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  1. Any chance we could get an option to use the old Liset interior? The new one screwed up the placement of most of my decorations, and what's worse, the cool placement I had before is now no longer possible. Plus it just looks worse IMO.
  2. Or just have a list of found clues somewhere in the NW menu. There's a bunch of ways it could be handled. Though on the plus side, it's definitely good design that it can be just brute-forced.
  3. Huh, I didn't even realize that was the case, I just kept breaking them until I hit the right one. I'm a bit ambivalent about this, it's an interesting idea, but like you said, nobody remembers that stuff.
  4. Same answer as last time, same amount of detail in both. Sure, that answer would be different if I let you redefine "detail" to mean "noise", but I see no reason to let you do that.
  5. No, I'm saying they have the same amount of detail in them. That was your question, which has more detail. If you want me to answer a different question, you need to ask it.
  6. You hit the nail on the head. If it were up to me, WF would be completely overhauled to get rid of any and all damage and health scaling, but that's a whole other can of worms. But is it really such a bad thing if a boss disables everything and turns your frame into a skin? See, the problem with bosses is that, unlike regular enemies, they have to be dealt with in one particular way, and that way is a straight-up fight. A regular mission filled with regular enemies can be approached in a number of ways, you can use stealth, you can use crowd control, etc. Sure, it's quicker to just play a
  7. Same amount of detail in both. A sharpening filter does not and cannot add detail that wasn't there before.
  8. That's my point exactly. Nope. I see the difference, I always have, I just don't consider it an improvement. See above.
  9. I'm sorry, but I see no improvement in those comparison shots. As far as I can tell, the only difference is that a basic sharpening filter has been applied to the textures. That does not make the scene look better even in a static shot, let alone in motion. Especially the ground in the second comparison just ends up looking grainy. You don't want eye-catching, attention-drawing detail on irrelevant terrain details in a game; that's an error modders often make. That's the feel I get from these screenshots. The change to these textures looks like something a novice Skyrim modder would make and u
  10. This is exactly what Warframe boss fights should be. The fight is based around your frame's mobility, making good use of the game's most distinctive feature, the movement system. The boss looks awesome, and all his attacks are clearly telegraphed, so the fight is very fair; it's completely on you whether you get hit or not. The fact that you have no weapons or abilities and you get one-shot by the boss gives you incentive to mod for mobility, which makes the aforementioned unique WF gameplay even better (in contrast to regular missions, where you mod for combat stats to the exclusion of everyt
  11. Not only that, I specifically expressed a desire not to see it changed when they first floated the idea some time ago. For years and years I'd been going after that nice circular MR badge, it'd burned itself into my mind as the ultimate goal. Even if the new one wasn't an objectively worse design in every way, changing it at all removes a huge part of my motivation to play because it takes away the thing I'd been trying to earn and replaces it with something else.
  12. Can we get that for the left stick as well? No matter what I do with the settings, the movement just feels worse than it did before the change.
  13. ........why? Why on earth would you 'fix' this? That's such a neat interaction! You should be looking for ways to add more interesting stuff like this, not remove it. In a PvE game with a complicated system of gear, stats, and builds, the fun comes from looking for loopholes like this. If you close all the loopholes, there won't be anything fun for the players to discover. GGG understands this, you evidently do not.
  14. That's nice and all but you're missing a fantastic opportunity here. As mentioned by others, this void damage buff needs to be effective against eidolon shields and other sentients. It's time to finally admit that operators and all the content that requires them were a dismal failure and do nothing but make the game worse. Since you're unwilling to outright remove them, making them irrelevant by allowing warframes to perform their functions is the next best thing. I hope you have the courage to admit this and follow up on it with this much-needed change.
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