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  1. Yup. As far as I can tell, it's just an inconvenience for no good reason. So if you see that you haven't... what exactly are you going to do with that information?
  2. And this is supposed to be... an improvement?
  3. I don't know what that error did, but apparently it was not responsible for Nova Prime's AD lacking its prime appearance, because that's still a thing.
  4. As one of those players, I thoroughly disagree. I spent that time not because the game is good but rather because it's addicting, which is not the same thing. Watch a documentary on slot machine addicts sometime. They spend thousands of hours (and dollars!) on those things too; do they look to you like they're having a good time?
  5. Because of the business model. WF uses a pay-to-skip business model, you can acquire things either by playing the game or by paying real money. Whereas with single-purchase and subscription-based games you're paying to play, with a pay-to-skip game you're playing to not have to play. This creates a perverse incentive for the developer to make the game unfun, because nobody would pay to skip something they enjoy.
  6. I mean, yes, Ironbride should exceed Arquebex if you want anybody to actually use it. It's melee, which feels terrible to play with the slow and clunky mech, and it deals far less damage by design? What's the upside supposed to be?
  7. Why do necramechs (and the railjack for that matter) have stamina bars at all? Haven't you found out like five years ago that stamina bars have no place in Warframe? Why repeat old mistakes?
  8. Any chance we could get an option to use the old Liset interior? The new one screwed up the placement of most of my decorations, and what's worse, the cool placement I had before is now no longer possible. Plus it just looks worse IMO.
  9. Or just have a list of found clues somewhere in the NW menu. There's a bunch of ways it could be handled. Though on the plus side, it's definitely good design that it can be just brute-forced.
  10. Huh, I didn't even realize that was the case, I just kept breaking them until I hit the right one. I'm a bit ambivalent about this, it's an interesting idea, but like you said, nobody remembers that stuff.
  11. Same answer as last time, same amount of detail in both. Sure, that answer would be different if I let you redefine "detail" to mean "noise", but I see no reason to let you do that.
  12. This is exactly what Warframe boss fights should be. The fight is based around your frame's mobility, making good use of the game's most distinctive feature, the movement system. The boss looks awesome, and all his attacks are clearly telegraphed, so the fight is very fair; it's completely on you whether you get hit or not. The fact that you have no weapons or abilities and you get one-shot by the boss gives you incentive to mod for mobility, which makes the aforementioned unique WF gameplay even better (in contrast to regular missions, where you mod for combat stats to the exclusion of everyt
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