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  1. Umbra technically does the stiff pose when he dies but yea the T-bone pose can work as well.
  2. An idea I had, probably many others, was when you return to your ship you would be in your operator form with your current warframe equipped being at the arsenal in the stiff pose they do when you step out. I love my operator's looks and would love to just use my operator in my ship. I know its in the game technically however, i dont want to run from the back of the ship all the way to the front of the ship.
  3. So with the upcoming of rail-jack, an idea that i saw and would love to have it in the game was to have it so you can buy different voices for your rail-jack. TubeAfterDark recorded her own and honestly I would totally buy this with plat if it was available in-game
  4. The new Arbertration mode is messed up
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