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  1. Your input into this was very welcome. So from I gather if guns were given a scaling mod ultimately, it wouldn't help in the long run and I wasn't trying to scale it to steel path per say, but connect it to a game mechanic we have already because why not. If we had mods that worked like weeping wounds and whatnot for guns then maybe we'd be going in the right direction. Maybe. As far as bringing the melee weapons in line with weapons vs the other way around well that would have to be nerfs in some manner.
  2. That'd be interesting. That could be a mod that you buy with standing with my idea. Either or is fine.
  3. Well yeah that's why i wasn't super serious about the numbers myself. I was just trying to find a foundation to at least explain what I'm trying to convey. DE could of course change some stuff as they did with khora, but this isn't a warframe balance issue in the game right now. It's blades over bullets.
  4. All on my own. Shy and Potato never gave a legit suggestion. I came up with this on my own while on the road which is where i do most of my thinking
  5. What I would do to to ease this is to add 500 or so standing per steel path mission completed. That way it gives real incentive to both gain steel path standing and to actually complete the mission. Yes i know capture missions and whatnot exist, but with the added bonus of an acolyte showing up and killing your POV then it makes it interesting.
  6. DISCLAIMER: my math isn’t perfect nor exact. I’m taking a rough estimate of the following calculations based on what is provided by the wikis. This is merely an idea of how to make our primary/secondary weapons more viable for higher level content to compete with melee. I’m sure DE would have an idea of how to do it, but I decided to address this after watching videos by Shy and Potato. Implementation: Fairly straight forward so that all players can have access to this new overhaul of weapons. This concept would allow us to buff our weapons by giving us all kinds of choices
  7. Can we get an update on this please? Reb, Steve, Scott....someone please give us an update. Is the call of the star thing even an progression towards that?
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