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  1. The new UI is universally worse than the old one. DE has decided to sacrifice usability and clarity for the sake of eye-candy. Same goes for the new tileset, which has way too much contrast to it. Sure, it looks pretty, but it plays worse due to enemies blending in with the background. Again that same sacrifice of gameplay for the sake of eye-candy.
  2. It's almost as if nobody bothered to figure out the story in advance and it's being made up as it goes along.
  3. They're not emissives. Emissives are areas of the item's texture that glow. Any kind of effect that floats above the surface of the item in question is not an emissive and takes energy color. That goes for electricity on Edo Prime, those little glowy orbs on Porta leg plates, the jets on Nova's head, etc.
  4. Was that really necessary? Those were a cool little easter egg, a small memento of times past. 😞
  5. Well that's what I'm worried about. It's possible those were just mistakes, in, which case I'm willing to forgive and forget. If it keeps happening, though, it will become clear that it's intentional. I do get the hard reset, though. If they didn't do that, you'd just immediately build all the new stuff from your stockpiles of old materials. If they want you to play the new content at all, they kinda do have to introduce new materials every time.
  6. I run Magus Repair, Medi-Ray, and Arcane Grace all at the same time, which keeps my health topped off nicely most of time time. I just wish Magus Repair would also affect sentinels. Oh well.
  7. I have it on all both of mine. What are you running instead?
  8. Catchmoon, because it does enough raw damage to replace my Arca Plasmor for charging Nova's 2 in one shot, only it also has 100% crit chance, more ammo in the mag, shoots farther, can be used while carrying items in the left hand, and leaves the primary slot free for a gun with Amalgam Serration on it for extra sprint speed. It's insanely good. Sarpa Prime. Ever since I discovered the joy of Shattering Impact + Condition Overload on the regular Sarpa, I've been looking forward to Sarpa Prime. It can't come soon enough.
  9. Even then it's going to be significantly more annoying to have to activate it manually rather than Medi-Ray's automatic passive heal.
  10. I didn't say anything about grind anywhere in the conversation you're replying to. It was about power creep and nerfs, which have nothing to do with grind. I do agree that excessive grind is bad and I'm very happy that DE is removing quite a lot of it (e.g. arcanes that you can directly buy rather than having to build them, bosses dropping fishing and mining resources, making those activities almost entirely optional, etc.). I just hope that's a sign of them learning that too much grind is bad rather than cynically altering the level of grind to maximize profit. If they ever get it into their heads that they can deliberately make new content excessively grindy to maximize profit from selling the items for plat, then reduce the grind later to appease the player base and score goodwill points because "we listen to player feedback"? And just keep repeating that exact same cycle with every new update? Yeah, that'll be the death of this game. I feel that those are mostly fine, the most objectionable of them IMO being Vauban. But as far as I can tell, Hema and Sibear are an attempt to give players who have everything some distant goal to work toward. That's the fundamental problem WF and all other online games face, it takes way longer to produce content than to consume it. So if DE make the new stuff hard to acquire to keep people busy until a new batch of stuff is ready, it's "too much grind!". If they make it quick to acquire, people end up with nothing to do and complain about "content drought!". I suspect the Sibear and Hema were an attempt to address that. Got nothing else to do? Well, there's always the Sibear and Hema... And I also think DE deliberately made these weapons pretty crappy, so that people who don't have the time to grind for them wouldn't care about missing out, since there's not much to miss out on. Of course, that didn't quite work out, people still complain.
  11. If I do a kuva mission with a friend and I have a booster and they don't, I get twice the kuva they get. Clearly, since we both did the same amount of gameplay, that extra kuva came from somewhere else. Namely the booster that cost platinum. Seems a simple enough concept to me...
  12. No. People who roll a lot of rivens run resource boosters, which are bought with plat. So for the people to whom it even matters at all, kuva is only 50% earned by playing. DE is absolutely profiting off their gambling addiction in that way, the big difference between that and OP's suggestion is that there's a cap on how much they profit off of it, since you can't stack resource boosters.
  13. This is the only way the vast majority of augments will ever see play. Thumbs up. It's not that there are builds that require augments, it's that builds require others mods, which precludes augments from being used.
  14. They leave behind a remnant you can scan even after breaking it.
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