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Huge fan of Warframe since 2014 when I discovered shortly after buying my first ps4.  I have always dreamed of an ninja-based MMO where I could be a ninja and be a sci-fi nerd at the same time.  After seeing many and I do many ninja movies over the years and playing Ninja Gaiden, I yearned to be a ninja in a game like ninja gaiden, but with more technology in it.  Thank you DE for making this man's dream come true.  I'll be a fan of this game for many more years to come.  Love the lore by the way and I hope in the future I can contribute to the game or DE in some way shape or form other than buy plat. LOL.  Other than that if I can my youtube channel Babyboi6769 where I share my Warframe experiences for all to see.  See ya!! :)

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