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  1. So you know how the "buy slot" button used to be at the bottom of whatever list you were looking at so as to be as unobtrusive as possible? In the ongoing UI refresh, DE has decided to move it to the top. And I kinda get that, they want people to spend, so they move the spend button to a more prominent position. But that means it takes up valuable screen space, which becomes particularly bad when the button actually ceases to even do anything. See that right there? I specifically maxed out my loadout slots in the hopes that it would make the "buy slot" button disappear and one more loadout would fit on the screen. But no, the button just greyed out, it's still taking up space even though it's literally unusable and does nothing. I'd love to hear the reasoning behind this UI design decision, because I don't get it.
  2. For the fourth time, that's not how it works. Some people are bothered by knowing that failures are tracked even when they're not looking at the numbers. Yes, that's literally what I said in the comment you quoted. Thank you for agreeing with me.
  3. Because that would be a lot of work, tracking down all the various bugs and weirdness that goes on under the hood. I'd rather DE spent their time working on more important issues that detract from the game a lot more for a lot more people. And more importantly, there's no way to retroactively figure out what the correct stats are supposed to be, so already existing inaccurate stats are forever going to remain inaccurate (and therefore pointless). Removing them completely, on the other hand, is trivial.
  4. Probably for them to do what they said they would? I thought that was pretty obvious and easy to understand.
  5. Not to mention some of the stats are just completely wrong and nonsensical. Like for instance my Helios somehow keeps gaining kill assists despite having no damage-dealing abilities. He's up to 7 now, after several thousand hours of gameplay, so it's clearly a very rare occurrence, but it does keep happening once in a while. Same thing with some of the old operation stats, for some the score keeps going up despite the operations having finished years ago. And don't even get me started on the mission end screen: Stats in WF are a complete sh*t show, you can't really trust any of the numbers the game gives you.
  6. I seriously doubt the stats work differently for different people.
  7. Inaccuarate stats are less enjoyable than accurate stats. That shouldn't be controversial. So people who normally enjoy stats have their enjoyment diminished by the inaccuracy, while people who dislike stats dislike inaccurate ones even more. That shouldn't be hard to understand.
  8. Given how inaccurate WF stats are, I have a very hard time believing anyone could seriously care about them. I think you're just saying it for the sake of being contrarian. Again, for the third time, that's not how it works. Some people are bothered by knowing that failures are tracked even when they're not looking at the numbers. That I do agree with. DE can't be bothered to fix issues that detract from the game much more for a much greater number of people, this is completely under their radar. Eh, maybe? Given how trivial and quick it would be to do, I might see a point to doing it. It could be done quicker than this discussion took place, in all likelihood.
  9. Sure, but so what? It's a video game, it's supposed to entertain, not build character. Why not remove those stats to appease that group without doing anything to offend the other group? It'd be a net positive change in overall enjoyability of the game. It would make the game more enjoyable for a particular group of players while not diminishing its enjoyability for any other group. Surely making the game as enjoyable as possible for as many people as possible is the goal, so it's a no-brainer.
  10. The whole point of my comment is that that's not how it works, some people are bothered by knowing that the stats are there even when they're not looking at them.
  11. That's not how it works. Games like WF are all about power fantasy and wish fulfillment, and being successful is something literally everyone wants, while failing is something everyone hates. Everyone would love to just leave their failures in the past and forget they ever happened. In real life that's not an option, but games can do that very easily. WF chooses not to, and I can totally see why some people would be bothered by that.
  12. I have a very similar riven to what OP has (toxin, CC, CD, -zoom) and I've had a lot of success with a viral build. Yeah, I only have a 14% status chance, and yeah, I only get a viral proc maybe once or twice per magazine, but I only really need that viral proc on those really tough enemies that I need to empty half a magazine into, trash mobs die in one or two hits anyway, so it works out really well.
  13. *laughs in Loki, Ivara, Octavia...* I play Nova a lot and I don't see how she'd be any help in this other than nuking everything from a distance with antimatter drop. Is that what you have in mind?
  14. Enjoying operators. If it were up to me, they and all of their associated features and gameplay would be removed from the game (via a story quest where the operator gets mortally wounded and has to permanently transfer into a frame, leaving the operator body to die and be disposed of, never to be seen again).
  15. The basic problem is that yeah, being able to one-shot everything makes the game kinda boring, but on the other hand taking that power away would feel like a massive nerf to the players' entire arsenal. So I can see why DE are very loathe to make major changes in that respect.
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