reduction that ability also provides by making it gradually go down in the presence of enemies. A lot of equipment in WF has these kinds of fake stats and features that exist only to distract you from the real purpose of the item in question.
  10. SordidDreams

    Fix Drop Rates

    If Path of Exile can manage it, Warframe could too.
  11. SordidDreams

    Anyone else not interested in railjack..?

    Adding space battles to Warframe makes about as much sense as adding first-person shooting to Star Citizen. Not what I play the game for.
  12. SordidDreams

    [Spoiler] Little Duck Theory

    Here's a slightly unhinged theory to explain it all and tie all the loose ends together:
  13. SordidDreams

    Taxidermy option for the wildlife of Orb Villas in Cetus?

    Murdering hundreds of people in incredibly gruesome and painful ways to allow a fellow tenno operative to steal a couple thousand credits? A-okay! Killing an animal for a trophy? Oh no, that would be immoral!
  14. SordidDreams

    Anyone figured out Stovers?

    Well, in addition to the tranq sniper we have, Biz does have a tranq pistol and a tranq SMG on his desk. I wonder when we're getting those... The pistol I'd probably pass on, but being able to spray animals with tranq darts in full auto sure would be nice.
  15. This is a game in which dogs lay eggs. There's no logic to be found in Warframe.