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  1. Depends on what you mean by "eventually". If you go high enough in the level range, and I'm talking like 200+, yes, but you never have any reason to go there, and the game actively disincentivizes it. For low-ish levels, up to about 100, crit is king with the new power-creepy weapons (Acceltra, Chakkhurr, Bramma). And those occasional extra-tough enemies that status would be really helpful against, such as Orbs, Liches, the Wolf, etc., those have for the last several years all been made immune to it. Sadly status in WF is turning into one of those useless useful abilities that sound great on paper, if not for the fact that everything worth using them on is arbitrarily immune to them.
  2. Basically. If a gun has a kuva variant, then the base variant only spawns the kuva variant. If a gun doesn't have a kuva variant, then it spawns random kuva weapons in the same category. If a kuva weapon doesn't have a base equivalent, then it can only be spawned by taking a weapon in the same catagory and praying to RNGsus. It's not completely RNG-free, that's true, and it's by design. But it would significantly cut down the number of runs required. Of the 16 kuva weapons currently in the game, only 5 are pistols, so you'd be able to get a specific one much quicker. DE have made it clear they don't want to get rid of the RNG, that's why we have this demented system where you make a selection by repeatedly rolling the RNG until it gives you what you want. That's the stuff of /r/programmerhumor, but it is DE's way of eating their cake and having it too, of letting the players select what they want without removing the RNG. I don't understand why DE has such a strong RNG fetish, but suggesting they remove the RNG entirely has zero chance of being even considered, let alone implemented. My suggestion kinda has the best of both worlds. Don't want to deal with the RNG? Put in the effort, obtain the correct base gun, and you get a guaranteed kuva weapon. Or you can just pray to RNGsus if you prefer. And there would still be a few guns that don't have a base variant, so the only way to get them is RNG. I don't think that's entirely bad, having a bit of variation like that and having some weapons harder to get than others seems good to me. In your system, you could just use whatever weapon category the frame happens to currently be holding (i.e. last weapon used).
  3. Your frame determines the lich's abilities and his weapon's element. Why not let your weapon determine the lich's weapon type? Kill larvling with normal hind, get kuva hind. Kill larvling with any bow, get kuva bramma. That way you could directly select what you want, and it would nicely fit the theme of liches trying to imitate what you used against them. Totally, because what we really want is for the whole thing to be even more of a waste of time and pain in the a** than it is now.
  4. I don't want to use the Steam Controller only as a controller. The fact that it allows for mouse-like controls using the trackpad and 'gyros' is the whole point of it. It's squarely a (minor) issue with the game, which detects what kinds of inputs it's getting. If you move your mouse, it shows mouse+keyboard button prompts. If you move a controller stick, it shows controller prompts. But when you use the Steam Controller you're moving both at the same time, so the game can't decide and the prompts flicker. There could be a simple toggle in the options for which prompts you want, but I guess they decided to do it this way because it's more slick and immediate. The game was made before the SC was even a rumor, it's been discontinued since, and barely anyone uses it, so I don't blame them for doing it that way. Mind you, it could be worse. Some games don't support simultaneous mouse+keyboard and controller input at all, some ignore the first input on a new device, so a button press will switch the input method but not produce an in-game action, and some have various other issues when using the SC with mouselook (e.g. Saints Row Gat Out of Hell jitters the camera for some reason, which is especially weird given that its immediate predecessor, SR4, works perfectly fine). So WF is pretty good with the SC overall, completely playable, which is more than can be said for a lot of other games.
  5. And where do you think that plat came from?
  6. I'm not injured and I 100% support this request. Steam Controller support in WF is pretty good relative to other games, but it could still use some improvement in the areas OP mentioned as well as others (such as, say, not madly flickering the button prompts as the game can't decide whether you're using m+k or a controller, since the Steam Controller acts as both at the same time).
  7. Good. That means DE's design is working as intended. If farming for him wasn't a hateful chore, you'd have no reason to pay real money to not have to do it by directly buying him from the Market. Welcome to free-to-play.
  8. Yeah, that's what I do currently. But if you and people like you have your way, the supposedly upcoming damage rework might run that. And the thing about sentients that makes them so annoying is that all other enemy types that require a specific build only require one weapon; sentients don't require a specific build, but they do affect the builds of all of your weapons (and you probably still end up having to use void damage anyway). And they're a PITA to fight.
  9. I can change a mod setup in a minute, point is I don't wanna. There's a good reason why many games discard certain elements of gameplay once they have no more fun to offer and just become a chore; fast-travel systems are a classic example. Reworking the Warframe damage system to force us to swap mods would be like reworking Skyrim to disable fast travel. Yes, there are mods that do that for the handful of masochists who enjoy it, but for the vast majority of players it's just stupid.
  10. You mean only all the content I do? If only it were actually usable and not just an inert decoration when the ship is out of dry dock...
  11. You seem to be going back and forth on whether or not rivens could be traded. Have fun with that, by yourself.
  12. Because if you couldn't trade rivens, people wouldn't buy platinum to trade for them? Seems pretty obvious to me.
  13. You're right, I didn't realize that's what you meant. On the other hand, that just defeats the point even more. Bro.
  14. That sentence contains no insults. I believe that would be why DE are reworking it. Point is, grineer still need to be much stronger than other factions. Technically yes, but you're going to spend so much time whittling away at them with it to make that happen that you're much better off just using void damage to reset them. You seem to have mistaken my lack of agreement for a lack of understanding. I explained why I think the way I do like five times already. I don't want to have to swap builds before every mission, it's an annoying hassle. If you don't understand that, it's simply due to the fact that you haven't played the game long enough yet.
  15. My post contained no insults. IPS is generally so low as to be almost irrelevant. That's just a tautology. For variety, obviously. Though I do feel obliged to point out grineer are represented much more often than the other factions. There's no corpus or infested equivalent of liches, they have no presence in railjack, the infested haven't even received an open world yet, there are more grineer tilesets than corups or infested, etc. When WF first released, it contained only one faction, grineer. Grineer are always first, they're what the game revolves around, and the other factions are merely afterthoughts. The grineer die quickly too if your guns are modded right. Again, that's the whole point. In late game you mod your guns for grineer so that they die quickly, and the other factions die quickly anyway because they're weak. That means you never have to change your build, which is a good thing because doing so is an annoying hassle.
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