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  1. Hosting requires a lot more CPU power, due to how it works. You cant simply host a "raid" as of b4 on a 4core, every1 gona lag/delay, including u gona get FPS drops/etc. 2nd part is your poor router thats given by the provider and sh1t itselfs on 10 connections going on. 3rd its your darn ISP, cuz p2p is not used that much nowadays, there may be issues players connecting to you, which causes issues heavier than the CPU bound stuff. 4th Dedicated servers will solve every issue but they cost a lot of money, not cuz of the "Server Hardware" but the proper Hosting /including UPS's and etc/ that a low end ISP /most of them/ cant do. Despite all that, GGG/PathofExile have dedicated servers while DE/Warframe doesnt. 😕
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